Jersha, who thought it would take a day or so before she could go to see Justinian, could not hide the feeling of embarrassment that came over her when Justinian came to the palace where she was residing. And it was also at the evening time.

This was because she always thought that the king would be very busy and it would take two to three days to meet him.

She even wondered whether she would be able to meet the King this week.

But the way things worked out in this kingdom was quite different.

On the way down to the tea room, after finishing the brief dressing up, Euria hinted to Jersha.

“I think His Highness was waiting for you to call him.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t come here right away. Isn’t it?”

Jersha awkwardly shook her head as she looked at Euria asking for her opinion.

“I don’t think so, Euria.”

“Well? What else it would be then?”

Euria smiled meaningfully at my denial. She seemed to know something I didn’t know, but there was no reason to ask, so Jersha just nodded and moved on.

“Your Majesty is waiting inside the tea room. I will be there to serve you soon, so please wait a moment.”

Euria left her and Jersha knocked lightly on the door and went inside.

‘It was my first time coming to the tea room since I got burned, but when I came back again, nothing much had changed in this place.’

The small sofas which were joined together when I got burnt were properly arranged on their places, and there were some small lamps which were emitting soft lights here and there. And in the middle stood Justinian.

Jersha approached him cautiously.

‘I have never spoken properly to him before, so it feels awkward.’

“….I see you, Your Majesty.”

“It’s been a while, Princess Jersha.”

Justinian sat down on the sofa and offered her a seat as well, and Jersha sat down on the sofa across him.

There began to form an awkward silence in the tea room.

Jersha mustered up the courage to meet him, but she couldn’t open her mouth because she didn’t know where to start from.

Whereas Justinian couldn’t open his mouth for fear that Jersha would be scared again like last time.

It seemed to him that Jersha would not start the conversation given her nature, so in the end, Justinian cautiously spoke first.

“Have your wounds healed?”

“Ah yes. Solwod said that it was okay to move. She is a good doctor, but she can be unruly sometimes.”

Justinian was quietly staring at Jersha in silence. So she got the feeling that she might have offended him by saying something about his staff. So she further added,

“If you think I am being rude, then please do tell me, Your Highness.”

“It wasn’t rude. So please feel free to speak.”

‘He was a type of person who made everyone who looked at him feel at ease.’

Thinking about his mannerisms Jersha smiled slightly.

On the fifth day from the day she was injured, Solwod suddenly came to check Jersha’s leg without any prior notice. She just looked at her leg, and smiled brightly, saying that the ointment she made was good.

Rather than being rude, she seemed to be proud of herself and her work. Jersha was both amazed and envious of her.

Despite Jersha’s laughing words, Justinian’s expression remained stiff and did not seem to soften. He bowed his head and apologized to her again and again.

“…I almost left a deep scar on your leg. I am truly sorry, Princess Jersha.”

“No… please don’t be, Your Majesty. I am really fine now.”

“You heard what Solwod said right, Princess?”


“If the tea had been a bit more hotter, or if Euria would have carried out the treatment a little later, a scar would have been left on your thighs.”

Jersha’s heart sank at those words. She obviously heard what Solwod told her.

Solwod who had suddenly come to her without contacting her, told her the same thing.

But in the end, it was a good thing that there wasn’t a single scar left on my leg, and I was fine.

Looking at Justinian’s expression which was clouded with guilt, Jersha opened her mouth.

“It was not your Majesty’s fault anyway.”


“It is true that Your Majesty surprised me, but it was my fault that I missed the tea cup. And as a result the tea fell on my legs but no scars were left behind.”

“But princess…..”

“I’m fine. Really.”

She couldn’t see his expression, but from what Jersha said, it was clearly indicated to him that he was not the one who caused that accident and thus he was not guilty of it.

‘I couldn’t just manage to get angry on Justinian for his sudden outburst, instead I was afraid of him. But now he seemed really fine to me.’

Justinian could not stop himself from feeling sorry towards Jersha, who calmly accepted his every action.

Rather than continuously apologising to her, he decided to bring up another topic. Because he didn’t wanted to bring back bad memories to her.

“Thank you, princess. Did you have any kind of inconvenience during your stay? Though the weather has become warm, but the princess is staying in the palace which is nearest to the forest, so it might be a bit cold….”

“Oh, no. Thanks to Your Majesty’s concern, I am doing well.”

Jersha hastily shook her head. Unlike the sharp, salty wind of Relician, the wind of Bolavis was gentle.

The temperature was slightly chilly in the mornings and evenings, so she only had to wear layers of clothing during that time.

Justinian looked somewhat dissatisfied with Jersha’s vague answers. But rather than insisting her to talk more, he asked a different question this time.

“What about the people who serve you? Are they annoying or being careless against you?”

Jersha laughed slightly at his words.

Bolavis…. The people of this kingdom seemed to be much more interested in me rather than my veil and the ideology of the people of the Relician Kingdom.

This was because at some point, not only Euria and Solwod, but also Lena, Aren, and even Shati, the attendant, started getting closer to me and kept asking various questions to me. Most of those were only about me.

They asked for my opinion, such as what scent I prefer for bath bombs and which flavour of tea was best to drink.

Jersha, who had never been good at conversing with people, found this situation more interesting than annoying. Because there were rarely any people around her in Relician.

“Everyone are kind to me so I must say it’s really interesting than annoying.”


“Oh, may I know how Rozelle is doing? I haven’t heard any news from him since I came here…”

As he was the very first person from the Kingdom of Bolavis she knew about, So Jersha was curious about Rozelle.
Although he may have forgotten her, but she could never forget him.

“…..Lord Blair is very busy currently. Because there was a lot of work, which was left behind.”

“Ah. Because of work… ”

“But Sir Blair said that he will meet you soon, when he finishes his work quickly.”


Justinian had a bitter smile on his face as he heard Jersha’s voice, which seemed to have brightened after mentioning about Rozelle. Justinian thought to himself,

‘Compared to me, who gave a bad impression from the very beginning, Rozelle seemed to have succeeded in gaining Jersha’s favor.’


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