“Principal, teachers, and fellow students, good morning.” Xiao Qing’s cold voice resonated through the microphone, “I am Xiao Qing from Class 1 of the second year of high school. I am honored to be the host of this sports festival today.”


Xiao Qing stood beneath the shade provided by Xu Ling’s umbrella, holding a microphone in hand.


“So, let’s begin this sports festival.”



Xiao Qing delivered the speech expressionlessly, like a machine.


But his eyes slowly shifted to the track.


Contrary to his real world, the first event here was surprisingly the shot put.



Nothing big happened in the shot put event, but the second event was a bit more exciting.


“The shot put event has successfully concluded, next is the long jump event.”


Long jump, the event the protagonist shou was supposed to participate in.


Oh, interesting.


As the host of the sports festival in the original plot, the delicate and frail protagonist shou actually picked the long jump?


As Xiao Qing pondered, Xu Ling watched him from the stands. 


Following his gaze, Xu Ling leaned against the railing, gazing coldly at the figure of that young man.


It was soon Wen Yu’s turn for the long jump.


May others forgive him for using poor words to describe Wen Yu’s unparalleled long jump.


Xiao Qing thought to himself.


Wen Yu took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly.


His determined eyes focused on the sandpit in the distance.


“Three! Two! One!”


The whistle pierced my eardrums.


Xiao Qing saw Wen Yu sprinting, pausing briefly at the white line before leaping over.




Quite lousy.


Though he didn’t know his score, he could sense clearly that he would be at the bottom.


After the long jump event ended, when the protagonist shou returned to the stands, both attackers 1 and 2 came to give him water and comfort.


Alas, being the protagonist is great. Not only does he have love interests, but he also has errand boys.


It’s just that it smells like gunpowder and Shura Field.


“What are you looking at?” Xu Ling had unknowingly come behind him. “The next event is the sprint. You better keep your eyes on me.”


“Alright, alright.”


“Don’t look away.”


Xu Ling laid on his back and rubbed Xiao Qing’s hair.


“…Don’t look at other people.”






“Oh, by the way.”




“…Good luck in the race.” Xiao Qing gently whispered near his ear.


“…Mmm.” Xu Ling lowered his head, the tip of his ears slightly blushing. “Got it…”


Oh, right, if he remembers correctly, first attacker Ye Cuihao and second attacker Huo Ruitian also participated in the sprint.


…He silently sweated for Xu Ling.


But if he can host the sports festival, Xu Ling should be able to secure the sprint championship too.


…At worst, the seasonal title.


“So, the long jump event has also concluded.” Xiao Qing’s cold voice rang out once more. “Now, the event you’ve all been waiting for, the sprint.”


Unlike the shot put and long jump events, sprinting involved everyone racing at the same time.


It makes the champion easily discernible.


The person who was initially behind him had quietly made their way onto the track.


There was no hint of nervousness at all, as though the person was just doing a task.


It was that golden-haired figure, shining exceptionally bright in the sunlight, almost like the sun itself, radiating a dazzling aura.


“Ah! My eyes!”


“Wow! So gold!”


The voices from the audience seats expressed that they were going blind.


But our little golden retriever prince didn’t care at all. He even turned a blind eye to the gazes thrown by attackers 1 and 2.


Washing away the smell of gunpowder between attackers 1 and 2 in the previous event, this sports event added a splash of color… oh no, it was sunshine.


“Three! Two…” The contestants all assumed starting positions. “One!”


The piercing sound of the whistle rang.


The runners dashed out. Some were speeding like arrows, while others leisurely ran along just as they wanted.


Clearly, Xu Ling belonged to the former group.


The sprint isn’t a long-distance race. In sprinting, every second counts. Who will be more patient than you?


The sprint is about explosive power.


As expected, the top three were indeed Ye Cuihao, Huo Ruitian, and Xu Ling, the first three attackers.


Initially, the top three were all taking turns to be the first in the race, causing confusion for the spectators.


Then the three of them kept the same position.


But later, the attacker 1 Ye Cuihao, began to fall behind gradually.


It was down to Huo Ruitian and Xu Ling. The attackers 2 and 3.


They were neck to neck, but there could only be one champion. 


Without seeing the finish, no one knew who it would be.


As they approached the finish line, Xiao Qing couldn’t help but lean in for a closer look.


His skin, usually hidden under the sunshade, was suddenly exposed, making his black hair appear strikingly fair.


When Xu Ling could hardly hold on any longer, a face suddenly appeared not too far away.


Just a little more, just a little more, and he could end it.


Gritting his teeth, Xu Ling leaned forward for a final sprint.


Huo Ruitian: …!


In the end, Xu Ling did it.


He overtook Huo Ruitian and secured the championship.


Xiao Qing immediately rushed out to congratulate him.


But Xu Ling didn’t stop. He dashed straight towards Xiao Qing.


“…Xu Ling!” Xiao Qing was hugged by Xu Ling and nearly lost his balance, “Let go of me!”


“I did it!” Xu Ling still excitedly held onto Xiao Qing. “Xiao Qing!”


“Okay, okay, congrats.” Xiao Qing struggled to free himself from the hug. “I still have hosting duties.”


“Oh, oh, sorry!”


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