“No! You’re talking nonsense, you’re all talking nonsense! I didn’t!” Jiang Lan’s eyes turned red for a moment. If she wasn’t trying her best to control herself, she would have rushed over to stab Li Weiyang’s throat!

“Did you know that according to the laws of the empire, a daughter-in-law of the royal family is not allowed to wear white outfits and mourn for the maternal family. Look at the white flowers on your head… tsk tsk. It is obvious that you are cursing the royal family! Besides, with your current status, you should always be inside the Prince’s mansion. But look at you trying to show off your strenght to stand up for the Jiang Family. Is this not low self esteem at work! You are trying to borrow strenght to cover up your inferiority and anger at not being able to rise to the position of crown princess!” 

Although Li Weiyang’s voice was calm and determined, there was a scornful smile on her lips. “So I advise you to go back to the mourning hall to be a filial daughter and granddaughter. Don’t meddle randomly in other peoples business.

If you continue to embarrass us here today, the news will spread and others will only laugh at the crown prince’s incompetence in teaching his wife.

If this happens, your future will be ruined. It is useless to show off now and ruin all the efforts racked up over the years!” 

After saying this, Li Weiyang walked out. Her eyes were dismissive of Jiang Lan who was standing rooted and stunned.

The guards of the Prince’s Mansion were still blocking the way, hesitating as to what to do.

But suddenly a cold voice commanded: “Let them go to the mourning hall!”

Everyone turned around. It was Jiang Hua who spoke. He looked very pale.

Li Weiyang sneered at him and he stared at her. Their sharp and cold gazes collided like cold blades meeting each other, and sword auras shot out.

Jiang Hua was like a beast in a trap. Desperate and full of hatred. 

Li Weiyang broke the gaze and chuckled to herself. “Thanking third Young Master.” 

Jiang Hua lowered his head as if he didn’t want to look at her again: “Just burn incense and leave. Our Jiang family doesn’t welcome you.”

Li Weiyang did not take him seriously. She ordered someone to help the second madam who had fainted and then slowly strolled out with the members of the Li family.

Walking past Jiang Hua, she suddenly whispered: “Third Young master, you’re wrong.”

Jiang Hua raised his head and stared at Li Weiyang in confusion.

Li Weiyang smiled and continued: “There is no longer a Jiang family.”

This one sentence stunned Jiang Hua. 

It was not until Li Weiyang was long gone did he come back to his senses.

He laughed in a pained tone.

Jiang Lan walked over and couldn’t help asking: “What did she say?”

Jiang Hua’s laughter could not be suppressed, but his face crumbled: “She said that there is no longer a Jiang family.” 

He knew why Li Weiyang came today. It was to humiliate him, to give him a final fatal blow!

This woman had no intention of letting him go at all! Not only did she want the Jiang family destroyed, but she also wanted Jiang Hua’s life! 

Such evil people were rare in ancient times. Even a man like him who was very scheming and regarded human life as nothing was inferior!

This woman! This woman!

Why did he provoke her? 

The Jiang family had wanted her life, and he was so sure that she was incapable of resisting. Who would have thought that in the blink of an eye, the entire Jiang family would be destroyed in her hands!!

Such revenge! Calculating step by step, was extremely vicious and cruel!

His calculations were all futile. In the end, with his own hands, he drove the Jiang family to a dead end. 

The more he thought about it, the more ridiculous it seemed. He braced himself with one hand on the wall, trembling as though he had malaria.

After holding it in for so long, he was unable to do so anymore, he coughed out blood, burst into a wild laughter, threw himself to the ground and vomited some more blood.

Mouthful after mouthful of thick viscous blood fell to the ground.

“Third brother!” 

The last thing he saw was Jiang Lan’s horrified face. Soon Jiang Hua lost consciousness and could not hear anymore… 

When Li Weiyang and the rest left the mourning hall, they came face to face with the third prince Tuoba Zhen. 

Old Madam Li nodded lightly, obviously not intending to exchange greetings. 

However, he blocked the way and said slowly: ” I would like to speak with princess Anping.”

Wanting to see Li Weiyang alone! on such an occasion was very untimely.

The always cautious Tuoba Zhen actually made such a move!

It was very surprising to old madam Li, leaving her speechless.

She glanced at Li Weiyang who stood behind her. On seeing her nod her assent, she said: “Alright. We will wait for you in the carriage.”

The second lady, who had just woken up from her faint after being pinched looked suspiciously between Li Weiyang and Tuoba Zhen.

She really wished to stay and hear what they were going to talk about.

Why would Third young miss hookup with Tuoba Zhen?

Unfortunately, Old Madam Li didn’t give her such a chance at all.”Let’s go!” She ordered.

The second lady and others reluctantly followed Old Madam Li as she walked away. 

Remaining in the yard were the two people and the servants who were bustling past, busy with the funeral arrangements.

Tuoba Zhen’s eyes fell on Li Weiyang’s face, his eyes, deep as a well, giving rise to infinite chill. 

Li Weiyang on the other hand looked very calm and composed. She was so quiet and well-behaved that she didn’t look like the mastermind behind everything.

He suddenly walked towards her. His steps, heavy and slow. He only stopped when be was a few feet away from ber. “Li Weiyang.” He called out.

Her smile was alienating. Like she was looking at a stranger. Distant and indifferent. “Weiyang greets Your Highness.”

He looked at her left foot and asked in a whispered: “I heard that you were injured before?”

Li Weiyang assumed that he was here to ask questions, but she didn’t expect his question to be this. She couldn’t help but hesitated and said: “Thank you for your concern, Your Highness. Weiyang is doing fine.”

*Apparently, using the third person while speaking is to express either respect to the elders or royalty or to express alienation.

Seeing her demeanor, he raised his brows and then asked directly: “You have destroyed the Jiang family, what else is on your agenda?”

Li Weiyang lowered her eyes: “Your Highness really knows how to joke. The fall of the Jiang family has nothing to do with me. Weiyang knows nothing and can’t do anything.” 

“‘I’m not a fool. It was clearly you who used the prince Li Yuanheng no? Then you used me and Jiang Hua.” His gaze pierced into her like flying blades, “These are facts you cannot deny.”

Li Weiyang heard the meaning of his words, but just smiled and said: “Your Highness is really flattering me by saying this.”

 Tuoba Zhen suddenly said: “I have only used others in my life, and no one has ever been able to control my mind, because I have no weaknesses, and no one can stop me. But you took advantage of my love for you, You took advantage of my jealousy and secretly manipulated me to do things for you, Li Weiyang, to be honest, I have to admire you.” In fact, no matter whether Tuoba Zhen took action or not, Li Weiyang would let the Seventh Prince save concubine Liu and go on to pursue Li YuanHeng. However, Tuoba Zhen’s behavior of instigating the prince happened to let her escape suspicion. What was wrong with doing this? If we talk about love and jealousy, it’s just his possessiveness. Because he couldn’t have her, he would never let her elope with Li YuanHeng. Of course, this elopement was completely his delusion.

Li Weiyang said lightly: “What’s the use of Your Highness’s admirations? You should keep it for yourself. If you have nothing else to say, Weiyang is leaving.” 

Tuoba Zhen suddenly stood in front of her, blocking her path.

Li Weiyang raised an eyebrow and glared at him. 

A look of surprise flashed through his eyes, but he calmed down in an instant. He just smiled and said: “Does Your Highness have something else to say?”

Tuoba Zhen actually smiled at himself and said: “Li Weiyang, I asked you to be with me. Are you truly determined not to?” His voice suddenly weakened, but his eyes looked at her steadily, as if he was pleading.

Li Weiyang sneered, her voice was full of ridicule as she said: “I thought His Highness already understood my choice.”

Tuoba Zhen said slowly: “Yes, you refused to come to my side. I have asked this question several times and you have answered severally as well in the negative. But I refuse to give up and I want to ask you again.”

Li Weiyang’s expression was cold and stoic: “Your Highness, even if you ask me this question once, twice, three times, a hundred times, a thousand times, my answer will remain the same. Why do you see the need to ask again?” She really didn’t understand why Tuoba Zhen was unwavering about this matter.

He usually treated everyone with a smile, but was extremely ruthless. 

Usually, if someone betrayed him once, he wouldn’t give them another opportunity, not to talk about so many opportunities! 

What on earth was he doing? Did he really go crazy? 

She really didn’t understand. 

For the first time, she felt like the person in front of her was a stranger. Even though she had known him so well.

Perhaps she never really understood him. So she just said: “Then I will answer for the last time, I will not be with you.”

Tuoba looked at her, but suddenly smiled and said: “Li Weiyang, I will not give you another chance. Are you certain of your decision?”

Li Weiyang just said: “Yes.”

Tuoba Zhen’s smile deepened, and he looked at her as if he were looking at his beloved lover. Li Weiyang was not moved. She knew how much coldness was contained in that gaze. Enough to freeze people to death.

“Well then, goodbye, Princess Anping.” Tuoba Zhen smiled and walked past her.

The two of them passed by each other, and Li Weiyang walked in the opposite direction without stopping for a moment. 

It was quite terrible to scheme against Tuoba Zhen. So far, Li Weiyang had never seen him lose before. It’s better put this easy, anyone who has seen him lose eventually dies at his hands.

Li Weiyang had always been dealing with the Jiang family and had never had a face-to-face fight with Tuoba Zhen. 

It was uncertain if she could win him. But there was no way out of this now. Even if she forced the Jiang Family to this point step by step, she knew she couldn’t do the same to Tuoba Zhen. To him, anyone who cannot be used by him was his enemy.

He wouldn’t let her help Tuoba Yu. He would probably eradicate her before that.

Originally, he had planned on killing her but he never followed through because he was waiting for her to get stuck in a dead end with no other way but to turn to him.

Now it was very clear that he wouldn’t hold back anymore. She had worn out the little affection he had for her as well as his last bit of patience.

It was a pity she couldn’t retreat because there was no path behind her.

People like her could never retreat. Even if there was an abyss in front of her, she had no choice but to go through it.


Editor: Yo! everyone is sympathizing with the Jiang family.

Xiao Qin: Bah, I refuse to sympathize!


Editor: People are asking why they weren’t exterminated earlier.

Xiao Qin: Because no one can barge into the Jiang’s mansion and kill people. They will definitely be traced afterwards.

Li YuanHeng is able to do this because the assassin’s were trained by Jiang Hua. And he was able to sacrifice them. Besides, he is not afraid of it being found out that he did it! 

How can Li Weiyang dare? Even though she knew the secret passage from the last time, she didn’t take action. The Jiang Family was a military family. Destroying them was equivalent to self destruction. They had troops at the border and their own personal military. It was better to use someone else’s hand.

Editor: You should stop making excuses for killing your characters, okay!

Xiao Qin: All my killings have a hint of warmth, hahahahaha!


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