The Seventh prince Tuoba Yu had made great achievements and was rewarded by the emperor when he returned to the capital. 

He was appointed as the General of Fuyuan and was in charge of the northern military with 200,000 soldiers. 

This made him a prince with real military power endorsed by the emperor. 

He was now unparalleled in the court..

Inside the pavilion, Tuoba Yu met up with Li Weiyang for the first time after returning to the capital. It was already the beginning of spring but his face was very calm. There was no trace of joy or complacency. 

The incident with Concubine De had changed him almost unrecognizably. 

In the past, he might have been moved by the the thought of implicating innocent people or killing people on the battlefield, but now, he wouldn’t even blink an eyelid. Sometimes, he felt as if he was gradually turning into a different person, one who had enough strength and vicious heart to survive the fierce royal struggle.

“I already have 200,000 troops in my hands. Combined with the 200,000 troops in my uncle general Luo’s hands, it totals 400,000 troops. This ought to be enough to compete with Old general Jiang’s troup of 500,000.

In fact, when Old General Jiang was on his way back to his base, I sent someone to deliberately reveal the what happened to the Jiang Family to him. Right now, his strength has wanted. He probably won’t survive for long.” Tuobayu said slowly.

He made this appointment with Li Weiyang in order to make these reports, but he soon found that the other person was absentminded. He wondered what she was thinking about.

Seeing her absentmindedness, he felt a little lost and sour in his heart.

He had been away for more than a month, but Li Weiyang hadn’t asked him even once if he was okay. She was quite heartless, only caring about the outcome of the whole affair.

The rowdiness in the city and the riots at the border can no longer  move him, because he could control it all. Li Weiyang on the other hand was an unknown variable. He always felt helpless around her. He didn’t know what she was thinking. What decision she would make. Whether or not she would change her mind about supporting him.

Li Weiyang lowered her eyes, gazing at the hot cup of tea in her hands and then said thoughtfully: “Your Highness the Seventh Prince is not in a good situation now. On the contrary, your actions have attracted the attention of the Queen, the Crown Prince and others. A big tree attracts wind. Your current situation is very dangerous.” 

Tuoba Yu looked at Li Weiyang’s calm face and strangely did not feel worried. Instead, his brows relaxed. 

Occasionally, he felt lucky that such a terrifying girl was his ally. But most of the time, he was worried that he was not strong enough to control her.

In the middle of the night, he would have nightmares about what would happen if she felt dissatisfied with him again and abandoned him.

Leaving him without even looking back?

This kind of inexplicable worries about losing her. What type of feelings were they really? He couldn’t explain. Even to himself!

It seemed, he had been following the path she designed from the day he met her. Even now, he was chasing after her footsteps. 

Every time he thought he had caught up, he discovered again that he knew nothing about her at all.

Tuoba Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly: “Do you mean – for me to restrain myself?”

Li Weiyang shook her head and said: “It’s too late, even if you restrain yourself now, they wont let you go.

On the contrary, the more you give in, the more they will push until you get to the point of no return.”

Tuoba Yu raised his brows at her and sneered: “Come on, There is no way I’m giving in.”

From his words, it can be seen that be had murderous intentions towards the queen and the princes. Not a single atom of mercy. 

Li Weiyang smiled slightly and said: “Back then, Tuoba Zhen secretly recruited a lot of people, including outstanding suicide warriors, smart debaters, and savvy warlocks. If you pick each of these characters out individually, all of them are worthy of the title. They are all masters. The best of the best. But they all fell at his feet and are obeying his orders. With their aid, he would have easily found an opportunity to secretly get rid of you. Unfortunately for him, you have eliminated almost all of those people secretly as well. This way, if he wants to kill you, he would have to use the hand of other people such as the Queen, the crown prince or even the emperor!”

Secretly inciting others to deal with me? A cold light flashed in Tuoba Yu’s eyes: “I’m afraid he doesn’t have such ability at all!”

Li Weiyang’s lips twitched, but her eyes were filled with ridicule.

Li Weiyang knew Tuoba Zhen very well. His mother was from a humble background. Thus making him wander around the palace like a beggar. He was bullied but was unable to retaliate. He had no dreams or hopes. He was not the emperor’s only son, and his mother’s background was too humble to take any precautions over. Soon, he lost his mother. The only person to ever love him.

Concubine Wu Xian who adopted him turned out to be the woman that killed his mother. So he began to make himself cold hearted and strong.

There was no longer any place for love in his heart.     

Lack of love is only a personal pain to ordinary people and does no harm to others. But when this person was the emperor, it was a completely different matter. Now that Li Weiyang thinks about it, many of Tuoba Zhen’s past actions are rather explainable.

After he became emperor, he always vented his misfortune on others. Everyone must pay for his misfortune and accept his revenge. 

In the past, she had loved him very much, but her love could not save this man. Because Tuoba Zhen was always afraid in his heart. The fear was so deeply ingrained. 

He feared that one day, someone will come along and take away everything that he has. He was in such psychological crisis all the time.

That one day, he would wake up and find out that it was all a dream and that he was still that desolate prince with nothing, being bullied and can only wait for death.

It was precisely because of this fear that he kept killing people until he had killed everyone who had insulted him or trampled on him.

Then there was Li Weiyang, the wife who was forced on him by the Li family because of the same humble background. Her existence was simply a reminder of the scars of his past. Reminding him of the times when he was despised. Reminding him that he had once wanted to marry Li Chang Le but was given the short end of the stick.

Because of this factor, he disliked and hated her in his heart. No matter how many sacrifices she made, she could not erase the feeling of humiliation in his heart.

Nothing could change this.

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