The arrival of her menstrual period left Tang Yarou feeling deflated. She also had no intention of purging the blood to wash away the silver gun during this time. No one was sure of what kind of infection this body would get when the time comes. Of course, given her understanding of Liu Qinming, he wouldn’t do anything to harm her either.


If she dared to make such a request, she would likely face a stern reprimand from him.


Despite the period lasting only five days, it felt so long for both Tang Yarou and Liu Qinming. It was just now that they had s*x and started to enjoy each other’s company after ending the vegetarian diet, but this inconvenience disrupted their intimate moments.


Tang Yarou, in particular, seemed to have lost weight due to the torment. Whenever she was close to Liu Qinming, her body would soften, and she couldn’t help but want him to fill her up.


Seeing her pitiful state, Liu Qinming also rejected her idea of relieving him.


If she is uncomfortable, then he should accompany her to suffer. Anyway, these days will eventually pass.


The alternating days of indulgence and abstinence left Tang Yarou feeling like a little nun in Jingxin Temple.


“Tomorrow, our parents want us to visit.” Liu Qinming suddenly spoke as they sat together on the sofa watching TV.


Tang Yarou, excited by the news, turned her head with a slight delay and nodded. She unconsciously lay on his arms again. “If that’s the case, come back to pick me up tomorrow.”


Liu Qinming nodded and caressed Tang Yarou’s soft hair with his large hand before saying, “Alright.”


The next morning, Liu Qinming went to the company early, while Tang Yarou carefully dressed herself. She wore a conservative outfit, covering all the necessary areas.


Although Liu Qinming’s parents were open-minded, Tang Yarou had always left a good impression on them, and she didn’t want to ruin that.


In the evening, Liu Qinming arrived on time downstairs as agreed with TangYarou. After picking up Tang Yarou, they headed to Liu’s parents’ home.


The elderly couple’s house was not large, but the warm decorations created a cozy atmosphere. They had even prepared a meal in hope of their son and daughter-in-law’s visit.


Liu Qinming opened the door, and upon hearing their arrival, Liu’s mother happily welcomed them. “Oh, you’ve come. Sit down quickly. You just got here, there’s no need to bring anything.”


As she spoke, she reached for what Tang Yarou was holding and made a gesture to take it. Tang Yarou smiled and replied, “Mom, where should I put this? I’ll do it.”


Liu’s mother instinctively felt that Tang Yarou had changed a bit. She stared at her in a daze, then pointed to a spot with a smile and watched as Tang Yarou placed the item down and walked to her son’s side in three steps.


Pouting her lips, Tang Yarou wore a face that sought rewards. Even their usually reserved son had a smile in his eyes as he pinched her cheek. The couple’s harmonious relationship was evident at first glance.


Seeing the younger generation living well, the elders will naturally feel reassured. Liu’s mother smiled knowingly, then headed to the kitchen to bring out the prepared dishes.


Liu’s parents were very well-maintained. Despite reaching middle age, the skin on their faces showed no signs of aging. They appeared to be only forty years old. Sitting on with Tang Yarou and others, they looked even more amiable.


As they sat at the dining table, Tang Yarou picked at the food. Suddenly, she heard Liu’s mother say, “How long do you two plan to have a child?”


This question left Tang Yarou and Liu Qinming bewildered. During this period, they hadn’t considered such matters. While it was fine before, their relationship is currently at its peak of passion, and a child could be a hindrance.


Narrowing her eyes, Tang Yarou suddenly thought of the mission that had not yet made any progress. She slowly put down her chopsticks and lowered her head.


Her actions drew attention from the three others at the table. Liu Qinming, especially, furrowed his brows unconsciously.


“Mom, there’s something I need to apologize for.” Tang Yarou began while maintaining a respectful posture, leaving Liu’s mother a little perplexed.


With a cautious tone, she glanced at Liu Qinming and continued, “There was a misunderstanding between me and Qinming. I… I thought he didn’t care about me at all, so I… I filed for a divorce.” Speaking faster now, Tang Yarou added, “Later, I apologized to Qinming, but he refused to remarry! Mom, don’t you want your precious grandchildren to have a proper household in the future?”


It was a relationship complaint!


Liu Qinming’s forehead twitched. As expected, he saw Liu’s mother’s face darken. “Nonsense! Is this marriage a trifling matter? Qinming, what are you thinking? Huh? Do you want to ruin our lives?”


Liu Qinming’s peripheral vision caught Tang Yarou sitting there with a smug expression. He felt both angry and amused. Tang Yarou indeed had the talent to piss him off to death.


“Mom, we will remarry in a few days.”


“In a few days! Are you trying to drive me crazy?” Liu’s mother trembled with anger. Liu’s father, who was supporting his wife on the side, also disapproved. He looked at the young couple with a frown. “Is marriage and divorce something to be taken lightly? Now that Yarou has apologized and you brought her back today, are you planning to reconcile or not? Make it clear today!”


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