Li Weiyang’s expression was also very solemn, and she said slowly: “Yes, Old Madam. This act of leaving Third young master alive is naturally to let him know the consequences of offending the other party. In this case, this person is naturally third young masters enemy. And it must also be a blood feud. I wonder who he offended that his entire family was slaughtered.”

After hearing this, Li Xiaoran’s face relaxed a little.

The Second Madam also said: “What the third lady said makes sense. It is simply too terrible to kill the whole family! It is definitely not because of money. It’s likely for revenge. I hope we would not be implicated because of the Jiangs. We have one of their relatives in our home afterall.” As she said that, she gave Jiang Yuelan a slightly disgusted look.

This was an extremely unpleasant thing to say. In fact, Jiang Yuelan could not be said to be a direct descendant of the Jiang family, and the villain would definitely not come to her for revenge. However, Second Madam said this to express her dissatisfaction with Jiang Yuelan.

However, Jiang Yuelan didn’t seem to understand. She just lowered her head focused on her own thoughts.

Li Xiaoran’s eyes were solemn. Pursing his lips tightly, he seemed to be angry again: “What a misfortune for our family!”

It was unknown if he was talking about Jiang Yuelan or Li Weiyang.

It was however understood that he felt very strongly about this matter.

“Father,” Li Weiyang’s voice floated over, cutting off his cold gaze. “Daughter has something to say.”

Li Xiaoran looked straight at her. Her eyes were deep like an ancient well. Extremely calm

He couldn’t help but ask “What do you have to say?”

Li Weiyang curled her lips, “Daughter may not be sensible, but she knows that the direction of the wind is about to change.”

Li Xiaoran’s expression twisted slightly, but he did not interrupt her, so she continued: “After the earthquake in Dali, both Mobei and Southern Xinjiang were ready to make a move. His Majesty first asked Duke Jiang to return to Southern Xinjiang, and then invited Jiang Xu into the palace. All this showed that the Jiang family was about to revive. But afterwards, the seventh prince Tuoba Yu exterminated 500,000 Mobei troops, leaving them in ruins and to take care of the crisis in the north. Now he is about to return to the court. This will cause great changes in the court. It is at this time the Jiang family collapsed….”

Old Madam Li disagreed: “Duke Jiang is still here.”

Li Weiyang lips twitched in mirth: “Old Madam, Duke Jiang is already old. If the Jiang family still had sons, then the grandchildren would naturally inherit this prestige in the future. But look at the situations. Jiang Xu and Jiang Li, who rushed home to Dingyou, died inexplicably. Jiang Hai died with his reputation ruined, Jiang Nan was executed by His Majesty, and Jiang Tian’s whereabouts are missing. Jiang Yang also died in this massacre, leaving only one Jiang Hua left in the Jiang family… All great families that have existed for centuries need countless heroes to support them. The branches and leaves of the Jiang family have been cut off, and now even the last chance has been cut off.”

The old lady thought for a while and couldn’t help but sigh, it was indeed true. Two hundred years ago, in the previous dynasty, the most famous big family was the Le family, with more than 100 people from twelve generations in history alone. In one dynasty, there were three prime ministers, four generals of the first rank, two ministers, eight ministers; eight princes, three marquis; one queen, one crown princess, two princesses, four princes-in-law, etc. It can be said that the family of generals, military officials, and princes is the same. The prosperity of his family and his great virtues and achievements are unique in history. 

However, the last emperor of the previous dynasty was very suspicious of the Le family and used every means to suppress them. This led to the rapid decline of the Le’s. At the end of the previous dynasty, when the head of the Le family, Le Min, passed away, this once famous and wealthy family came to an end.

If this happened to such a big family like the Le family, it can also apply to the Jiang’s. The Jiang family is just a family of generals. It had deep roots and luxurious leaves but there were no outstanding children in the side branches. They were all reliant on the main branch. Once the main branch was cut off with no successors, this large family would naturally be exterminated.

Thinking of this, Li Lao furen couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness: “Yes, the Jiang family has fallen, it is completely finished.”



Li Weiyang saw the depressed expressions on the faces of Li Xiaoran and Mrs. Li, and couldn’t help but smile: “People say that in addition to the royal family, there are four major families that are the most prosperous. The first is the generation of generals, that is the Jiang’s.

The second is the Li family, which has had two prime ministers in a row. The third is the Duke of Luo, whose father and son have successively commanded 200,000 troops. The fourth is the current queen’s natal family, the Su family, which is full of nobles. Although in our Li family, there have been two generations of prime ministers, grandfather and father. They have a distinguished position in the court. Besides, father has worked hard for twenty years. Despite all thisz we have been suppressed by the Jiang family. The biggest reason was that the Jiang family had many talents and bright stars. But now The Jiang family is going to be in decline after suffering such heavy losses. There are no more prominent officials nor talents to hold it up, so why should it be ranked first? As the prime minister’s family, are we Li’s not as good as the Jiang family?” 


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