In the spacious control room, every corner of the prison was displayed on large screens. Standing about one meter tall outside each room were robots. Tia picked up a spherical device and said, “In a moment, you’ll have to input your information into this device. Once it’s recorded, the information will be transferred to all the robots.”


Apart from the cold machines, the entire control room was empty.


Tia seemed accustomed to this situation and pointed to the neatly arranged items on the side. “They probably went to their respective areas. Just take your things and let’s go.”


“Every month, the activities of the prisoners are different. We will receive a schedule from above, and we just need to follow that. Zone A houses political prisoners, Zone B holds inmates with special skills, and Zone C contains highly violent and destructive prisoners. I assume you already have a basic understanding of these facts before coming here.”


Yan Na held her belongings and followed behind Tia, keeping Tia’s words in mind.


Tia crossed her arms in front of her chest, walked briskly, and entered the elevator ahead. “The prisoners in Zone A are located on the upper levels. My assigned area is in the south, while yours is on the eastern side.”


Yan Na remained silent, finding Tia’s words somewhat dull.


Tia raised an eyebrow and asked provocatively, “Are you really unaware or just pretending not to know?”


Hearing this, Yan Na furrowed her brows unconsciously. For the first time, she spoke to Tia. Her voice, which was similar to that of a cold spring, crisp and devoid of any warmth, rang. “What are you referring to?”


Tia’s hand caressed her chin, and her lips curled into a smile. “Although they are prisoners, do you know what political prisoners signify? Don’t you?”


Yan Na’s heart skipped a beat, but she maintained her calm facade. “They still have the possibility of being released.”


Tia smiled faintly. “Yes, and many of these prisoners, you should be familiar with them. Although they have been imprisoned, the political landscape changes rapidly, and any day can bring a different situation.”


As she spoke, the elevator arrived.


Tia thought about the area Yan Na was responsible for, and her tone suddenly turned sour. “Among the people you’ll be in charge of this time is Mr. Mu Ran. Make good use of this opportunity, little girl.”


Almost instantly, Yan Na made a judgment about the information. Her intuition told her that Mu Ran was the target she needed to capture this time. At the same time, information about Mu Ran flooded her mind.


For ordinary people, the name didn’t hold much significance, but those in the military and involved in politics knew exactly who Mu Ran was.


He was originally a staff officer in the military department and later transferred to serve as the president’s secretary.


With the change of presidency, the relationship between the current president and the previous Han president became strained. As his confidant, Mu Ran would naturally be the first to be targeted. He knew too much and couldn’t be allowed to continue operating outside.


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