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Chapter 2


It was very difficult at first, but it gradually became easier.


My acting, which had been barely following the script written by my older sister, improved as I continued to do same things repeatedly, and after a few times she was convinced that no one would notice us anyway, and we even gained confidence with this small trick of ours.


Based on my past experiences, it seemed like this man wouldn’t last anymore and would leave soon..


“Could you please give me another piece of strawberry whipped cream cake? Oh, please give me another strawberry mousse as well.”


The waiter skillfully hid his surprised face, but the man sitting in front of me couldn’t do that so.


“More… Are you going to be eating more?”


“Hyunseong, please try one too. It’s really delicious! Right after my first favorite thing, which is alcohol, my next favorite is the cake.”


“I guess you are an alcohol lover then?”


“I’m not good at getting drunk, so can I say that I drink it only for savoring its taste? Because each one of them has its own unique scent….”


“Goodness. I’m sorry, but I have an urgent call from my company. Can I talk to them for a moment?”


“Yes, sure. I’ll be waiting for you while eating a cake.”


As soon as she saw the man rushing away, Ga-eun called the employee again and asked him to pack the cake she had just ordered.


Because Mr Kim probably won’t come back.


“But I have to sit until one o’clock.”


Only then did Ga-eun calmed down and looked around.


Perhaps because the weather was nice, there were a lot of people who were sitting on the terrace, but there were only a few of them, hardly two or three people who were sitting inside.


Amongst them, the man sitting closest to the nearby window had been drinking wine since noon.


He looked cool as he skillfully handled the wine glass with his large hands, so she glanced at him for a while before withdrawing her gaze in surprise.


‘No matter how amazing he is, you shouldn’t stare at him like that Ga-eum.’


I could hear my older sister’s scolding voice from within myself, as she often disciplined me.


‘I guess it was okay because he didn’t look at me, when I staring at him.’


I looked out the window.


Looking at the garden full of white roses, I felt like I was in a fairy tale.


Even the a person like me, who barely ate one meal every other day had a childish spirit.


There wasn’t a single children’s book for me to read at home since my childhood, but I still remembered those stories that I picked up from somewhere,


‘Princess and prince living happily in a beautiful castle’


I had a dream about it.


A childish, childish dream that one day a prince will appear, dress her in a beautiful dress instead of her ragged clothes, will take her to his castle, and make her his princess.


However, the harsh reality of the life, made me grow up too quickly and even made me forget about those dreams that I once dreamed of.


But one day, instead of a prince charming my her older sister appeared in my life.


Ga-eun briefly remembered the dream she had dreamed of at that time.


Her older sister did not take her to the castle, but she sometimes dressed her in pretty dresses and put on some glass slippers on her.


She allowed me to eat my fill of delicious food and go to nice places.


She was so grateful that her older sister allowed her to live like a real princess, even though it is only for a few hours.


She obviously liked all these things from the very beginning, everything was going smoothly….


‘5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Ding!’


When the cell phone clock showed exactly 1 o’clock, Ga-eun stood up.


This is because I was thinking of going to the underground shopping mall after saving 10,000 won on my taxi fare.


If I am lucky, then I might be able to find that guy who was selling 9,900 won shoes.


-Sister, Mission accomplished.


-The cake was really delicious! So I am going home now.


Just as I was about to send the message and pick up my bag, the man drinking wine at the table across from me gradually leaned at one side.




And within a blink of an eye, a booming sound rang out in the hallway of the hotel, where he was sitting.




[A special room in a VIP ward at Korea national University Hospital.]


‘Absolutely stable’ sign was marked on the patient’s bed.


Two people sat across, facing each other in the VIP room. One was wearing a nice suit which was looking entirely sweaty and the other one was wearing a hospital gown.


“Who bought me here?”


The man in the hospital gown looked fine, except for a big bandage on his forehead.


“She lives in Jukhyeon-gu, Seoul. Her name was Seo Eun-jo, the second daughter of Seo Byeong-ju, a re-elected member of the National Assembly.”


One could presume that Director Choi, who was standing with his whole body tended in front of his superior, looked more like a patient then his Superior.


Standing upright with his fists clenched, he didn’t even seem to have time to wipe the sweat which was forming on his temples as he was busy watching his superior…


“So the person who saved my life was the woman sitting at the table behind me?”


“Yes. That’s right sir.”


“That woman happens to be the daughter of a National Assembly member from Jukhyeon-gu.”


“Yes. That’s right.”


“Again. Explain me everything from the very beginning.”


As his superior slowly raised his eyebrows, the folds of Director Choi’s neck moved significantly faster as if his life depended on him.


“Immediately after the CEO collapsed, she rushed over and administered the first aid herself. Firstly, she checked the forehead you hit while falling forward on the table and stopped the bleeding with a napkin, and yelled at the manager to bring some epinephrine for her. Then she took off the CEO’s tie and shirt button to secure your breathing…”


“How did she know that I collapsed from an allergic reaction of the food?”


“She seemed to be very well versed about those basic first aids, as she immediately found the epinephrine and stuck it in you, without even asking how to use it. Maybe she found out about it because she or someone close to her has some kind of food allergy?”


Thinking back on it, it was a dizzying moment for Director Choi.


‘If it weren’t for her, wouldn’t I have lost the person I served throughout my life in vain?’


When he wanted to offer her something in return for the favour she did on his boss, She said she wanted to leave quietly all alone, so he couldn’t do anything stayed away from her because of her personal matters.






It was only for a moment that Director Choi’s face, which had been quietly tinged with self-reproach, became dumbfounded again.


He was the man who served his boss throughout his life and knew that Ill-Do’s temperament was not something easy to handle, but sometimes, when he looked at his boss’s face like this, his heart broke and he couldn’t say anything.


“Director Choi.”


The man who got off from the bed barefooted kept his brows narrowed until he took a cigarette from his closet and took a bit on it.


Director Choi gritted his teeth, fearing that his life might be caught between the deep wrinkles on his boss’s face, and stared at him intently, breathlessly and fearfully.


“Did she say her name obediently?”


“Yes? What….”


“It’s strange. This situation. That woman.”


Every time the cigarette between his teeth moved, Director Choi’s heart pounded.


“How do you know so much about the person who saved my life? If she were just a citizen of good will, I wonder if she would have bothered to even tell me her name to you.”


“Ah…. Sir It’s mainly became I asked her to give me her business card so we could repay her for her help, but after hesitating for a while, she gave me her name.”


“Are you sure that she was hesitant?”




Since Director Choi couldn’t remember her reaction speed exactly, he couldn’t give him a definite answer, and the man standing in front of him chuckled.


“By the way, Director Choi. I almost went to see the god in person, but you’re standing there looking completely fine as if you don’t find this situation strange at all? Is it just me being sensitive again? Isn’t this morning drama-like contrived situation strange at all? Yes Mr. choi?”


He was just chewing the cigarette filter in his mouth with his arms crossed, but anyone who was looking at him could feel his cold gaze. The person standing in front of him felt as if his raw flesh was being sliced ​​open by him.


“What do you think? Isn’t it very odd, that the daughter of the congressman of the same district where my company is located accidentally saved my life?”


Director Choi lowered his head and swallowed.


“Sorry. We will investigate everything closely again.”


“Get out.”




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