He eagerly explored her with his mouth, and when she whimpered and clutched his hair, he growled like a wild animal, unable to contain his exhilaration.

Slurp, squelch. Squelch.

The more he licked and sucked sloppily, the louder the lewd wet noise became.

“Do you like being pounded, or do you like being sucked?”

“I, I like being pounded.”

He got up, and at that moment, the streetlights outside the living room window lit up all at once. He rubbed his fully erect p*nis around her an*s.


She suddenly opened her eyes and shook her head with a shocked expression.

“Why, it seems like it would easily go in here because it’s flowed down this far from how much you’ve c*m. Don’t you like it here?”

“I don’t like it.”

He held the handles on both sides so she couldn’t lower her legs. It was fun to see her eyes, which were sparkling with stubbornness, turn red, flustered, and shaking.

Oh, you don’t like it?”

He pretends to be disappointed.

“Then where should I put it? You can open it, Sunwoo-ssi. If you don’t, I’ll put it somewhere else. Both will be tight, so I don’t care.”

He happily looked down at her, who seemed to give up and fumbled with her own hands to spread her v*gina.


He aligned the p*nis with the hole and pushed it in little by little. The v*gina, which had closed again, began to swallow the phallic-looking p*nis as it slowly opened. Lying down as if doing a push-up, with only half of it in, he now looked at her face.

“Open your eyes.”

Her face was bright red. When she opened her eyes, the tears that had been welling up flowed down. He looked into her eyes and pushed his waist all the way in.


He swallowed a gasp at the pleasure of being sucked into the hot inside. The inner wall clung to his p*nis without any gaps. It felt like his brain was melting away. From that moment, he began to thrust in mindlessly.

“Argh… Ah… uh… Ugh! Ah!Heut.”

Her moans sounded not just sweet but sticky.


He tightly gripped the handle of the sofa. There was a loud noise as if the leather sofa handle was about to tear. Thick veins tangled and surged over the back of his hand.

With his jaw clenched, he went deeper and deeper, sloppily poking and pushing in.

Screech. Thump, thump! Thud!

The sensation of his b*lls hitting and crushing her soaked an*s was tingling. His flesh, smeared with lewd love juice, went into Lee Sunwoo’s v*gina.

Hgnh! Ack, ah… Ah, ah! P-please… Please. Ah! Ah… Ugh, heut.”

She tried her best to move her body in any way, but when he thrust forward violently, she just screamed while gasping.

Thump, thump. Bang! Thump.

The sofa made a loud noise as it moved back with his movements. He thrust his waist more and more violently.

His thick chest heaved heavily. His b*ttock muscles tightened to the point of constriction. And he thrust as deep as he could.

The already narrow v*gina frighteningly contracted and squeezed his p*nis. Pleasure rose from his waist, tingling up his spine, and he tilted his head back and clenched his jaw.


The afterglow of the cl*max was long. Taeju lifted his body a little and stared down at his thing inside her v*gina.

The p*nis that filled the narrow inner wall tightly were still throbbing and twitching. Every time it did, Sunwoo shook her red face and let out small moans of ‘hngh, ngh’. As if she couldn’t stand it anymore, she scratched the sofa with her nails.

He pulled out his p*nis with a feeling of regret.

“Ha… ha, ugh.”

He immediately picked her up, who was lying limp on the sofa.

“Hug my neck.”

As he stood up from his spot while supporting her b*ttocks, Sunwoo instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist like a monkey. He carried her up the stairs.

Sunwoo rested her head on his shoulder and sagged.

Her whole body was sore and hurt. Her heartbeat pounded as if it was right in her ear. She thought he would lay her down on the bed upstairs. The feeling of his squishy p*nis right under her bu*ttocks felt strange every time he switched his feet and climbed up the stairs one step at a time.

“If we kiss, I can get it up again.”

At his words, she looked up in surprise.

“I can’t do it anymore. I can’t.”

His face was too close.

“Let’s see if it works or not.”

As his lower lip parted, the breath he exhaled mixed with hers, making it feel like the kiss had already started. She couldn’t take her eyes off him. Sunwoo slowly stuck out her tongue and sucked on Dan Taeju’s lips. Every time his tongue touched her tantalizingly little by little, she shivered.

She was laid down on the bed while they were kissing, and with heavy pressure in her open v*gina, he thrust in again.


His movements were even more violent than before.

Thud, smack.

The sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed continuously. She thought the s*x they had before was burdensome, but it was the moment she realized how much he had restrained himself.

Sunwoo tried to slow down his terrifying thrusting speed by pushing his chest, but ended up weakly scratching his shoulder. The entrance of her v*gina felt like it would burn from the friction due to the continuously spreading and entering p*nis. It felt like she was being hammered non-stop.

“S-stop now… Sl-slowly, I feel like I’m going to die… Ugh, ah! Uh… P-please.”

She shook her head and screamed as if she was wailing. She couldn’t even think about what she was saying.

She provoked him and let him off the leash, so now Dan Taeju was really running wild.

“Then try to c*m quickly.”

He grumbled roughly.

“How do I do it?”

“Spread your legs.”

She spread her legs on both sides. Even while doing so, he naturally stared down at the gap. His p*nis, soaked in a liquid she didn’t even know who it was, was stuck inside her.

She was so embarrassed that she felt like she was going to die and her face was burning, but she felt like she would faint if she let her mind go even for a moment.

“Put your hand down and touch it.”


He grabbed her finger and placed it on her cl*toris.



A short pleasure like lightning struck from the inside of her v*gina for a moment. Surprised, she tried to pull her hand out, but he pressed down on it so she couldn’t escape and just bit her lip.

“Lee Sunwoo.”

At his heavy call, she looked up at him, trembling.

“You just have to say it’s good… if it’s good. You said you’d bare your teeth and bark, growl and bark as you please. Be honest.”

Tears trickled out.

“I… I like it.”

She wanted to plead and cry.

Hghn… Uhmm… Ah, and it feels like I’m going to die.”

His body came in violently. His hard thighs hit her fully, his hot hands touched her whole body.

Everything seems crazy.

Her body, which was almost sliding down under the bed, was drawn to him and locked with a thud.

She desperately twisted her finger around her cl*toris. She felt like peeing and her stomach felt strange. Strength went into her lower abdomen, and her v*gina squeezed and let go of his p*nis, twitching as if spasming on its own.

“Ahh… Heut.”

A sweet, muffled sound mixed in. Then she screamed, moaned, and began to whimper.

“Argh… Hgnh, uhh. Argh.. Uh-huh.”

The sound was so deep and lewd that it didn’t seem like her own, but she couldn’t stop.

Thud! Squelch. Thump, squelch, squelch!

Even though it filled her v*gina, it seemed insufficient, and every time he tried to go deeper and hit below, she shook her head, bent her waist back, and trembled. Her throat was exhausted, her moans gradually faded, and black spots appeared in front of her eyes, flashing like a light bulb going out.

She couldn’t tell how many times he ejac*lated, or how many times she reached cl*max. She just felt his p*nis thrusting and coming in again through her v*gina and whimpered, saying ‘hghn’.






Even after taking a shower, she felt like his scent was coming off her body.


Sunwoo, who was brushing her teeth, furrowed her eyebrows at the sharp pain. There was a long tear in the middle of her lips. A very tired face was reflected in the mirror.

She didn’t know because Mrs. Kim always brushes her hair at Umyeon Island, but it took quite a long time to dry her long hair. Thinking about it, even her hair felt like a part of her bondage.

Should she cut it? As she sat listlessly after putting down the hairdryer, Taeju, who was passing by wearing a shirt, approached her from behind.

“Are you sitting there because you don’t have the strength to hold the hairdryer?”

“I’m all out of energy. Because someone keeps trying to eat me, even though he said he wouldn’t.”

Although that wasn’t exactly the case, she grumbled at him through the mirror for no reason. He laughed and took the hairdryer and started drying her hair.

“That’s a b*stard.”

His long fingers slipped between her hair, causing her head to shake back and forth as he tousled it. Despite his casual approach, his touch was gentle.

Her body became drowsy with the warm wind of the hairdryer and the touch of his hand drying her hair.


Just as she was about to doze off, he put down the hairdryer.

“Come downstairs when you’re ready.”

After Taeju went downstairs, Sunwoo opened the main page of a portal site on her phone. Although she was not yet familiar with using the internet, she was learning quickly. A few days ago, Jin-hyuk said that an article about Umyeon Island would be up in a few days.

Before going to court, she wanted to read, so she slowly searched for articles and flipped through them one by one. Then, her fingers paused in one place.



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