The first room in Zone A1 was Mu Ran’s cell.


Though it was called a cell, it resembled more of a luxurious suite. Soft sofas, a private bathroom, and an installed smart brain were all part of the setup.


Apart from not being able to communicate with the outside world and doing the disciplinary tasks assigned by the Punishment Star, there were no other requirements.


Tia intentionally showed Yan Na all the cells before finally arriving at Mu Ran’s cell.


The man was sitting comfortably on a plush sofa, flipping through a rare paper book in an orderly manner.


Wearing a regular prison uniform, he exuded an air of elegance. A faint smile graced his lips, and he has flyffy hair. He was sitting very casually on the sofa, and his well-defined facial features and neatly combed hair showcased his harmless appearance.


From the side, one could see his sharply defined profile, with clear features and completely devoid of any threat.


“Many people desire to be here.” Tia sighed and looked at Mu Ran.


Mu Ran could be called a handsome man. Compared to other political prisoners, he is younger, and combined with his abilities, he garners respect and admiration from others. The presence of such a gem overshadowed all the others, who seemed dull in comparison.


Merely by looking at him, Yan Na couldn’t discern Mu Ran’s true nature. He seemed like an ordinary young man, deceiving the world with his appearance and silently making decisions without saying a word.


No one involved in politics has a pure heart.


No matter how deep the convictions or how passionate the blood, within this large melting pot, nothing will remain pure.


Yan Na knew this and dared not underestimate anyone.


After expressing her admiration, Tia brought Yan Na back. She explained everything Yan Na needed to know, both what she should and shouldn’t do, and they didn’t rest until the evening.


The next day, Yan Na officially began her new life.


Rather than approaching Mu Ran immediately, she took her time to understand his habits. Besides the scheduled meal times, Mu Ran had a two-hour period from ten o’clock to two o’clock for labor and recreation, and the afternoon was his time for reading.


In this era where all knowledge could be accessed through a smart brain, he still stubbornly flipped the pages of physical books, not resting until late at night.


His routine is terrifyingly consistent.


Apart from reading books, he only spent one hour per day using the smart brain for research on mecha tactics. He was an academic freak.


After observing for ten days, Yan Na finally opened Mu Ran’s cell for the first time.


Mu Ran was aware that a new female guard had arrived, but there was no reason for her to have any contact with him unless something unusual occurred. He set aside his book and placed it on the table. Resting his left hand on his right, he calmly raised his eyes to look at her.


“Officer Yan.” His voice matched his own, gentle and smooth as jade.


Yan Na chose to stand in front of him, gazing into Mu Ran’s ink-black eyes. “Mr. Mu, please take me out. What conditions do you require?”


Mu Ran was momentarily surprised, then smiled. “What can Officer Yan offer?”


“My body and my loyalty.” Yan Na stood straight and tightly pursed her lips. “You don’t lack women, nor do you lack loyal subordinates. However, on this Punishment Star, you need someone to relay information, and you also have normal needs. I can fulfill both for you.”


“Oh.” Mu Ran’s tone rose slightly, and he leaned back casually. “Then come and please me. Let me see what you’re capable of.”


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