She still didn’t know anything about him, but she didn’t want to be alone. She wanted to be with him, even if he was a psychopath. She wanted to be next to this warm body temperature. If she was alone again, she felt like she would only think about wanting to die, overwhelmed by despair.


“It seems better for me to hold you until we find your shoes. I can’t let you walk around barefoot.”


He spoke firmly and handed Fidelis the lantern with a smile.


“Instead, could you hold this and light the way?”


“Oh, yes!”


Fidelis quickly held up the lantern and lit up the hallway.


“May I ask your name?”


Hakan asked to ease the tension of Fidelis, who was awkwardly nestled in his arms. Then she hastily replied.


“Yes… Ah, no, it’s Fidelis!”


Hakan let out a small laugh, finding her reaction cute.


“My name is Hakan. You can comfortably call me Hakan.”


Hakan made various conversations to help her relax. His efforts were not in vain as she gradually relaxed and comfortably nestled in his arms. Hakan’s smile deepened. He was newly satisfied with his decision to bring the fallen girl.


“By the way, did Fidelis come in before us?”




“I’ve never seen Fidelis when we were all gathered. I couldn’t have forgotten.”


He asked with a gentle smile, his lips curled up. Fidelis’ lips tightened. This place is a world inside a game, but everyone except her thinks this place is reality. She had no idea how they would react if she told the truth in this state.


No, they might not believe her and instead think she’s crazy. The game description said that speaking was free, but Fidelis was not brave enough to take the risk.


“Yes, yes… I joined later.”


“I see. But it seems like you came in a hurry. Even if we consider your clothes, your shoes…….”


As he trailed off and looked at Fidelis’ bare feet full of wounds, she wriggled her toes slightly.


“I-I lost them while running away from a ghost…….”


As she quickly made an excuse, Hakan nodded his head.


“You seem very scared, may I ask why you came in? It seems like you don’t even know that you can’t go outside.”


Hakan smiled gently, touching the corner of his mouth. His smile did not calm her down, but rather made her start to sweat coldly as he kept asking key questions. Hakan leisurely watched Fidelis, who was busy thinking with her eyes rolling around, and wiped the sweat that was forming on her forehead.


“I seem to have made you uncomfortable. You don’t have to answer.”


“Ah, I’m sorry….”


“I’m the one who should be sorry.”


Hakan opened a door as he walked. Fidelis was startled and gasped, and he patted her back.


“We need to thoroughly check first. It seems like you were quite surprised.”


“No, not at all.”


Fidelis denied it, waving her hand. Then she tilted her head, looking at the bandage wrapped around her hand.


“You were badly injured. It’s a first aid treatment.”


“…Ah, thank you very much.”


Hakan, who responded with a gentle smile and entered the room, held Fidelis comfortably with one arm and rummaged around. There was nothing coming out of the big room. He turned his back without regret and left the room.




When a sound came from her stomach, Fidelis bowed her head deeply. Hakan gently smiled as he saw her ears and neck turning red between her white hair. As the tension repeated and she was comforted by someone who made her feel at ease, she unknowingly regained her forgotten appetite.


“I-I’m sorry….”


“There’s nothing to be sorry about. It seems like you didn’t eat because you came in late.”




When Fidelis asked with a puzzled look, Hakan rummaged through his pocket and pulled out a small transparent glass bottle. Inside were round purple pills.


“It’s hard to expect food and a safe zone here. It’s a magic pill. It keeps you from getting hungry and tired. You have to sleep, but it also eliminates fatigue with a nap.”


Seeing her surprised and wide-open eyes, it seemed that Fidelis didn’t know. Hakan’s guess became almost certain.


‘She didn’t come in with support.’


Hakan carefully put her down on the floor and took out a pill from the small transparent glass bottle.


“Just in case, we provide 2 to 4 pills. For now, the supporters here have already taken one pill before entering.”


It was because they didn’t know how long they would be trapped. No matter how strong they were, they couldn’t overcome hunger and sleepiness. That’s why this purple pill was necessary. In a place without food, hunger and sleepiness would be fatal. The effect of the pill lasted for about a month, so anxious people often took four or at least two pills.


“And this medicine is made by me. There are no side effects.”


When he handed it to Fidelis with a broad smile, she hesitated.


“I have a lot, so you can take it. However….”


When he trailed off, Fidelis looked up at him. She looked just like a baby rabbit, and he unconsciously stroked her head.


“This medicine works best when taken in the best condition.”


“Oh, then….”


A slightly anxious voice came from Fidelis.


“It’s okay to take it in Fidelis’ current condition, but unfortunately, there’s a downside.”


“What-what is it?”


“Hunger and fatigue will remain the same. However, you won’t get any hungrier or more tired.”


Without hesitation, Fidelis picked up the pill. It was bearable to this extent. Thanks to Hakan, she regained her peace of mind, and her hunger was also somewhat okay.


<You have acquired the item, ‘Fatigue Recovery (Infinite)’. When you take this item, as long as the effect lasts, your energy consumption slows down and recovery speeds up.>


Fidelis’ face brightened at the unexpected explanation. She had been troubled by her constantly dropping stamina and slow recovery, but this sudden pill in her hand was like a stroke of luck for Fidelis. She asked Hakan cautiously.


“Can-can I eat it?”


“Oh, do you want me to feed you?”




Fidelis screamed at Hakan’s teasing question and swallowed a pill. Once Hakan confirmed that she had swallowed the pill, he picked her up again. Fidelis didn’t particularly resist. It was a natural action, like water flowing.


“Come to think of it, isn’t it strange?”


“Y-yes?! Wha-what is it?”


Fidelis, who was startled and stammering, was so cute that Hakan’s lips curled up involuntarily. Pretending not to notice, he continued speaking.


“I was wondering if it’s strange that they hid a hint to escape.”


Fidelis chose to remain silent with her mouth closed. She had never thought it was strange because she knew this place was a world inside a game. But for the people living in this world, it certainly could have seemed strange. Fidelis cautiously nodded her head.


“It is strange….”


“They say it’s because the devil enjoys playing games.”


“…Did you know?”


Hakan smiled affectionately as she blinked her surprised eyes.


“Thorough research is essential.”


Feeling as if she had been caught not having applied to be here on her own, Fidelis scrutinized his face. Unfortunately, she couldn’t read anything from his smile when their eyes met.


‘Should I ask directly?’


Soon, Fidelis shook her head. Whether he knew or not, it was said that half the battle was keeping your mouth shut. Anyway, seeing that he didn’t directly dig into anything, it seemed that he had no intention of harming her yet. She sighed a breath of relief inwardly.



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