Liu Qinming patted her perky b*ttocks, and Tang Yarou swallowed the saliva in her mouth.


He helplessly threw the things in her hand on the ground and lifted her up by her hips, pressing her onto the sofa.


Tang Yarou’s legs wrapped tightly around his waist, pressing him tightly without any gaps. She could already feel the man’s rock-hard heat in his lower abdomen, and her mouth continued its movements, teasing and playing with his tongue.


Clearly, he had adapted to her fiery passion. During this period, they had been even more wild than when they were newlyweds, both her and him.


Liu Qinming’s hand had already slipped inside her clothes and touched her jade-like skin. His fingers lingered on her back, constantly caressing it.


“…Not wearing a bra?” This kiss lasted until Tang Yarou had difficulty breathing. Liu Qinming’s hand moved upwards. There was no longer anything obstructing his hand on her back, so he asked.


Tang Yarou looked at him with a flushed face and gently gasped, “No, I told you there wasn’t a suitable bra, so I’m waiting for you to buy one for me.”


Liu Qinming shook his head in resignation and slid his hand into her chest, squeezing her soft flesh. The delicate and smooth touch made him hesitate. He took a deep breath, withdrew his hand, and looked at Tang Yarou with a hint of warning. “Be good, don’t seduce me anymore.”


Whenever he looked at her with that expression, Tang Yarou always wanted to break it, wanting to see him completely obsessed with her.


She watched as Liu Qinming brought a bag from the door and took out four or five bras from inside.


Not caring that Liu Qinming was right in front of her, she took off her clothes and tried on the bras he bought. The smooth silk bras were tightly wrapped around her two snow-white mounds, revealing a deep cleavage.


Tang Yarou was about to ask for Liu Qinming’s opinion when she caught sight of something else in the bag. Her hand quickly picked up the bag and took out three more provocative bras.


They couldn’t even be called bras anymore. They were just a few pieces of fabric with ribbons, forming the appearance of a bra. There was also a small box in the bag. Tang Yarou curiously looked at it and opened it to see what was inside.


Tang Yarou’s turned red, and she looked at Liu Qinming shyly. “What did you buy these for?”


It was clearly lubricant inside!


Such daring bras and lubricant, had this man suddenly realized something? Does he want to play role-playing or…


“The shop owner gave them to me.” Liu Qinming pointed to the lubricant, “and said they could add some new experiences.”


Tang Yarou furrowed her brows lightly, and a thought flashed through her mind. “Titjob?”


She blurted this word out without thinking. Liu Qinming’s body stiffened slightly as he locked eyes with Tang Yarou.


A smile immediately appeared on Tang Yarou’s face. Then she eagerly took Liu Qinming’s hand and touched her chest. She plopped her little b*ttocks unceremoniously on his lap and said with a smile. “Let’s try it, Qinming. Let’s try… try it…”


Liu Qinming lowered his head and kissed her earlobe, exhaling lightly. “Okay.”


The breath passed through her ear and made Tang Yarou’s body tremble. A sense of itchiness spread from her ear to her chest.


Liu Qinming’s warm hand covered her chest and kneaded it. However, Tang Yarou suddenly remembered something and said in a dazed voice, “Qinming, you haven’t eaten yet.”


He didn’t stop his movements. One hand directly unfastened her bra, freeing her two mounds that were no longer compressed and fully exposing them in front of him. “No hurry, I’ll eat you first.”


He leaned down and pressed her down.


His hand instinctively slipped into her underwear and caressed her entrance. The two folds of flesh were tightly closed, like loyal guards guarding the mysterious treasure.


His hand was the key that opened the doors wide. He lightly probed the small section of her inside, and he heard Tang Yarou’s soft moan. “Ah…”


In the blink of an eye, the originally dry flower walls became w*t.


Unsatisfied with just this gentle touch, his breathing became rapid, and he removed his own pants with one hand.


He parted his lips and enveloped her lower lip with his mouth, gently biting it. His voice became hoarse. “Sit on top.”


He leaned against the sofa and let her sit on his lap. Het p*ssy was pressing tightly against his iron-like hot body. Even through their underwear, they could feel each other’s w*tness.


Tang Yarou pressed her chest against the man’s chest and squeezed her legs closer together, letting the hardness get stuck in the slightly sunken delicate area. She began to swing her hips. The buttons on Liu Qinming’s clothes were undone one by one until his pair of fruit was exposed.


“I want it…”


Tang Yarou looked at Liu Qinming with a tangled expression. She originally wanted to use her br*asts to please him, but her body has been made sensitive by him during this period. As long as he touched her, her p*ssy longed to be filled by him.


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