“Let’s do it.”

The weight in her palm made her mouth dry. Even though it wasn’t fully erect yet, it was so big. How could it possibly enter such a tight space and reach deep inside her? Yet, she desired to take it all in. She wanted to greedily consume it and weep.

“Are you unsatisfied with just a finger?”

His voice slightly scratched and became husky. The finger that burrowed down had increased to two without her noticing, rummaging inside her. He kept moving his fingers even while he was talking, so she couldn’t answer properly.

“Hgnh… Uh-ah. Ah.”

It felt like her stomach was tightening. Every time a tingling sensation came from below, Sunwoo shook his p*nis that she was holding.

“Answer me. Then I’ll do as you wish.”

The p*nis gradually hardened and grew larger, eventually becoming hard to hold in one hand. The more she shook it up and down, the more something thick smeared in her hand, and a throbbing sound echoed. The same was true for her g*nitals. A surge of heat gushed out and wet his hand.

“Put, put it in. P-please put it in. T-that. Ngh… ahh.”

He grabbed her waist and lifted her up in a flash.


Taeju was lying against the sofa, and she was sitting on top of his torso. They both seemed to be clothed from the outside, but under her skirt, two soaked g*nitals were rubbing against each other. His er*ct p*nis was pressed and crushed against her g*nitals.

“Well, then you put it in, Sunwoo-ssi. You can shake it as much as you want once it’s in.”

She put one hand on his lower abdomen to support her weight, and with the other hand, she rolled up the hem and slowly rubbed the entrance, finding her hole.

“Heut.. Ugh.”

She slowly lowered her hips as if sitting down on the standing erect p*nis. The pressure coming up from below disrupted her breathing.


At that moment, he grabbed her pelvis, pulled her down all at once, and bumped his waist up. Her body shook greatly upwards.


The log-like thick p*nis rushed up to the root at once.

“Try to relax a bit.”

“J-just a moment, a b-bit… Ugh… Ack. S-slowly… Ahh!”

He held her, who kept trying to pull her body up, and made her sit down. He reached out and spread her blouse on both sides.

The feeling of dying pressure and pain gradually faded away. Sunwoo barely managed her breath and moved her hips.

“Do you know how lewd you look right now?”

“So, you don’t like it?”

“Are you crazy? I love it to death.”

As he started to bounce his waist up, her whole body went up and down as if riding a horse.

“I’m a beast.”

Sunwoo also unbuttoned his shirt. When his robust chest was revealed, she laid on top of him and licked his neck with her tongue.

“I’m going to bare my teeth and bark. I will growl and bark as I please.”

And then she bites.

She bit hard at the place where his neck and shoulder connected. If she didn’t, she felt like she would scream. His low moan, which he let out like a sigh, made her v*gina twitched as if to suck him all in.

A pleasure so intense it was scary, flared up like a fire.


A sound she couldn’t hold in sprang from her tightly closed teeth. His face appeared in her shaking vision. His eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and his eyes were staring straight at her.

Sunwoo was the first to give in. The moment he thrust in, she, who had been holding on with her arms against his chest, eventually fell forward. He held her waist tightly with both arms so she couldn’t move and continued to thrust upwards.

Squelch. Thump. Thump.

The sound of the wet love juice and the slap became louder and more blatant as they collided and fell.

“Argh, hgnh… Ahh. Heut… “

She wanted to grab and tear anything with her hands, but he held her as if to bind her arms, and she couldn’t move at all.



When his p*nis was thrust all the way in at once, she shed tears and bit his shoulder again. With his p*nis half inside, he turned his body again and climbed on top of her.

Her body was buried in the soft sofa, and he grabbed one of her legs and placed it over his shoulder. Her position was completely spread like scissors to the point where her instep touched the headrest of the sofa. He thrust into her violently.

Thump, creak. Creak.

The sofa creaked as if it was going to break under his actions. Her body was also breaking and crumbling. She was trembling.

“G-go, go a little s-slower… Hgnh… Ah! Just a l-little.”

Even though she pushed her chest down and reached out with both hands, he didn’t slow down at all.

Ugh, ah… Uh… This, this is strange… Ugh, uhmm,. Ah! Ah!”

Sunwoo overlapped her hands and covered her face. She didn’t want to show her distorted expression, even while she was sobbing and screaming messily.

But as if he wouldn’t even allow that, he eventually knocked her hands away.

Rough breaths poured over her neck. Hot lips rubbed against her, and now even her screams were sucked into his mouth.

“Ugh. Hghn..  uh! Ngh.”

As if her hole would burn from the intense act, she scratched the sofa with her nails.

Then, when the swollen p*nis came to press somewhere on the inner wall as if to pierce through it, her eyes rolled back.


Before she knew it, the sun had slowly set, and everything in the living room, where the lights were not turned on, looked blurry.

She got up from Taeju’s body.

“What are you trying to do?”

Her arm, supporting her chest to get up, trembled.

“My throat is a bit…”

Her throat was terribly hoarse.

He didn’t intend to go that far, but he completely fell for her provocation and frantically thrashed about. She went into the kitchen, took a bottle of water from the refrigerator, and drank it while standing.

Taeju sat up and admired her standing in the darkness.

She was only wearing a bra and skirt because he had taken off her blouse. Her slender shoulders, the soft br*asts that filled his hands, and her long legs stretching out like leaves under her cream-colored airy skirt were visible. Then he moved his gaze back to her face.

Her dark and voluminous hair, almost reaching her side, was wet with sweat and stuck strand by strand on her neck.

From the beginning, Lee Sunwoo was not a woman with many facial expressions.

Her eyes were big, but she only had thin double eyelids on one eye, and her lips were very small, but only the lower lip was thick.

She usually looked cold or indifferent. Only her lips were bright red on that strange face. She opened those bright red lips and gulped down water as if she was really thirsty.

A water droplet that she couldn’t swallow ran down her chin and dropped onto her white bra-clad br*asts. The white br*asts, so transparent that blood vessels were visible, slowly rose and fell.

Just looking at her like this felt like he could come right away. His mouth involuntarily dried up. Maybe he had a hunch at the beginning. From the moment he met her big, dark eyes through her messy hair.

Taeju abruptly stood up from his seat.

Her scent, movements, faintly exhaled breath. Each of those small signals became a stimulus and came back. Ridiculously, it felt like his stomach was boiling.

He strode towards her, unhooked her bra, and threw it on the floor. When she reflexively tried to cover her chest, he brushed her hand away.

“Why are you covering that?”

Despite her flushed face, she defiantly lowered her arms.

“See, what’s this?”

“Really? Then show me your hole since you’re showing it all.”

Taeju slowly sat her on a one-seater sofa as if pushing her with his body.

“Why don’t you want to? You said let’s do it, Sex. Did you think sex was just shoving it into the hole?”

She chewed on her already swollen lips and slightly spread her legs on the sofa. Taeju clicked his tongue slightly, and the corners of her eyes sharply rose.

She lifted her skirt and spread her legs wider. Even so, since he was standing in front of her, all he could see was her lower abdomen. She was trying to be stubborn, but this was all she could do. He found it cute and a laugh escaped.

“Do you need help?”

Taeju kneeled in front of her.

“You knelt earlier. Now it’s my turn.”

While keeping his gaze fixed on her, he grabbed both ankles and lifted them up sharply.


Because of that, her b*ttocks were pulled down further than before. Taeju kissed her instep and hung her legs on both armrests of the sofa. Then he stuck out his tongue and licked her from the calf slowly inward.


He could smell himself from the hole where his p*nis had gone in and out. It was already hot and slippery, and as soon as he touched it with his tongue, it opened up thickly.

This is crazy. Taeju bared his teeth and laughed.

“Do you know how lewd your v*gina is, Sunwoo-ssi?”

Instead of answering, she shook her head.

“Whether it’s my finger or my c*ck, as soon as it goes in, it wriggles as if it’s going to chew and eat it. It drives people crazy. It’s hot and damp…. There were times when it suddenly came to mind during a meeting. It was okay because my lower body was under the desk, but I almost became a pervert getting an er*ction while looking at the faces of old men.”

He was speaking slowly, but his mind was getting more and more impatient. He lowered his hand to grab his p*nis and shook it again.

“Look, it’s been less than 5 minutes since I came, and it’s up again.”

He pressed his p*nis against the back of her hand hanging down. Then he pushed his head back under her skirt. As he applied pressure to her cl*toris with the tip of his tongue, he felt her thighs tighten. As if encouraging her to pleasure herself, he massaged her cl*toris and continued to explore her v*gina with his extended tongue.

Ugh… Uh, uh.”

She wept and moaned due to the renewed stimulation. Her back was trembling.



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