Chapter 38

He really doesn’t like him using it. This master of his likes to attack out of nowhere.

After saying that, Helios quickly backed away due to the rising sensation of something approaching his feet.

The golden light vibrated as if to greet him. Helios let out a sigh of relief and ignored it.


However, he falls backward. Upon looking up, he saw his master laughing.

A golden circle floated next to him.

“My Siri, you have a knack for letting his guard down.”

“Siri, f*ck….”

As Helios was about to kick it, Mint’s strange laughter deepened.

He paused.

“Helios, why have you been talking to yourself since earlier? Are you also going crazy like those people over there?” Hira asks with a puzzled expression.

Helios was puzzled. Why did she say that?

“I was having a conversation with him.”


Hira’s face turned pale. The place that Hira briefly looked at was toward the people who had gone mad and entered the 29th floor a while ago.

They were all muttering as if they were seeing something and groping the air. Helios, too, looked at the place Hira saw.

Then he realized the truth behind Mint’s smile.

“No, we were really talking.”

“Yeah.. looks like you’ve made an imaginary friend. Congratulations….”

“No, it’s not that….”

“L-leader, should I get some water?” Seth, who was with them, says reluctantly. Instead of answering, Helios rubs his forehead.

“Oh, wow, did you make a friend without knowing?” Her voice echoed as she poked fun at him.

It was strange to hear her voice echo.

Helios glared at Mint.

“Hey, don’t get mad.”

“….I’m going to kill you.”

“Sure, sure. You’re acting quite childish now.”


“When you become more skilled at handling Kia, you’ll be able to have secret conversations with me too,” she said with a secretive attitude.

Helios reluctantly let go of his anger and paused. Meanwhile, Mint was now enjoying every bit of Helios’s disgust. She then replied with a passionate gaze.

“Yeah, yeah. I know you like me too.”

Helios smiles sarcastically.

“Who said that.”

* * *

I thought about the incident in the prison cell.

Helios went to take a shower, leaving me alone in the room.

I had long since cleaned my poisoned body with Kia.

‘How am I supposed to get Helios up here if every floor is like this?’

It was not impossible, but it was taking far longer than it should.

‘This difficulty level is like my childhood…’

It reminded me of my childhood, when I climbed this tower at the young age of twelve.

Back then, the leader was a deranged person who took pleasure in inflicting pain on others. It was a time when the tower was filled with prisoners driven to madness by the constant challenges and failures and the leader’s sadistic tendencies.

However, things changed when the leader died and a new one took his place. This new leader had a strange habit of telling prisoners she liked to call her ‘Mama’.

The system she created—I continued when my turn for leader came, thus maintaining the tower’s difficulty and theme. I had thought that my successor, who shared my hatred for inconvenience, would do the same. And for a while, it did continue like that.

‘As expected, I need to contact him.’

I was always keeping a close eye on Helios and Ged’s group power, and as a former prisoner myself, I knew that they could not beat the floors with this difficulty soon. Perhaps the warden, remembering the hell he’d been through, would be quick to dismiss this difficulty.

‘I don’t like being a prisoner.’

However, it wasn’t easy to contact him secretly. The prison was designed to limit the use of Kia, and even in my current form as ‘Garrett’, it would be difficult to hide my unique Kia and contact the warden without being caught.

I looked at my bracelet, the one thing I never took off since becoming ‘Garrett’. To contact the warden, I would need to return to my original appearance for a brief moment.

But I needed to be careful. I couldn’t risk being caught by ‘that guy’, the other male lead, who was also one of the tower’s prisoners. Not to mention, Helios could walk in at any moment.

I had met him a few times before, and he was not only a dangerous person but also someone who must never find out about my current circumstances.

Despite the risks, I knew I had to contact the warden. I took off my bracelet without hesitation, feeling a familiar bluish-green light emanating from my body. I ran my fingers through my long hair, feeling a sense of relief and freedom without the constraints of my false appearance.

‘Wow, it feels like I’ve just taken a shower,’ I thought to myself, grateful for the momentary escape from my disguise.

It was like shedding an uncomfortable doll costume I had been wearing for far too long.

It was bearable, but of course it felt better not to use it. It felt refreshing.

I started to focus, absentmindedly running my mint hair through my fingers.

‘Time is of the essence here.’

Suddenly, a disc popped out of nowhere and slowly transformed into the shape of a puppy.

Woof, woof!

“No, Siri. Not a puppy. Become other thing.”

The disc then transformed into a small bird.


“Aren’t you just adorable? But your wings are rather short.”

It quickly transformed again. This time into a tiny dragonfly.

It required precision to maintain such a small size and still convey a message.

Even for me, it wasn’t an easy task.

‘Sigh, if only I could send this at my leisure. Unfortunately, I have to worry about that bastard catching on to me.’

I had to be careful of the vigilant bastard who was using their mental Kia.

“Anyway, I don’t know why that bastard has that ability…” I grumbled quietly and sent the dragonfly version of Siri.

I could see it skimming against the wall. I had to close my eyes and focus until it reached its destination.


After a moment of concentration, I felt that the summoned Siri had safely arrived at the recipient. I sent my question, so now the recipient will leave a message. I slowly opened my eyes and absentmindedly ran my hand through my hair.

As soon as my senses returned, I felt it.

“Oh no…”

It was a presence. And it was right in front of me.

The door soon opened.


Helios had just entered and abruptly stopped in his tracks.


The thick steel door closed. Helios’s eyes widened as if they were about to burst.

He slowly shifted his gaze from my head to my toe.

“Who are you?”

Who else would I be? I’m your master.

I wasn’t surprised. I assumed Helios would arrive around the time I sent Siri to the recipient.

“Where’s my master? Where did he go?”

It was a bit touching that he didn’t forget about me in the midst of all this. I casually didn’t move. I had already gauged the possibility of getting caught.

‘My Siri has such a pretty color.’

My vision had become more sensitive now that I had discarded the appearance of Garrett.

In front of me, I could see Siri, which seemed like it would come back to Helios at any moment.

It bore a fetching blue hue.

“…Did my master bring you? Or could it be… that you’re his lover?”


“…Oh, he has such a taste.”

I didn’t say anything. Helios wouldn’t remember this moment anyway. I just nodded lightly. Helios cautiously approached me.

He had a serious and careful expression. With Siri’s light behind him, it gave him an even more mysterious feeling. No matter how much I saw his face, it was still a handsome and electrifying face.

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