Deus’ throat moaned in satisfaction as he took the erect n*pple into his mouth. It swelled with excitement, rolling back and forth in his mouth, teasing him. He would sometimes pinch and twist the n*pples between his fingers. Her entire br*ast was moistened with Deus’s saliva. The strange and eerie sensation that hung at the end of the events that happened in an instant was overwhelming. Even his sensitive senses swallowed his rapid breaths.

“You’re beautiful.”

“You’re ly……ing.”

“You’ll know when you wake up tomorrow. How beautiful you are.”

He spoke with the n*pple in his mouth, which gave a strange sensation that sent shivers down the spine. Every time he sucked and nibbled, it made her damp below.

But what stimulated Milvia even more was the sight of Deus’s hot p*nis, which stood erect. It poked at her inner thighs, throbbing harder and harder with each movement of his upper body as he sucked on her n*pples.

With a damp piece of cloth in between, he continued to find the hole and push in the gl*ns. Every time the gl*ns lightly brushed against Milvia’s tender thigh, her waist twitched.

Deus grabbed Milvia’s n*ked waist and flicked his tongue down her chest to her stomach. A nasal sound resonated between Milvia’s lips at the intense sensation. She tried to bite her lips to keep herself from crying out, but she couldn’t resist when his moist lips descended between her thighs.


Deus licked the inside of her thigh and took off her underwear. He got it halfway off, rubbing his fingers over the w*tness on the inside and bringing it to Milvia’s eyes.

“It’s quite w*t.”


“I like it. I hope you’ll like mine too.”

She didn’t know what to say to that. But she didn’t have to think about it too much because Deus started to suck the moisture on the outside of her p*ssy. Her head shook from side to side, and she moaned as he ate her out, leaving no room for unnecessary thoughts.

“Ahh, there…!”

“It smells good. I don’t want to leave this place.”


“Be honest. You like it.”

Deus put his entire palm on the moistened p*ssy and rubbed it. L*quid oozed out from the cracks. Without stopping, he parted her upper l*bia, exposing her aroused cl*t to the air. Deus’ thumb and forefinger gently grasped the rounded nub and twisted it, as if gently pinching a small raspberry.


He simulated the upper part of her p*ssy, but fl*id flowed from below the v*ginal opening. He brought the l*quid up to her cl*toris and spread it all over her c*nt. He used his fingers to open her l*bia, revealing a beautifully folded v*gina. Milvia’s back arched momentarily as Deus stuck his tongue between them.

He didn’t care and tightly pulled her hips with both arms. Then he started shaking his head frantically. Deus’s hair and cheeks were smeared with thick l*quid.

It was a hole that she had never even put her finger in when bathing. She shuddered in disbelief as the pointed tip pressed against the opening. He licked her entrance gently, the tongue that tickled like crazy made her feel good. Pl*asure spread to her toes, making them curl up.

His thumb pressed hard on her swollen cl*toris, and the sound of him sucking and slurping made her completely paralyzed.

Be honest.

His whisper was more dangerous than the devil’s temptation. Only instinct that erodes reason remained.

It was good to have his head down below, sucking and shaking his head as he frantically drank her fl*ids like honeydew. Milvia admitted it, and she reached out and grabbed the back of his head. It’s not because of jealousy, but because she had to grab onto something in response to the sensation that enveloped her whole body.

“There, I like it, suck it, more.”

Her voice came out in a gasp, locked low as if it didn’t belong to her. Deus briefly lifted his head, then grinned and sucked harder than before. As if the taste of her secretions was delicious, he lowered his body without hesitation. The posture itself made her whole body tingle as though she was on drugs. The rush of pl*asure clouded her mind even more.

In the end, Milvia pushed Deus’s head between her white thighs and shook her hips. Ragged breaths scattered in the air and their visions flickered white. It felt like her head would spin from Deus rubbing her cl*toris with the bridge of his nose.

“Haah, my throat is sticky because of you.”

“What… huh!”

“It hurts so much. It’s too sweet.”

Deus covered his mouth with the back of his hand and stood up straight. His p*nis, which had grown even bigger than before, shot up to the sky. Despite his small movements, it stood firmly between Milvia’s thighs, twitching and throbbing. Deus grabbed Milvia’s chin, who didn’t know where to look and grinned.

“Look at me.”

“No… no.”

“It’s because of you that it turned out like this. Do you realize that?”

As soon as she uttered her refusal, one hand forcefully moved down. Milvia almost opened her mouth in surprise at the unfamiliar sensation at her fingertips. Her hand couldn’t completely grasp it. The fully erect p*nis was so big that her hand hurt. Not only was it hot like a furnace, but it also felt rough and sturdy on her palm.

Although I had read about what a man’s thing is like in books, I had never seen it before. Naturally.

“Hmm… If you grope it like that, I might c*m right away.”

Deus arched his handsome eyebrows and deliberately spoke as if to tell her to listen. Milvia, who had no intention of keeping her bad mouth shut, blocked his mouth with the hand that had been holding his p*nis. She thought he would flinch or avoid it, but what happened was different. Deus stuck out his tongue and gently licked her palm.

“Huh, aren’t you… embarrassed?”

“Why do we need that when we’re just going to take our clothes off and roll around.”

Well, that’s true. Milvia constantly tried not to think about how she looked. She also tried not to care about the fact that he was a commoner. Regardless of his current status, he is a man who will eventually rise high. If they mix their bodies like this and make a bond, it will be a profit, not a loss…


Suddenly, her legs spread wide open, and something obsc*ne invaded her without warning. Milvia felt like she was struck by lightning from her spine to her head, and she bounced her hips. Her insides clawed at him, chewing furiously at his gl*ns, as this was her first experience of this kind of invasion. Milvia trembled and scratched his shoulders, feeling like her mind was being torn apart.

It would be an exaggeration to say that it feels like her body is being torn apart even though she isn’t moving and her entrance only widened a little. Milvia bit her lips and whimpered as soon as he moved.

“It’s okay. It’s nothing once you get used to it. Look, even now, it’s cute and quivering down there.”

Deus stuck his lips to her ear and nibbled on her earlobe slowly. Meanwhile, he spread her thighs wider even more with both hands so that the entrance hidden under the p*bic hair would open wider with the movement of his muscles. So that she could take all of him.

Otherwise, it felt like the p*nis would be severed from the gl*ns.

“Huh, ah! It hurts…!”

“I’ll make it better soon, so don’t give me that look. I might go crazy.”

Deus slowly pushed through the inner walls that were trying to chew and swallow his c*ck, entering deeper. He moved slowly and gently, but Milvia grimaced in pain, her eyes welling up. It was a good thing that he had cast a spell on the entire room so that no one could hear them.

Looking at her flushed gaze and trembling body, it was clear that she had lost her sanity. And he liked that.

He didn’t want to calculate.

Even without that, he had already planned to fully indulge the first woman he ever liked.

“You’re so beautiful, it’s driving me crazy.”

Deus comforted Milvia like that and pushed his c*ck in once more. Even so, the w*tness at the corners of her reddened eyes stimulated his lust. He didn’t intend to change his posture out of consideration for her first time. It felt like someone was urging him to flip her over right now and thrust wildly.

Otherwise, she would really start crying.

Deus exhaled a short breath and slowly began thrusting. Her inner walls tightly gripped his p*nis, refusing to let go, causing heat to bubble up in his head. The way it bit him was so erotic that he wanted to keep watching her as she slid in and out. Even when he sucked on every drop of her without leaving a single one, he thought it looked pretty. The shape of her l*bia and the tightness of her hole stimulated him.

He picked up Milvia’s slender body and lifted her up, propping her up on top of him. He wanted to reach even deeper.

The sudden change in position made her gasp and take a deep breath, which was also beautiful. He fondled her full br*asts and twisted her n*pples. At the same time, he lifted his hips slightly. He didn’t expect her to move on her own. Otherwise, she might break.

She held on long enough, but her insides felt like they were going to melt away, and eventually, the puffy fl*id spurted out in bubbles. Deus looked at the fl*id at their junction with a satisfied gaze. He liked the way her br*asts bounced up and down with each stroke. He also liked her innocent face, the way she had no idea she was smiling.

He liked her pretending not to know what she was feeling, her lips tightly sealed, her hands stroking and scratching his chest. He even liked the way her purple eyes sparkled with pl*asure.

‘Have I ever liked anyone like this before?’

Deus lifted his upper body, grabbed her waist with one hand, and thrust rapidly. Lewd fl*id splattered in all directions.

The night was long and dark, and Milvia suppressed her voice as much as she could throughout the night.

In the distance, a bird cried in her place.




Perhaps the strenuous exercise was too much.

Milvia fell into a deep sleep for the first time in a long time. She wouldn’t have noticed even if someone picked her up. When she woke up, the sun was already high in the sky.

‘It’s blinding.’

Her eyes involuntarily squinted at the sunlight shining down on her face. This was how mornings had always been since she’d fallen asleep without drawing the curtains while waiting for Deus. The radiant sunlight that she hated mercilessly stabbed her eyelids. Milvia tried to fall back asleep by covering her forehead with the back of her hand to avoid the light. Perhaps if someone had not closed the curtains with a rustling sound, she would have fallen back into a dream.

‘What’s going on?’

Someone was in her room. She wondered if it was Deus, but whoever it was must have come closer with a cautious step.

‘Some stranger.’

Finally, Milvia lifted her eyelids with a frown. She wondered who had dared to enter her room, where no one ever tried to come in.

“Are you awake, miss?”

But a little later.

Milvia couldn’t tell if she was awake or still dreaming.

“What is it?”

The scenery inside the room was completely different from what she remembered.

First of all, the fireplace, which had been like a pile of ashes all week, was now blazing. It was clear that they had been forced to work even though they didn’t want to clean it up, and things like the not-so-clean sofa had all been completely replaced. And there were wool slippers neatly placed at the foot of the bed.

Those were not things she received from her mother or Reliana.

They were all completely new and never worn before.

And in the midst of this strange scenery, there was a man who was dressed in a mask. Of course, he was someone Milvia had never seen before.

“Nice to meet you. I am Hamel, a m*mber of Lord Deus’s household.”


“Yes, Lord Deus left early in the morning and asked me to apologize on his behalf and say that he hopes you will be comfortable with me from now on.”

Left early in the morning?

Who did?


Milvia stared at the man whose hair was combed down to his ears.

She blinked slowly. Then she saw countless lines of time stretching out into the air. Could she have accidentally touched it and ended up in the wrong, or completely different, space and time?

Milvia harbored such groundless suspicions and easily found her own time.


And at that moment, Milvia was greatly surprised.

‘The color of my time, has it changed?’

The color of someone who was running fast towards death was sickly pale. Hers, of course, was getting darker every time she looked at it. But why?

‘Why did it change to gold?’

The only thing that is different from her other days is what happened last night. Other than that, it was hard to find any difference.

Milvia tried to hide her surprise and took a deep breath.

Pretending as if her heart wasn’t racing was not easy, but she managed to do it. Perhaps it was easier because her emotional fluctuations were not significant to begin with.

“…Hamel, was it?”

Milvia called out to the man who had been standing still in his formal attire since earlier. Upon hearing her voice, he politely lowered his head.

“Where did Deus go?”

“Lord Deus was concerned that if he stayed with you until morning, it could lead to unfortunate consequences for you. He is currently waiting for your word at his residence.”

Hamel’s tone, expression, and demeanor were all impeccably polite. He didn’t lack anything when it came to addressing the daughter of a count and the heir of a noble family. His explanations were also straightforward, leaving no room for suspicion.

Milvia nodded her head, but as she focused on the pain in her lower back and below, she suddenly realized the mistake.

“If Deus was concerned that something unsavory might happen to me for spending the night with a man, then why did he leave you behind?”

“Lord Deus was afraid that you would question his sincerity. Therefore, he left me behind, as I am the most skilled in concealing oneself among his subjects.”

“Concealing oneself?”

“Yes, like this.”

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