Chapter 2




Abella’s quick response to the wolf’s condition showcased her dedication to its well-being. With a sense of urgency, she coaxed the wolf to drink milk using a spoon.


The familiar voice seemed to comfort the frightened creature, and it eventually responded by opening its eyes. The sounds of the wolf gulping down the milk and emitting a small belch were signs of its nourishment.


This intimate moment highlighted the bond forming between Abella and the wolf as she continued to provide care and support.


The challenges of nurturing a wild animal were evident, but Abella’s determination to help the creature persisted.


Abella’s relief and affection for the recovering wolf were palpable as she observed its improved condition.


The fact that the wolf pup was now eating well and on the path to recovery brought a sense of accomplishment to Abella.


She couldn’t help but express her admiration for the creature, calling it beautiful and patting its head.


The bond between Abella and the wolf deepened as she continued to care for it, and the wolf’s bright red eyes reflected a sense of trust and connection.


The challenges of nursing a wild animal back to health were gradually turning into moments of joy and companionship for Abella.


Abella’s kind words and actions seemed to connect with the wolf, causing a soothing purr and a subtle change in its eyes.


Their bond deepened as Abella expressed her wish for the wolf to get better quickly. The wolf’s quick nod added a sweet touch to the moment, and Abella found the creature cute.


The caring relationship between Abella and the wolf continued to develop, and with each interaction, their connection grew stronger.


As the wolf healed, there was hope that it would soon be able to move around on its own, bringing excitement to both Abella and the wolf.


* * *


Abella’s concerns appeared to have reached the wolf. In just a few days, the once-crippled wolf showed remarkable progress and was now able to stand on its own.


 Abella couldn’t hide her joy as she watched the wolf stretch and take a few steps independently.


“Sweetheart, you look so much better,” Abella exclaimed with relief, attributing the improvement to the effectiveness of the expensive herbs.


The wolf, seemingly understanding Abella’s words, purred and nodded.


“Thank goodness,” Abella sighed, reassured by the wolf’s recovery. She gently stroked its head, and the wolf responded by rubbing its head against her hand, creating a comforting connection between them.


“He’s beautiful…….”


The fluffy fur tickled her palm.


The wolf had improved dramatically in the last few days. Even the amount of milk he was drinking had changed. Where before he’d barely eaten a few spoonfuls, he could now empty an entire plate.


If it weren’t for the deep scar on her chest paw, you’d think she was a different wolf, unrecognizable as the child who was hanging on for dear life not long ago.


This allowed Abella to focus on the shop in peace.


Still, the wolf was bleeding a bit from the expensive herbs she’d used on him. And it was the rainy season, so she had to wear her belt tighter than usual.


“Take care of the house, sweetheart, I’ll be right back.”


Abella smiled as she addressed the tiny wolf curled up on her bed. Despite her concerns about procuring food for the next day, she needed to work diligently today.


The wolf, still an unknown companion, only chuckled and nuzzled its fur. After observing for a moment, Abella hastened back to her shop, where a multitude of tasks awaited her.


* * *


Abella faced the challenge of making a living by selling herbs in the small town, fully aware that the income might not be substantial. Nonetheless, she worked diligently, striving to make ends meet.


Despite being an already industrious worker, she found herself putting in even more effort these days, considering the additional mouths to feed.


Before opening her shop, she visited the morning market in the neighboring village to sell her herbs. Fortunately, her hard work was occasionally rewarded with a little extra money.


Grinning at the modest collection of gold coins, Abella contemplated using some of it to buy chicken for the wolves on her way home.


“Thank goodness! This should tide me over until next week.” Abella’s steps were light as she headed to the market to buy her groceries.


Excited, she hummed a tune and rolled her eyes. “Buy some chicken to feed the wolves, and a stew for dinner—okay, I’ll throw some pork in the stew too!”


Abella quickly filled her basket to the brim with meat, but she didn’t feel the weight as she made her way home.


Excited to feed the wolves chicken, she opened the door to her tiny cottage and stepped inside. “Honey, I’m home!”


She called out to the wolf in a high-pitched voice as she entered the house. Normally, she would have heard the wolf’s response.


No, she could hear the wolf’s footsteps in the distance, and its tail would wag, ready to greet her. But something was off today. There was no sound of claws as it paced the room, no sign of it.


“Sweetheart?” Sensing something was wrong, Abella hurried to her bedroom. But… “Mama?” In her vision, instead of the usual fluffy wolf pup, she saw… “Mama!” It was a human child.


* * *


Abella pondered for a moment with a puzzled look on her face. It didn’t make sense according to her common sense. How could a child who was a wolf until the morning become a human in half a day?


“Let’s calm down… deep breaths, deep breaths.” Abella thought as she slowly inhaled and exhaled. This must be a dream.


Otherwise, there would be no wolf pups, no wolf cubs, no human cubs sitting around! “This is ridiculous… Who the hell is this kid?”


But if there was one thing she couldn’t resist, it was a child with hair as black as a wolf’s fur, red eyes, and a deep scar across his chest.


Reason screamed nonsense, but strangely—very strangely—the child resembled a wolf. As Abella stood stunned, the child shook its head as if it didn’t understand the situation. “Ma?”


The child took a step, then two, toward her, and with a flourish, wrapped its arms around her. “No, Mama!”


Startled, Abella’s legs gave way, and she squirmed. Then the child burrowed deeper into her arms until Abella’s eyes dropped to its level. “Oh my God, Mommy!”


The child was looking at her, clearly calling her mom. But Abella was furious. She was speechless with disbelief. She had never even been with a man, let alone married!


* * *


Barely able to compose herself, Abella sat down to face the child who clapped her hands in excitement and grinned from ear to ear. “Mommy! Mommy!”


Not much else came out of her mouth as if mommy was all she knew how to say. When Abella asked her what her name was, how old she was, and who her parents were, all she could say was “Mommy.”


“Haa…….” What the hell is going on? Judging by the chest patch, I’m pretty sure it’s the same kid who was a wolf this morning. But does this make any sense?


A wolf turned into a man! And why am I your mother? I felt like crying. I used to call my wolf Mommy, but that was only in a protective, maternal way, and it was unfair.


“Ah, sweetheart…… I’m not your mom, where is your real mom, and are you really the wolf?” Abella sighed, not expecting an answer.


Once again, the only answer was her mom. “Ma! Ma! Ma!” It was adorable to see her tiny hands waving and calling her mom, but apart from that, the situation was so traumatizing that she couldn’t answer her child’s cheerful call.


“How the hell do you like this……! She had enough on her plate, let alone a human-turned-wolf. ‘Maybe we should call the police…….’


But he’s not a real person. He’s in human form now, but he’s still a wolf… and he used to be a wolf… ‘And if we go to the police, and they find out he’s a werewolf? ‘Then he might be sold to some lowly nobleman’s amusement park and have terrible things done to him…!’


Just the thought of it sent shivers down my spine. I wasn’t going to put my child in that kind of danger just because I couldn’t handle the responsibility.


As she pondered this, she suddenly remembered Mount Lyle, where she had first met the wolves. “Yes, San! He’s a mountain wolf, and now that he’s healed, I can send him back to the mountains.

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