Rozelle came to meet Jersha three days after that.

He came to meet her three days later, after the meeting she had with Justinian where she heard about Rozelle’s current situation from him, and it was also around the time when Jersha began to prepare for her national wedding.

‘Rozelle, whom I saw after a long time, was still neat and had a pretty smile on his face, but the area under his eyes was dark, as if he had been having a hard time handling the backlogs of work assigned to him.’

He must have been tired, but still he came to meet her purposely and thanked her for remembering him, so she greeted him in a brighter voice.

“It’s been a while, Rozelle.”

“Have you been in peace, Your Majesty?”

“Just as I thought, you are good at speaking Britten language.”

“…Thanks for the compliments.”

It was the first time they were conversing with each other in Britten language. The last time they met, she mostly spoke to him in Relician language throughout their journey.

Roselle came and sat down next to Jersha, who was talking to him shyly and his eyes widened as he looked at the book she was holding.

“You were reading a book? You are really amazing, even though you are busy preparing for the national wedding. You still managed to get some time for yourself.”

“I’m not busy. Because….”

A few days ago, the etiquette teacher who visited the Palace of Dawn, where Jersha was residing, had a meal with her peacefully and then quickly left. She never came back to the Palace of Dawn again.

Jersha explained the entire situation to Rozelle and then sighed.

“Is it because I was lacking a lot that she left this place angrily and never returned back?”

Rozelle’s eyebrows twitched at Jersha’s story, but then he burst into laughter.

Rozelle spoke again to Jersha, who just tilted her head without understanding what was happening.

“There’s no need to worry, Your Highness. Since you said that you and her had a meal together peacefully. If I am not wrong, I guess the etiquette teacher was Duchess Enrique, Am I right?”


“Duchess Enrique’s educational methods are famous in Bolavis. ‘Let’s eat together first’ is a very famous dialogue of hers. By having a dinner with her potential candidate she determines what is lacking in that person. Didn’t she say something to you after eating?”

“…. She said you did well.”

“I rarely heard those words coming out from the Duchess’s mouth and that too for the very first time. You did a great job, Your Highness.”

Rozelle said with a wide smile.

Jersha was embarrassed again and she kept flipping the pages of the book she was reading before, in response to his words.

‘I received so many compliments at Bolavis in a week than I had at Relician in 20 years, and it felt good when someone praised me.’

“Thank you. really….”

Even though she tried to find other words, the only thing that came out of her mouth in the end was thank you, so Jersha remained silent.

And Rozelle, who easily understood her sincere words, opened his mouth without wiping his smile.

“So you were reading a book. Huh?”

“…Yes. I spent all my time for the past 3 days in reading. As my scheduled etiquette classes were not conducted.”

Meanwhile, a book containing numerous tales and historical stories about the Kingdom of Bolavis was found by Jersha. And she spent her idle time reading that book.

It caught her eye, and she continued to read that book. There was historical stories and tales passed down in the Relician Kingdom, but the Bolavis Kingdom seemed to have a much more diverse story patterns than Relician.

Rozelle’s expression as he looked at the book was strange. He vaguely asked Jersha.

“May I ask where that book was?”

“It was placed in the tea room….Is this something I shouldn’t read?”

Rozelle was very familiar with the book Jersha was holding.

Since Rozelle had been to every corner of the Bolavis Palace, from a very young age, it was safe to say that there was almost nothing he didn’t know about the palace but….

The book that Jersha was holding now looked very similar to the book that Justinian had cherished so much.

“No. I just asked because I was curious.”

Rozelle narrowed his eyes.

‘Even when I asked him to lend it to me, he threatened me and assigned some extra work as a punishment for asking it. He never lend it to me, and showed a great sincerity in hiding it from my vision.’

Rozelle decided to use this topic to tease him later when Justinian bullied him with some extra work.

I asked Jersha, who was reading the book.

“Is there any difficultly or any kind of difficult situations faced by you while preparing for a national wedding?”

“Well, it’s not that hard or difficult. but…”

‘I have already studied the culture and laws of the Kingdom of Bolavis, so it wasn’t unfamiliar to me, though it was a little tiring to stand around for hours determining the patterns for formal clothes, but it wasn’t mentally difficult. However, just hearing the words “preparation for a national wedding” gave me a strange feeling of tiredness.’

It was also because I kept thinking about the day, when Justinian confessed to me.

‘It’s because I wanted to meet you.’

‘It’s because I like you.’

Justinian’s eyes depicted sincerity when he looked at me. It was almost like I didn’t believe him, and as someone who already knew about all the rumors surrounding me very well, I just couldn’t place my trust on him or on what he said to me.

‘What do you like about me?’
‘When did you see me?’
All these question kept hovering in my mind.

Because of the bad rumors which surrounded her, she rarely went out, so Jersha couldn’t figure out what Justinian liked about her so much that he asked her to be his life partner.

‘There wasn’t any incidents….wait….Come to think of it.’

Jersha suddenly remembered the crumpled paper that came with the marriage certificate.

‘I thought I wasn’t the person, for whom that paper was written, so I only read the first sentence and put it aside, but it seems like it was written for me. I wish I had read it to the end…’

Jersha sighed softly, thinking about the paper which was placed in the corner of her desk drawer.

“Your Majesty?”


“What’s wrong?”

Rozelle waved his hand in front of me and looked at me with concerned eyes. Jersha suddenly came back to her senses.

‘Ah! I shouldn’t think about other things when someone is waiting for my reply and was sitting in front of you.’

“Ah. no. I’m sorry, Rozelle. I was thinking about something else for a moment….”

“Okay. I thought your condition was getting worst because of the wedding preparation.”

“No. I’m not sick and I’m a very healthy person.”

Jersha shook her head and completely focused on her conversation with Rozelle, trying hard to momentarily forget the thoughts she had.

Fortunately, Rozelle didn’t ask her about what she was thinking, and both of them happily continued their conversation.


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