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“But I didn’t know the workers would say it so openly.”




At Euria’s words, Justinian rested his chin and frowned.


She couldn’t tell what he was thinking.


“How do you feel, Lia? Is she the same as the rumors say?”


(*Lia- it’s Euria’s nickname when she was studying with him in the academy)


“What do you want me to think?”




“If I had met Relician’s maids first, before meeting her highness then I would have certainly seen her with some prejudice like the maids said. but….”


In her opinion, Princess Jersha did not seem like a bad-headed person as the rumors say.


Thinking back on the situation that had happened earlier, Jersha thanked them in the Britten language, albeit slowly but she was still generous, and asked that she wanted to wash alone.


If Princess Jersha had really been an eccentric person then, would she have said that?


“It’s different from the rumors. I have met her personally and talked to her.”


Euria spoke in a confident tone. Perhaps because she went to the academy and saw a lot of troublesome people who couldn’t be handled, Jersha seemed like a much better person than them, no, they were not even into the position to be compared against Jersha.


“I knew you would like her.” Justinian started grinning.


“But You… What were you thinking about, when sent a proposal to bring Her Highness to Bolavis?”


It seemed like only yesterday that Justinian suddenly asked to marry Princess Jersha of the Kingdom of Relician, and both Rozelle and herself were in utter disbelief by his abnormal behaviour.


Princess Jersha, about whom there was so many malicous rumours, would she form a marriage alliance with him? They truly thought that Justinian was joking with them.


But once the princess arrived to the Kingdom of Bolavis, it became reality.


Now we know that the rumours surrounding Princess Jersha was a lie and her real personality was completely different from it.


But Euria couldn’t figure out why he summoned Princess Jersha, and not princess Genesia.


“If you’re just curious about her and don’t really want to take any responsibility, then stop it before you hurt her, Your Highness.”


Usually, royal family members do not feel awkward or reject other people’s touch and will allow servants to touch their bodies.


However, as soon as the servant touched her clothes to help her bath, Jersha was startled and said she would do it alone.


That is why Euria believed that Jersha was not used to human touch. Euria’s serious warnings reached Justinian, as he suddenly turned stiff, just like her.


“I don’t think so.”




“I didn’t bring her here out of curiosity, and I have no intention of harassing Princess Jersha. And I am not marrying her out of sympathy either.”


Euria was truly surprised by his reply and stared at Justinain with a very serious look.


‘Then why did you invite Princess Jersha?’


Euria, who was quietly looking at Justinian, still remembered the day, when he came back from the Relician kingdom.


It was even before he ascended the throne, at that time he was so lost in his own thoughts that he wandered around the imperial palace like a ghost, in a daze for a few days after attending the debutante of Princess Genecia.


‘Could it be that it was related to Princess Jersha?’




“If so, then I understand.”


Euria smiled slightly.


The prince who seemed to have no idea what love was, has grown up so much. Now he was a powerful emperor who could protect his love.


“Lia. I want you to do me a favour”


“What is it?”


“Please help Princess Jersha and stay by her side.”


He was looking at her with an extremely serious face, Euria couldn’t hold back her laughter and lowered her head.


Justinian grunted at the sight of her, who was trying to control her laughter.


“I just asked you to do me a favor and you… are you laughing on me?”


“Wow, Are you seriously asking something from me? It doesn’t suit you, so stop…puhaha…..”




After sniffling for a while, Euria raised her head with a refreshed look on her face.


“I was planning on doing that even before you told me to do so. Since I am the head maid of the imperial palace and serving the future queen of Bolavis with utmost sincerity is my duty. And I am the only person who will spend a lot of time with her in the near future, Right?”


Justinian just kept staring at her with a certain look of disbelief and envy on his face.




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