Amber, a princess as beautiful as a flower.

Her husband, who served the lord of the empire like a mercenary, was essentially a man who was from a completely different world than hers.

Amber, who was forced into a marriage with him, had completely fallen into a downward spiral.

She fiercely hated everything about her husband.

She hated him to the core, throughout the years of her married life.

However, when her husband dies while trying to protect her and their unborn child, Amber feels a great sense of regret.

But… suprisingly she has returned back in time…

The starting of regression was, of course, their first night.

At that time she thought to herself,

‘I was upset about being the wife of a bastard, because he didn’t even spare a glance at me throughout the wedding, but he certainly came very early to sleep with me.’

She felt like she was a powder of an ash that was already burned out and he was like a fire spirit dancing on the ruins.

* * *
Meyer’s POV

It wasn’t until I met you that I realized I had a hole in me. I was so incomplete without you.

But soon I became happy.

If it was something that was lacking in my life, than that part of emptiness can only be filled by you.

But after filling it up for a bit, I started feeling greedy. I wanted to fill up this emptiness completely by keeping you by my side. Am I greedy for possessing this kind of feelings for you?

Oh, if I don’t stop these feeling then, I could possibly swallow you completely without even leaving a single bone to others. 

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