After finishing, Lyle pushed Haejin away as usual and got up. This time, Haejin was prepared, so he was able to hold back his muffled moans.

It was a sloppy posture with his face half-hanging on the cold marble, but it was over now. Haejin had held back his moans and unknowingly let out a shallow sigh.


Lyle’s footsteps, which usually headed straight to the bathroom, stopped abruptly. Only then did Haejin, who was tense, freeze without even thinking about getting up.

This week, he had to pay for his medical bills again. He couldn’t make Lyle angry right now.

“What’s wrong?”

However, contrary to Haejin’s worries, Lyle, who looked around the room for the first time in five years since he started using it, was just looking around with a grimace.

The sound of Haejin’s relieved sigh was annoying, so he turned around and saw Haejin, who was a complete mess, barely squeezed into the corner of the bed.

Even Lyle, who was indifferent to everything, looked unimpressive enough to lick his tongue. He stared at Haejin for a long time, wondering why he was like that, but he didn’t move. Only then did Lyle look at Haejin’s two tied wrists behind his back.

Ah, is it because of that?

With a small whim, Lyle turned his steps towards Haejin instead of heading to the bathroom. Haejin was tense without even realizing it due to Lyle’s unusual interest.

Before taking two steps, Lyle regretted it. It was a hassle. Although Lyle had ordered it in the beginning, tying an omega’s hands and putting on a blindfold was a job that the housekeeper prepared for. So he had never paid attention to Haejin’s state like this before. All he needed was the pheromone effect that was relieved by intersecting with an omega.

Annoyed, Lyle took two more steps and approached Haejin’s nose. Haejin, who looked up as if he was scared even though he couldn’t see anything, faced Lyle’s face directly.

His black hair, w*t with sweat, was scattered messily near the blindfold. His small face was shaking with a pitiful look, w*t with sweat. Looking at Haejin’s appearance, which he hadn’t seen properly in a while, Lyle thought unconsciously.

Are those two eyes black like his hair?

Impulsively, Lyle reached out his hand to the blindfold, and Haejin suddenly flinched and cringed his neck, as if expecting to be hit, like a person crouching.

Seeing his hand stop in mid-air, Lyle licked his tongue. What am I doing?

He shifted his steps slightly and roughly untied Haejin’s two arms, which were tightly bound. Strangely, his bad temper had become more sensitive in the past few days.

As he swept his hair up and headed back to the bathroom, Haejin still didn’t move. It was strange that he didn’t even move despite trembling with cold.

“Jin. If I do this much, get out quickly.”


Haejin flinched at Lyle’s cold voice. However, his legs didn’t move well today due to being treated roughly again. Yesterday, he couldn’t even eat properly. To make matters worse, his left leg, which was injured in an accident, was throbbing as if a heavy rain was coming.

Lyle called Haejin’s name arbitrarily. It wasn’t an affectionate nickname. When Lyle first faced the contract, he was annoyed by Haejin’s exotic name. Then, he casually said, “It’s a bothersome name. Let’s just call you Jin.”

It was an attitude that there was no need to bother pronouncing an unfamiliar name. At the first meeting with Lyle, Haejin felt something inside him break. Even the name given by his adoptive parents was shattered in this mansion.

Anyway, now he needed to move quickly. For some reason, his employer seemed to dislike seeing him satisfied and at ease today.

However, contrary to Haejin’s emotions, his body acted independently. Though his arms were free, hastily shifting his weight caused his knees to give out.

Lyle watched Haejin with irritation. Normally, an omega who behaved so obediently, but today, his behaviour was annoying. It would be troublesome if he used this as an excuse to make demands.

Then suddenly, Lyle noticed Haejin’s legs convulsing relentlessly. Realizing that the tension in his legs had finally eased after their intimacy, Lyle lost interest and proceeded to the shower room, following the same steps as before.

In doing so, he had truly indulged in a whim after a very long time.


“It’s nothing.”

“Go out.”

Lyle ordered without even looking at the secretary who had finished the report. The secretary, who was closest to him and assisted him, quietly left the room, accustomed to such an attitude.

The sound of pacing echoed in the office for a while. His blue eyes never left the documents for a moment. The Vermus family already operated a major corporation that controlled the economy, but since Lyle took the chairman’s seat, its size had grown even more.

Lyle briefly lifted his head and tiredly rubbed his eyelids. After the perfectly combed blonde hair was slightly disheveled, he finally let go of the hand that was rubbing his eyelids. He thought that if this damn pheromone identity didn’t bother him, he would be more efficient.

As he endured the discomfort while tapping the black and massive desk, he suddenly thought of Haejin’s black hair. It was a rare occurrence. He had been using this desk for a long time, but it was an unusual flow of thought that he could only think of it now.

The white face contrasting with the black hair, and the white body suddenly popped out and then changed into yesterday’s unimpressive appearance. 


Although he wielded control through the contract, he had no intention to inflict unnecessary humiliation. Of course, an ordinary person might entertain such thoughts when tying someone’s arms due to the inconvenience of holding them, but unfortunately, Lyle wasn’t an ordinary individual.

From birth, he was the sole heir of the prestigious Vermus family. His parents, entangled in some unfortunate event, departed this world early, and despite fierce attacks from rivals aiming for his position, he, the young master, held his ground. Initially, even relatives tried to seize his position recklessly, but Lyle’s abilities were so outstanding that they eventually had to bow their heads in submission.

Some people joked that Lyle probably was born to be served. Everyone said he was a suitable human for the alpha trait, but Lyle didn’t think so. Whether he was an omega or a beta, he had seized this position.

As Lyle tapped the black desk again, he thought of Haejin’s eyes, which were the same black as his hair. And the fact that it had been a long time since he had seen Haejin’s face.

Until now, he hadn’t cared about what Haejin did after finishing his work. Even if he hadn’t seen him in such an unimpressive state yesterday, and even if his hip bones weren’t so noticeable every time he shook his waist, this indifference would have continued.

By the way, had the butler been taking care of him in that state all this time?

Lyle suddenly stopped at the thought. Even his fingers, which were tapping the desk, stopped abruptly. An inexplicable feeling spread through his chest like smoke.

His slender waist, which could almost be half-hidden by one hand, stuck out like a sore thumb. He could even feel the rough texture of his bones sticking out when he shakes his hips.

Come to think of it, among the omegas he had contracted with, Haejin belonged to a very unique category. He had endured for as long as five years in his mansion. It was because omegas with strong self-esteem couldn’t bear Lyle’s treatment, no matter how urgent their need for money was.

Liking him meant Haejin was a useful contract partner. What was especially appealing was that he didn’t even see Haejin’s face except when he needed him. Among the omegas who agreed to such humiliating contracts, there were also those who came to seek a different kind of attention from Lyle. That’s why Haejin’s value, which was hard to see on his face unless during pheromone relief, shone even more.

However, living in his mansion, being that thin. A reasonless discomfort tainted his heart more intensely. Lyle didn’t want rumors circulating that he, from the Vermus family, was pressuring a guest they were partly holding hostage. Regardless of the truth, it wouldn’t help his reputation.

Lyle lifted his pen again and thought lightly that he needed to explain the contract terms for body management to Haejin again. He didn’t know why he was so careless about fulfilling the contract, but Lyle didn’t care. What was important was that he liked the relationship where they didn’t have to face each other like now.

The interest in Haejin, which had briefly emerged like smoke, disappeared suddenly, as if it had never been there. There was no trace of the doubt or discomfort that he had briefly felt on Lyle’s face as he held the document in his hand.



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