“I thought you might say that.”

Taegyeom grinned and took another sip of his coffee. Sensing his suspicious reaction, Leeseo casually glanced around the room. It was then that she noticed a shopping bag placed on the table nearby. The bag bore the logo of a famous sushi restaurant nearby.

“You haven’t eaten yet? Go ahead. I’ll stay with you while you eat.”

“No, I have something else I want to eat.”

He shrugged his shoulders. It was difficult to pretend not to know what he meant by wanting to eat something separately. Leeseo raised the coffee cup, which was steaming, to her lips, covering her flushed face. But she couldn’t hide the redness that spread to the tips of her ears.

Taegyeom reached out and brushed his fingers against her ear as he chuckled softly. The subtle act, pressing the soft flesh between his thumb and index finger, sent warmth flooding through her, making her cheeks flush even more.

Unable to bear it any longer, as Leeseo attempted to push his hand away, Taegyeom, keenly aware, withdrew his hand from her ear and said,

“Oh, check the inner pocket of the jacket.”

Without a word, Leeseo put her hand into the pocket of the jacket, which he had carelessly tossed on the chair next to the dining table. She felt something solid and pulled it out to find a red leather-covered box. The name of a famous jewelry brand was engraved in golden letters on the outer surface.

Without a word, she opened the box. Inside, three interlinked rings sparkled subtly.

One of the rings was dotted with sparkling gems, reflecting the light from the ceiling in a dazzling way. She had little interest in jewelry, so her judgment on its value was rather poor, but the necklace in the box looked incredibly expensive.

“Are you giving this to me?”

“Well, why else would I buy it? For myself?”

Taegyeom made a light-hearted joke. But Leeseo didn’t laugh.

“Why? Why are you giving me something like this?”

“Why not? Do I need a reason to give you a necklace?”

As if asking an utterly foolish question, he chuckled dryly. Then, he placed the coffee cup he had been holding back on the table. His expression seemed somehow lifeless.

Leeseo closed the lid of the box and placed it beside the coffee cup he had set down. Taegyeom’s eyebrows shot up as he watched her do it.

“Thank you, but I don’t feel comfortable accepting something like this for no reason.”

“It’s nothing to feel pressured about. I bought it on a whim while I was wandering around, killing time because my flight was delayed.”

“But why would you give me this…….”

“Do I really have to explain every single thing I did that didn’t really mean anything to me? I’m a little tired.”

He cut her off, rubbing his temple lazily with a hint of irritation.

“If you really need a reason, it’s because you bring me pl*asure. You just have to accept it happily without overthinking the reasons.”

“So, what you’re saying, Mr. Kwon Taegyeom, is that you’re giving this to me because sleeping with me brings you pl*asure? Somehow, it sounds like a business transaction.”

In response to her calm response, Taegyeom snickered briefly. His cold smile quickly faded into a dry one. He returned to his expressionless face and spoke sarcastically.

“Is analyzing things your hobby?”

“I enjoy having s*x with you, so do I have to give you something in return?”

A hand reached out unexpectedly and cupped her chin.

“What are you going to give me?”

His hand moved down her neck as if he were about to strangle her. He raised her chin, and their eyes met in midair.

“Because I know what I want from you.”

His large hand slid down to her lower back. His eyes, filled with both ruthless sharpness and boiling desire, stared at her as if he were capturing her completely.

Even without him spelling it out, Leeseo could clearly understand what he desired. He seemed to revel in it, nibbling and sucking at every inch of her n*ked body.

Leeseo’s eyes narrowed as an arm snaked around her waist and lifted her off the ground. Drawn by his immense strength, she was lifted and collided forcefully against his chest.

“You know, it’s kind of cute how you get all worked up over nothing.”


“Today, I’m in a particularly foul mood, so you might have to endure a bit more than usual.”

From a dangerously close distance, he whispered maliciously, as if his lips were about to touch hers.

“I’m going to be rough. Brace yourself.”


* * *


It was a devouring kiss.

He stole her breath, entwined their tongues, and suppressed any movement. The sucking pressure was so intense that it felt like every ounce of energy she had was being absorbed by him.

As her breath reached its limit and her lungs felt ready to burst, Kwon Taegyeom finally released his lips from hers. Leeseo gasped for air, her chest rising and falling rapidly and gaze wandered with to her chest that was heaving uncontrollably.

Taegyeom reached out without hesitation. Thud. His large hand gripped one of her br*asts. Biting her lip, Leeseo dropped her head as he squeezed the firm flesh through the bra, his fingers kneading it haphazardly. A chill ran down her spine.

Still panting, Taegyeom looked down at her, his gaze unwavering, and spoke affectionately.

“Answer me.”


“Hmm? Leeseo.”

His hand, which had been fondling her br*ast, abruptly withdrew. At the same time, the hand that had been supporting her back with the firmness of a stalk moved away, losing her support, she slumped back to the ground.

At the same time, the hand that had been supporting her back with the firmness of a stalk moved away. Eventually, Taegyeom’s hand slipped between her armpits. His large hand, gently yet firmly, pushed her down, forcing her to sit on the ground.

Their eyes met as Leeseo lifted her head. A soft smile tugged at the corners of his lips, but his eerily brilliant hazel eyes were coldly fixed. She liked the contradiction.

Perhaps he, too, was lost in a complex confusion, Leeseo thought. He seemed angry without even understanding why he was angry.

His eyes, concealing the cold anger, stared through her. As Leeseo met his gaze, he unfastened his pants buckle and slid his hand into her hair, pulling it tight.

“Now you’re not even answering me.”


“You should say if you don’t like it. I taught you that. Insult me or slap me if you want.”

His whispered words urging her to slap him only fueled a perverse anticipation. As if determined not to miss even the slightest reaction, Kwon Taegyeom continued to stare at Leeseo and pushed down his zippers in one swift motion.

A massive erect*on, suppressed beneath the fabric, sprang forth like a spring. With his pants hanging on his hips, he grabbed his exposed c*ck with a swift motion as if examining it under the light.

“Now, what should we do?”

He asked slowly, tapping his pre-c*m-soaked gl*ns over Leeseo’s lips, his tone generous, as if giving her a choice, but strangely coercive and one-sided.

The smell of rawness was thick in the air. The tip of his p*nis that had been nudging between her lips turned and brushed against her cheek.

He rubbed the rounded tip of his gl*ns against her flushed cheeks. The thick tendons on the back of the hand that gripped the base of his p*nis throbbed wildly, as if he were trying to suppress his ar*usal.

Taegyeom seemed absorbed in the act of smearing his scent on her face. Her cheeks were streaked with pr*cum that leaked from his greedily throbbing gl*ns. But Leeseo couldn’t deny that she was getting hot and bothered by this obviously perverted act.

She craned his neck back, away from the p*nis rubbing against her cheek, and lowered her eyes to stare directly at it. The threatening p*nis twitched heavily, as if challenging her gaze.

His p*nis, which she hadn’t seen in a week, stood out in all its carnal glory and reeked of danger. Just looking at it made her tongue moisten with anticipation. Yearning for her, the rounded gl*ns hole twitched as it spat out a clear l*quid, as if begging her to suck it.

Leeseo stuck out her tongue and tasted the l*quid that coated the gl*ns. The thick scent of his body made her head spin.

Just tasting the man’s flavor sent a wave of excitement through her. She felt like she knew a little bit about why Kwon Taegyeom had always been so insistent, burying his head between her legs and sucking greedily.

Half impulsively, half instinctively, she opened her mouth wide and took the p*nis in. At the same time, the hand that gripped her hair tightened. Taegyeom’s breathing became ragged and scattered above her forehead.


It was a strange sensation. The heated gl*ns was soft, smooth, and delightfully squishy, and his low moan was pleasant to hear, but when she swallowed a little more greedily, the thick sh*ft swelled in his mouth, almost too big to hold. It was hard and rigid, like a thin sheath encasing a solid core.

The gl*ns that stuck to her tongue had a tangy and stimulating taste. It seemed to ignite her instincts.

Her wide-open mouth was completely blocked by the thick sh*ft. She struggled to open her eyes, barely breathing through her nose.


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