The next day, Xiao Qing dug out a few clean school uniforms from the wardrobe, boiled some instant noodles for breakfast, and then headed out.


There was no longer a figure of a young man outside the door, which relieved Xiao Qing.


The school wasn’t far away, just a twenty-minute walk.


As soon as he entered the school gate, Xiao Qing spotted two people under the shade of a nearby tree.


If he remembers the plot correctly, they were Wen Yu and attacker 1, Ye Cuihao.


If he was not mistaken, this was the plot of Ye Cuihao finishing basketball practice and resting under the shade before finally being attracted by Wen Yu’s innocent smile.


Subsequently, Ye Cuihao begins to pay attention to Wen Yu and finds his connections with other attackers. He felt jealous but didn’t dare to confess.


Yet, when Wen Yu is bullied by others, Ye Cuihao will be the first one to step in to protect him.


In the early stages, he was a loyal and somewhat arrogant gong, later turning dark and not letting the protagonist leave him.


Xiao Qing watched the beginning of the plot unfold without stopping it.


You can never wake someone who is pretending to be asleep. Ye Cuihao knew Wen Yu was using him, yet he chose to continue liking him.


Even if he stops at the beginning, can he ensure that Ye Cuihao won’t fall for Wen Yu later?


Xiao Qing bypassed them and headed to his class floor.


As he opened the classroom door, the first thing he heard was the noisy banter and playful fighting among his classmates.


The original owner didn’t have many friends in the class, so there was no need to worry about sudden friendships.


Xiao Qing returned to his seat, which was at the front by the window.



The bell rang at the end of class.


After the ordinary day’s lessons, Xiao Qing went to the cafeteria.


When he sat down, he overheard a conversation nearby.


Oh, it turns out to be the protagonist, Shou, and attacker 2, Huo Ruitian, eating and chatting.


The protagonist had brown and slightly curly hair, with eyes sparkling as if containing tears.


His eyes shone brightly, resembling the summer night sky, as if the entire summer night’s breeze were blowing toward you at that moment.


Xiao Qing: …Indeed, it exudes a protagonist’s vibe.


Huo Ruitian, the school bully, encountered the protagonist, Shou, in the cafeteria, intending to tease him.


However, he ended up falling for Wen Yu.


Xiao Qing was initially enjoying the big melon, but when Wen Yu’s eyes met his, the scene turned awkward.


Xiao Qing quickly finished his bread and prepared to turn around to leave.


“Stop!” Huo Ruitian, who was following Wen Yu’s gaze, caught sight of Xiao Qing turning away.


Xiao Qing turned with a black face, his icy eyes void of emotion.


“What?” Xiao Qing asked unhappily.


“Do you know him?” Huo Ruirian pointed to Wen Yu behind him.


The corner of Wen Yu’s eyes turned red, obviously having been bullied.


His big, watery eyes triggered a protective instinct in others.


“I don’t know him.” Xiao Qing said without hesitation.


Huo Ruitian was momentarily stunned, and Wen Yu looked at Xiao Qing incredulously.


Is it that he didn’t act pitiful enough?


The sound of a bell ringing interrupted his thoughts.


Xiao Qing didn’t even bother to look back as he walked upstairs.



After school, as expected, it started to rain heavily.


He found the umbrella from yesterday in his backpack and was about to leave.


Someone grabbed his clothes.


“Classmate Xiao Qing.” Wen Yu said in a spoiled tone, “I forgot my umbrella. Can you take me home?”




Xiao Qing disliked being touched by others, and his brow furrowed a bit.


“But… it’s raining heavily now, I can’t go home.” Wen Yu lowered his head and pouted his lips. He whispered in a low voice.


“Oh.” Xiao Qing showed a total lack of concern, causing Wen Yu to grit his teeth in anger.


As Xiao Qing peeled off Wen Yu’s fingers one by one, he said, “Look towards the door, someone is here to pick you up.”


It was someone in a black coat, wearing black-framed glasses, and appearing to be reserved.


No need to guess about it, that person had to be the older brother of the protagonist, Shou and attacker 3, Wen Yichen.


He was the protagonist’s brother, but there was no blood relation.


He had always liked the protagonist, Sou, since childhood. In the story, he once imprisoned Wen Yu in a dark room.


In the end, attacker 1 cut off his limbs and confined him in the basement, unable to die or live.


Once free from Wen Yu, Xiao Qing immediately grabbed his bag and umbrella and rushed out of the classroom, not wanting to spend another second there.


At the school gate, a thunderstorm raged outside.


Xiao Qing didn’t stop in his tracks. He just wanted to leave the school quickly.


But when he arrived at the doorstep of his house, a person holding a black umbrella stood in the rain.


He had a foreboding feeling.


Sure enough.


It’s him again.


“Hello? Are you Xiao Qing?” The young man, a head shorter than him, said: “I’m here to thank you! Thank you for saving me yesterday!”


Xiao Qing looked at him, frail-looking. He was probably a freshman, right?


“No problem, it’s easy.” Xiao Qing nodded. “Are you a freshman in high school?”


“I’m a sophomore!” the young man retorted immediately. “I’m Xu Ling!”


Xu Ling? Xu Ling… Why did that name sound so familiar?


Wasn’t he the cannon fodder who was bullied by his classmates, suffered from severe depression, and later attempted suicide by jumping off a building in the middle of the story?


A brick that paves the way for the protagonist’s love line?


Looking at Xu Ling who was also an orphan, Xiao Qing’s little conscience in his heart, which was rare and almost non-existent, finally awakened.


“Do you want to come to my place?” Xiao Qing said, and he actually meant it. “You live in a rental house, right? Are you having trouble paying rent?”


“How did you know?” Xu Ling was astonished. He had really planned to ask if he could stay for a while. “Can I… can I really do that?”


“Yeah.” Xiao Qing couldn’t help but smile, seeing Xu Ling’s almost jumping-for-joy excitement.



Tonight, Xiao Qing happily gained a roommate.


“Good night, classmate Xiao Qing! I’m off to sleep!”


“Well, good night.”

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