He pulled down her panties and inserted his middle finger into her already sticky hole.

Squelch, squelch.

She could feel the hard knuckles moving up and down. As he continued to probe and rub the damp and hot membrane, she twitched her waist and grasped his hair.

“Don’t… look. Uh, ugh… Hgnh.”

“It’s… sucking it up so deliciously.”

When he pulled it out, her love juice flowed down his fingers.

“Is one not enough?”

When he pushed two fingers crossed deep into her v*gina again, she tightened her lower part all at once. In the meantime, his head kept burrowing between her thighs, causing her legs to spread unnaturally.

“Ugh, ah… uh, ugh! Hngh… huh. Ugh.”

Whenever she moaned and twitched her body, his hand also tightened in her v*gina. His erect p*nis inside his briefs were already dripping with pre-c*m. He enjoyed the awkward stimulation rubbing against his underwear and was throbbing up and down.

He quickly thrust his fingers into her hole. With a squelching sound, the skin of her v*gina touched and fell from the rest of his clenched fingers.

Squelch, squelch.

His hot breath spread over her v*gina. 

His tongue lingered on her lower abdomen for a moment, then licked up on her chest, neck, and her open lips. While teasing her lips and neck in a bent position, he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.

“Well, then. How about you lie down and I’ll put it in from the back, Your Majesty?”

His fully erect p*nis sprung out through the unzipped fly.

Her gaze precisely met his erect p*nis, then hurriedly turned to the side. His dark lust gathered in his lower body.

“Let’s… do it on the bed.”

He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her onto the backrest of the sofa.

“Of course, we have to do it on the bed too.”

Her body bent over the backrest of the sofa, and her already dangerously short skirt was pulled up even more.

He ran his fingers up her exposed thighs. As he traced a line from the bottom up to her hip bone, her skirt hitched up over her waist. Her panties had already been removed and fallen to the floor.

“Lift up your b*ttocks and spread your legs more.”

He grabbed her pale b*ttocks, which seemed to have never seen light, in one hand. When he let go, they squished like pudding then bounced back.

He, standing right behind her, held his erect p*nis in one hand and placed it between her hip bones. His already excited p*nis throbbed up and down with veins bulging.

The pre-c*m that seeped out wetted her b*ttocks as it dripped down. The primal smell excited him.


When he pressed his p*nis from her perineum to her an*s, she trembled and covered her moaning mouth with both hands.

“Slippery and hot.”

As if she wanted to hide her embarrassing place, she kept tightening her b*ttocks, which twitched and closed.

“No, d-don’t do that. Don’t… don’t do t-that.”

Her face turned red from her ears to her cheeks, and she flailed her legs as if she didn’t know what to do. When he poked her wet an*s with the tips of his long fingers that were gripping her b*ttocks, she jerked her head.

“Don’t do it.”

Her long hair was disheveled and tangled on her pale skin.

Ah! Not there…”

“I know it’s not that hole. But it’s exciting when they’re both tight.”

Taeju pressed his thick glans against her small an*s, pushing his lower body forward. Thanks to the pre-c*m he had spilled earlier, it was slippery all the way inside.

“I keep wanting to put it in.”

It seemed like it would go in if he just pushed a little harder. At his murmur, she trembled as if she was being tickled.

Ugh… uh. N-no, no! Ah… not… t-there.”

Scared that he might really put it in, she turned her hand back and awkwardly scratched his thigh, shaking her body.

“I told you I’m not going to put it in there.”

Taeju suppressed his dark desire and spread her v*gina, which had turned bright red from his diligent licking, as if it would never happen.

“If you’re already struggling here, it would be troublesome if I just shoved it in as I pleased and it really tore.”

His thick p*nis forcibly spread over her narrow v*gina and entered. Even after he had made it so wet, it still felt stiff.

Ha… ugh!”

He stopped moving for a moment after just pushing the tip in. He could see her v*gina struggling to swallow his p*nis. He enjoyed the feeling of her tightening around his p*nis as she strained and twitched. A tingling sensation spread throughout his body as he rocked it back and forth a little.

“You’re moving around a lot.”

It’s driving me crazy.

With a dizzying sense of satisfaction, he clenched his jaw and let out a short, soft moan.

Sunwoo took a labored breath. The feeling of him half-inside her was too vivid. As he started to rock his hips, she gasped in a rush. The more she had s*x with him, the faster the pleasure came.

A squelching sound echoed as his firm lower abdomen touched and fell from her b*ttocks. The heat of his p*nis burrowing heavily inside made it feel like the inner wall enveloping it was melting. Her eyes were hot.

“Put some strength in your legs.”


As his words ended, the sound of his p*nis reaching the deepest part of her v*gina echoed loudly.


Losing her balance, she collapsed onto the sofa.

There was nowhere to run. The sensation of him thrusting in from below to above as he bent his knees made her feel like she was going to die.

Trying to endure somehow, she propped herself up in her arms and lifted her heels, but when he thrust too violently, she just crumpled forward and shook. She thought he was really going to probe all the way into her stomach.

Thump, squelch. Thump! Thump!

Every time he pushed his hips, his test*cles squelched against her wet perineum and she fell. The damp sensation was so lewd that her waist twitched. His large p*nis seemed to have no intention of going easy on her as it pierced her deeper and deeper.

Hghn… uh, ugh, ah… ah, a-a little slower… p-please.”

Every time he thrust his hips, she felt like he was going to tear her apart. Fear washed over her. She scratched the fabric of the sofa so hard with her nails that it made a noise.

Ah! It’s too, too open, I feel like I’m going to die. Argh! Hgnh… uh. Ugh, ah! Ah! Ah.”

Thump, thud. Thump. Thud, thump.

As he grabbed her waist, pulled her toward him, and kept stabbing deep inside her as if chiseling her, the long three-seater sofa shook back and forth.

“It’s a bit uncomfortable.”

As he pulled his hips back, his p*nis that had been buried inside her seemed to pop out as if springing up.


Even though she kept thinking she was going to die, when he pulled out, she felt empty between her legs. She wanted something to scratch the itching somewhere inside her.

He turned her body around and scooped her up in his arms. Sunwoo instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist and clung to him, pressing her cheek against his shoulder and taking deep breaths. Every time he took a big step, his throbbing p*nis slapped against her private parts.

Hgnh… uh.”

It was a precarious pleasure.

It tingled as if she was scratching her back with long nails, but she kept biting her lips for the unfilled 1%. He carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. She knew his gaze was caught in the naturally spread gap, but she spread her legs a little more.

Ha… are you covering your face with both hands, but opening up for me to see?”

At his drawn-out voice, as if incredulous, she blushed all the way to her ears.

“It’s exciting when you get caught up in it.”

She whispered faintly, as if she might be heard or might not.

“Put it… inside, there.”

“Is it a request or an order?”

“A-an order.”

Sunwoo, now blushing all the way to the bridge of her nose, retorted with a sob. Looking down at her face, he gave a short laugh.

“Well, then, I must follow the order.”

He approached her as if covering her body. As the heavy p*nis pressed against her cl*toris as if crushing it, her inner thighs spasmed at the twitching stimulation.

“Hngh… ugh… huh. Mmm.”

“Do I put in half? Or all at once?”


The moment she squirmed her waist, feeling like she was really going to lose something, his p*nis pierced her all at once.


Strength surged into her body and her toes curled tightly. Sunwoo clenched his arm and then scratched it with her nails. A long red mark appeared on his arm.

He started to press his hips down hard while holding her body. She felt as if her whole body was bound, unable to move at all. All she could do now was scream.

Ahh… there… ugh… ha-hah. Hngh, Taeju-ssi. Hngh… uhh, there.”

“What’s in here?”

He spat out a dreadfully low and dull voice in her ear. His breath was rougher than before.

“I l-like… ugh… do m-more, t-there… ngh.”

Her body was so hot. She kept clinging to him, asking him to do something about the boiling heat. He grabbed her head and pushed his tongue into her mouth.

Hngh… ugh… ack, uh… uhm.”

Squelch, slurp.

The sound of sucking tongue and saliva intertwined chaotically with the moans leaking out of the gaps. Both her mouth and lower part were being probed.

“Hngh… uh, ugh… uh.”

She couldn’t get her mind together at all. Her panting breath surged up and then dropped abruptly. She was scared that she might be swallowed up by this pleasure.

Eventually, she felt like she was going to faint from the lack of oxygen, and she whimpered and shed a few tears. Her vision blurred with tears.

Something was definitely wrong. She screamed and shook as if she was falling apart.



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