While he was thinking about this matter, he glanced down at the memorial he was in the middle of writing.

Tuoba Yu is already so powerful. Soon he would overthrow him as crown prince! Thinking of this, he sighed deeply and threw the memorial to the ground.

Jiang Lan who had been hanging around silently approached him and said: “Your Highness, why did you discard such a good memorial? Is there something wrong with it?”

“Alas!” The prince sighed to himself. “You wouldn’t understand!”

Concubine Jiang Lan’s eyes misted over as she said: “You don’t like to talk to me anymore… did I do something wrong to offend you?” 

‘It’s not that you did something wrong, it’s just that as soon as you arrive, I remember the Jiang family’s misfortune and I become angry!’ The prince shook his head and sighed again. Immediately after this moment, a male servant announced: “Your Highness, the third prince is here to see you!” 

The crown prince glanced at Jiang Lan, and she immediately understood. 

She retreated behind the screen with tears dropping from her eyes.

Soonafter, Tuoba Zhen walked in. He was slender, handsome, and had bright eyes. His face showed no trace of worry or melancholy, but he was full of energy. Next to him, stood a rather petite woman, she had a cloak over her body and a black veil over her face concealing her entire being.

The crown prince was stunned. He thought: ‘Could it be that Tuoba Zhen came here today to present a beauty to him?’ 

He couldn’t help but look at the woman, guessing that there must be a stunning face under the black clothing and a soft body under the cloak. Then he came to a realization… wasn’t his beloved concubine hidden behind the screen! He couldn’t afford to think such thoughts… besides, he wasn’t in the mood for adding a new woman to his harem.

Tuoba Zhen smiled and said, “Brother Crown prince, We haven’t met for a few days, why has your countenance become so worried?”

The crown prince sighed, motioned for him to sit down, and asked the servant girl beside him to pour tea, and then slowly said: “You obviously know everything, why are you asking me all this?” 

Tuoba Zhen smiled at the people around him. He glanced at him and said, “I am here today just to relieve my brother’s worries. Please step outside.”

The crown prince glanced at the servants around him, waved his hand without saying anything, and they all withdrew one after another.

Tuoba Zhen glanced at the screen and saw a shadowy figure. He naturally figured out who it was but did not mention anything. Instead he just smiled slightly, turned away from the screen and continued: “Today I specially invited a beauty to relieve your worries.”

The Crown Prince became uneasy: “No no no!, No beauty can relieve my sorrow now! You should take her back!”

Tuoba Zhen smiled. Since he decided to come here, he must have a set of meticulous strategies and plans. How could he back down! “Lift your veil.” He ordered her.

Then the woman took off her veil and saluted the prince respectfully. The prince saw that although the woman was not old, she had a mediocre appearance and a bloated figure. There was no way she could be associated with a beauty, especially her eyes, which had prematurely developed deep wrinkles. 

She was clearly twenty years old. He is more than thirty years old. This crown prince who was used to beauties couldn’t help but frown and said, “Third brother, what is the meaning of this?”

Jiang Lan was originally very unhappy behind the screen, but now she suddenly felt that something was not right. If Tuoba really came here to offer a beauty, he would definitely bring a young and beautiful girl. Although this woman is not old,  she was at the age to have been married with a couple of children.

Tuoba Zhen laughed and said: “Brother, don’t just look at the outward appearance, this mediocre-looking woman can be the key to your victory!” 

The crown prince was greatly confused and didn’t know what he meant by this 

Women were to be judged by how virtuous, beautiful and graceful they were. This woman really has nothing special about her, so he couldn’t help but say: “I don’t think there is anything special about her, so you should just spill it already!” 

Tuoba Zhen smiled and said: “Does older brother recognize her?”

The woman was silent with her head lowered.

The prince shook his head and said: “I don’t know.”

Tuoba Zhen said slowly: “She was the maid beside Concubine Lian.”

Concubine Lian was recommended by Zhou Dashou, and Zhou Dashou was given to the emperor by Tuoba Yu. That darn prince who had been giving him a headache.  

Hearing what Tuoba Zhen said, his countenance darkened.

Could it be that this girl had lost the favour of Concubine Lian and was here to beg him let her enter the palace to see her old master?  Thinking of this, the prince’s voice contained anger: “Why did you bring her here?”

Jiang Lan, who was behind the screen, was keenly aware that something was wrong. She actually took the initiative to poke her head out and peep at the woman.

This woman’s eyes were trained to the ground. As though it would be a sin to raise her head up.

Tuoba Zhen smiled even wider. His smile revealing a hint if indifference: “Crown Prince, don’t you ask her what her last name is?” 

The prince frowned and said, “What is her last name?”

Tuoba Zhen said with a smile: “Brother Imperial Do you know the Murong family in Heze?”

The prince’s brows furrowed even deeper: “Of course I’ve heard of this…” 

Even if he did not know about it, the assassination at the banquet left a deep impression on everyone. Speaking of the downfall of the Murong family, it was of course very important to the Jiang family. It could be said that it was the Jiang family that single-handedly contributed to it.

Tuoba Zhen said: “You can say your name now.”

The woman raised her head and said softly: “The common girl’s name is Leng Youlian.”

The crown prince was shocked: “What did you say?”

The woman repeated again: “The common girl’s name is Leng Youlian.” 

The crown prince’s face suddenly turned livid, and he stared at Tuoba Zhen, speechless. 

Finally, he said: “Isn’t concubine Lian from the palace called Leng Youlian!”

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