Leticia’s words seemed to be true. Invitations and tea party invites that I rarely received were piling up uncontrollably. I looked at the invitations stacked precariously on the table, as if they could collapse at any moment, and let out a sigh.

‘I wonder if everyone just wants to know if the rumor that Diart has fallen head over heels for me is true. Or maybe they want to get in line to apologize if they have been rude to me.’

Or perhaps they were letters apologizing for their past rudeness. It seems that Diart completely destroyed the Count of Myrus, and everyone is quite shocked. They must be afraid of retaliation themselves. Well, even though he’s Diart, I didn’t know he could get rid of so many nobles in an instant.

‘He’s really a scary bastard.’

I shivered as I recalled Diart’s gaze as he looked down at me from the bedpost. He seemed to be aware of my feelings and was very straightforward.

“Madam, aren’t you going to read them?”

“Why bother reading them? They’re all the same stories.”

I shook my head in boredom and picked up my cup of black tea. Lily hesitated, glancing at me. There was something suspicious about the hand she was hiding behind her back.

“What are you holding in your hand?”

“Well, this is…”

After hesitating, Lily handed me the letter she had been hiding. What is this? After casually scanning through the ordinary letter, I paused when I saw the seal stamped on it. The familiar mark was from Duke Feischer.

“Duke Feischer sent it.”

I quickly took out the letter and read it. The short and concise content was about Grand Duke Wheaton and him arriving at the townhouse soon.

“They’re finally coming.”

Once we receive approval from both families, the divorce will be completely finalized. Diart has been persistently asking me to sign the divorce cancellation documents whenever he gets a chance. He would casually or indifferently, sometimes even forcefully, hand me the documents, and I would repeatedly refuse.

‘Why won’t you sign it?’

Diart asked, seemingly unable to understand. His gaze was indifferent but contained a hint of sadness, and sometimes he looked pitiful.

‘Because I want a divorce.’

In response to my firm answer, Diart remained silent for a moment before asking why I wanted a divorce. He seemed puzzled, narrowing his eyes as if he couldn’t understand the reason. Hey, take a look back at your own actions all this time, I wanted to say, but I shot back at him, saying that it was him who pushed me away first. Diart, who listened quietly, looked at me intently. But still, divorce is not an option, he said.

‘Just like me once more.’

I’ll be good this time. My heart raced at the childish yet irresistible statement. I almost fell into his deep eyes which were looking down at me as if he could see through me. I realized that no matter what he said, it would feel seductive because he was handsome.

I took a small sigh as I recalled last night when I hurriedly left my seat, saying that I needed to wash up. I was already tired just thinking about blocking Diart, who would push his way into my territory like a bulldozer, even tonight. And the problem was that I was starting to consider accepting him.

Honestly, men like Diart Wheaton were hard to come by. Handsome, and capable. The only issue was his somewhat (?) dirty personality, but when I thought back to the days gone by, he had become surprisingly well-behaved in front of me.

‘If that’s the case, maybe it’s okay to just live like this… Wait!’

Are you serious? This is the man who left you dumbfounded. Are you willing to live a difficult life because of a momentary emotion?

I scolded myself while hitting my forehead with my fist. Lily, who had been startled and stepped back, quickly approached and held my hand.

“Why are you doing this, madam? You’ll hurt yourself.”

I must have been starving myself all this time. It can’t go on like this anymore. I need to find that before my rationality becomes paralyzed!

As I stood up abruptly, Lily, who had been examining my forehead, looked puzzled.

“Lily, prepare for an outing!”


* * *


“Of course, this is how the male lead should be!”

Thinking of the male lead shedding tears and expressing his love to the female lead, I smiled happily and turned the pages of the book.

Yes, the male lead should be emotional and refined like this. Not raising an eyebrow or tilting his head in annoyance like someone I know.

Indeed, because I had gotten closer to Diart, my eyes had a momentary confusion when looking at men. Reading this romance novel brought back the preferences I had forgotten. The character I liked the most in this novel was Edgar, after all. I wonder when I’ll see my dear Edgar…

“Buy this one too.”

Thinking that maybe it wasn’t all bad in this life, I lowered my head and placed the book on the mobile tray being pulled by the shop assistant. Lily’s mouth fell open as she looked at the stack of books already piled up.

“You’re going to read all of these?”


I answered firmly. It wasn’t enough to just establish a blurry image of a proper gentleman. Leaving Lily and the shop assistant behind, who were trying to help me, I searched for my next target. And there, among the titles, a satisfying one caught my eye.

I reached out to take out the book, but it was placed too high for me to reach. Despite Lily and the shop assistant’s attempts to assist me, they were also too short. At that moment, a white hand extended through and took out the book. Following the trajectory of that book, my gaze froze in place.

Blonde hair that looks as sweet as honey and cute freckles on the nose. Blue eyes that exude tenderness are beautifully curved.

“Here you go, madam.”

How come even his voice is so gentle? I looked at his back as he handed me the book and hurriedly called out to him.

“Aren’t you Prince Edgar?”

Edgar turned around to look at me and cocked his head. He looked so cute that his mouth went up. It was hard to see his face even once, let alone imagine meeting him unexpectedly like this.

“Do you know me?”

Edgar murmured lowly as if trying to remember me. I don’t have any memories of meeting you… 

I greeted him while holding my chest with excitement.

“May the light of glory be with you. I’m Roeni Wheaton.”


Edgar’s eyes widened. His face, which had been cocky, became happy.

“Nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you from my sister.”

His gentle and kind-hearted response as he replied with a hand on his chest was so gentle and kind that I couldn’t help but cover my mouth with my hand, just as he was described in the original work.

The face that looked at me with curiosity as I cried even with tears was kind.

“If it’s okay with you, would you like to have a cup of tea? I’d like to repay you for your help.”

“It’s fine.”

Edgar smiled, his eyes curved. Why are those two men the male leads when there’s such a kid around? I couldn’t understand it even when I read the book, but it was even more incomprehensible when I actually saw it. Thinking of Adelia, I nodded my head. Yes, people are meant to be together. Adelia was not worthy of our kind and affectionate Edgar.

“I know a café nearby that has great cakes.”

“Is it Rocco Bakery?”

“Oh my, how did you know?”

“I go there often. It’s the best place for cake in the city center.”

How come even our tastes match so well?

The conversation with Edgar that continued all the way to Rocco Bakery was so well-matched that it was hard to believe we had just met. We talked so much that we didn’t realize that half of the cake was gone.

“You’re just as entertaining as my sister described.”

Behind Edgar, I could see vibrant green leaves. Ah, this must be what healing feels like. The stuffiness and discomfort I’d been feeling seemed to wash away, and I suddenly turned my head at the warm presence beside me. I had to make an effort to prevent myself from spitting out the tea I had in my mouth.


As I almost choked on the hot tea, I met eyes with Diart, who was glaring at me.

‘Why is he here again?’

Diart, standing with his head tilted and leaning against the glass window, smirked as if he found it amusing.

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