Ugh… Huh… Ulk-ulk.”

Her face turned bright red, and with each breath, various strange noises emerged. She used her palm to push against his thigh, trying to exert force, but her position remained unchanged.

“Just a little more.”

The p*nis inside her mouth had grown harder and larger than before. Her wide-open jaw seemed to be on the verge of dislocating, and each time she tried to breathe through her nose, the p*nis continuously pushed back down into her throat.

Uh… Woo… Ugh, Huh.”

She wanted to say that she felt like she was suffocating and might die, but all she could do was utter a feeble moan.

A soft sound of his breath, like it was above her, was heard as she raised her eyes. His waist trembled, and he was panting. With the p*nis gripped in one hand, she lifted the protruding p*nis next to her tongue to a side as she slowly licked it up. It felt like a tremor went through the thigh that her hand was touching as the tip of her tongue slid along the thick p*nis that peeked out.


She, who had been making a face as if she was going to die, suddenly sucked in deeply with force in her mouth.

At the sensation that made him shudder to his roots, he lifted his hips and pulled his p*nis out of her mouth. His s*men spilled over her still-open mouth and pale face.

“Cough, cough. Gasp… Hah. Uh… Cough.”

He had held back for too long. He thought about pulling out once because he felt like he would lose his senses and dive in once he started, but looking into her red mouth, he regretted ej*c*lating so soon.

“You’re too pretty.”

When he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her up, she came up easily, almost weightlessly. Her soft body felt squishy wherever he touched it. He swallowed hard as saliva pooled in his mouth.

Her red lips, smeared with his s*men looked obscenely attractive. Holding her trembling and startled waist, he licked her lips and sucked deeply with his tongue.

Taeju got up from his seat, holding her with his pants barely hanging around his waist. She wrapped her legs around his waist to avoid falling, and while sucking her lips, he walked towards the bed, bumping his shin hard against something.


That b*stard Seo Jin-hyuk should either provide a larger house when making a contract, or at least put things away properly. From a wine fridge that wasn’t even used, to decorative items made of pottery, the floor was barely visible. Annoyed, Taeju furrowed his brow and laid her on the bed, avoiding the cluttered items in the room.

He casually placed a box of c*ndoms on the table.

“You need to spread your legs.”

Lying down, she looked up at him with wide eyes. Even her surprised eyes were cute. Taeju gave a quick smile.

She had a much more composed face than most women, and it was hard to tell what she was thinking, but on the contrary, she also had an innocent expression of knowing nothing, which was astonishing. Considering the environment she had lived in, it was to be expected.

“I need to see where I’m going to put it in.”

“Is this how it’s usually done?”


She seemed to ponder for a moment before opening her mouth.

“It’s too bright… Turn off the lights.”

Hmm. He hesitated for a moment. He could have left the light on and continued, but he wanted to see her relax and become more uninhibited in the darkness. He got up from his seat, changed to dim lighting, and kicked off his wet pants and boxers.

She spread her legs with her knees up, but she was covering her v*gina with her hands. Unaware that this made her br*asts gather forward creating a more provocative posture.

Feeling thirsty, he licked his lips and looked down at her with a hungry gaze 


As she trembled, she slowly moved her hands away from her v*gina, and when he grabbed her hands and held them against her thighs to keep them in place, she automatically spread her legs further.

The thin skin of her v*gina opened up, and her red inner flesh, soaked with love juices, was fully exposed. Taeju peered through that gap.

“It’s like a fruit. Red and juicy.”

As he approached and lightly stroked it with his finger, the love juice flowed down between her b*ttocks, wetting the sheet.


She tried to close her knees, but he pushed himself in between. He held the base of his p*nis, where pre-c*m and love juices mixed, and gently teased her v*gina.

Ah, I don’t think it’s going to fit. I don’t think it’s going to work…”

He aligned his p*nis with the tightly closed v*gina and pushed it in. He withdrew partially, thinking it was sufficiently lubricated, but her v*rgin opening, which had never been penetrated, resisted.

“It went in your mouth, so it will go in here too.”

With a firm push, it entered her slowly and deeply.

The entrance to the v*gina stretched as it was penetrated. He prodded with his p*nis as if to pierce her, and each time he withdrew, love juices splashed and flowed to the side.

He pushed her shoulders back, held her hands that were straining with all their might, and moved them behind her neck.

“Hold on.”

Simultaneously, he pulled back slightly, then firmly gripped her hips to immobilize them and pushed in all the way to the base.


The shock felt as if it had entered an impossible place, leaving Sunwoo trembling and unable to scream. It felt like the thick wooden pole had penetrated deep inside her.


Her vision was blurred by tears. She was overwhelmed by the sensation of his p*nis going far into her, which was frightening. Her inner walls clenched to resist the intrusion.

“Relax a little. I can’t move if you’re too tight like this.”

He was so calm that it was becoming annoying. The heavy sh*ft popped out and then thrust back in, making her let out a short scream.

Heut… Argh! It hurts. Ah-ah….”

Every time he pulled it out, it felt like the tightly clenched flesh was being dragged out with it. The rough p*bic hair rubbed against her v*gina, causing a stinging sensation.

Slowly, thrust by thrust.

The round t*sticles that came down kept hitting between her v*gina and an*s.

Ha… The inside is squirming and twitching so much. You’re so naughty, Sunwoo-ssi.”

He leaned down, still sucking on her earlobe, and mumbled.

Ugh, hgnh… Ah, ahmm.. Ah.”

“More than I imagined.”

The terrifyingly thick p*nis pounded deeply inside, stretching her v*gina wide every time. She trembled and screamed softly as if her body was shaking. His hand on her waist was scorching. It went anywhere, greedily gripping and teasing, making her shiver with each unfamiliar sensation.

Ah… Ugh, heut, ah… It hurts.”

It felt like she was being torn apart by the intrusion into such a narrow space.

“I knew it would be hot… But why is it so tight and wet? It’s driving me insane.”

He lowered his head and licked away the tears that flowed down her cheeks. She couldn’t believe she was connected to another person’s body, causing such a mess.

Her body quivered and shuddered under the vigorous movements of his hips, and below him, everything was hot and chaotic, as if it was about to burn.

He reached out and touched the place where the two g*nitals were connected.

Ugh… Uhh, heut. Ah… Slow, slow down a bit.”

“If you look at me with such a lustful face, what else can I do but get hard? It’s driving me… Argh, crazy, and you pretend to know nothing.”

Tears welled up and flowed, blurring her vision.

Huh… Heut. I’ve never… never done this before.”

Every time his p*nis pushed in with frightening momentum, strange moans that didn’t seem like her own burst out involuntarily. Even when she covered her mouth with both hands, it was no use.

His low voice urging her and the sound of flesh hitting each other were all mixed up, making her dizzy.

Squelch! Thud, smack!

Each time he shook his hips, flesh collided creating a lewd sound.

The pain was sharp as it surged to the tip of her head, then became bearable, and then suddenly came crashing down again. He came in, making her lower body feel sore. She was scared because she didn’t know where the end was, and her eyes were hot.

Huh… Ugh, e-enough… Stop now. I-I feel weird. Hah… Ugh, argh… Uh, please.”

Her cracked voice flowed out with difficulty. It didn’t even sound like her voice anymore. Below, the inside where he was coming in felt so itchy and uncomfortable that she thought she was going crazy. It felt like something was trickling out of the inside. Her toes curled up with difficulty.

“I feel… like I’m going to pee.”

Being pressed by him all over her body, she pleaded without being able to breathe properly. Her voice, mixed with tears, trembled. Her vision turned white with the feeling of him pounding in, and she couldn’t think properly.

All Sunwoo could do was scratch his shoulder while crying like a broken recorder. No, she felt like she was really going to break down.

“It’s okay, let it out.”

As he murmured in a hoarse voice and moved his hand down to rub her cl*toris, she shook her head in surprise.

“Don’t! Please, let go… Let me go, please. No! I don’t like it.”

Her whole body trembled as if convulsing. His hand held her shaking jaw, and his tongue violently pushed into her mouth. Each time he pounded in from below, she scratched his shoulder, unable to bear it.

Even though she pleaded as if she was out of her mind, he would only let her go for a moment and then come in more violently.

Ah-ah… Heut… Argh, ah! Ah!”


While biting her neck, he thrust himself into the deepest part of her. Still unsatisfied, he shook his hips a few more times, then removed the c*ndom from his still throbbing p*nis and threw it in the trash can.

Even after he pulled out, she was still panting and trembling. Her v*gina, which had been filled with something too large for her body, contracted and then twitched again, releasing the red love juice.


He revealed his white teeth and gave a short laugh.



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