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The Princess Wei Yang

“Dead?!” Tuoba Zhen’s fingers let go and the memorial he was holding fell from the table and landed on the ground with a thud.

“Yes.” The attendant lowered his head,  hiding the fright on his face. “Every member of the clan is dead. Young Master Jiang was faced with such a sight as soon as he woke up.  The people of Mobei are really fearsome.”

Tuoba Zhen was stunned for a long time.

He wordlessly stared  at the hot cup of tea on the table for a long time. Then he whispered softly to himself. “I see.”

The attendant raised his head in surprise, not knowing what his master was talking about.

Tuoba Zhen was still in shock and his voice shook. “I was fooled.”

The attendant’s expression displayed his confusion but Tuoba Zhen remained silent not explaining. He said finally: “I was actually fooled by her! I really want to kill myself.”

Li Weiyang, So it turns out that you were just putting on a show.  Your dating Li YuanHeng, Your wanting to elope with him and whatnot. In fact, you were plotting against him. The trap was laid waiting for him to jump into it. Even my fighting spirit and love were utilized. It was quite admirable.

In the past, he preferred women like Li Changle who were charming in appearance and graceful in figure. As gorgeous as peonies, With an allure in every movement of their limbs. 

But he gradually grew weary of these aesthetics. Now he feels that the cold and heartless woman is even more enticing. Especially the one that can incite longing but that can only be seen from a distance.

Making the desire in his heart unsatisfied.

Therefore, Li Weiyang, the more you struggle, the more enchanting I think you are. In this world, no woman can escape unscathed after provoking me. 

Since you dared to tease me, you should pay the price for it…

He slowly turned his face away. The morning sun outside the window highlighted the ferocity in the visible half of his face.

The news got to the Li Family early in the morning. The Old madam Li was the first to be notified.

She quickly sent people to find Li Weiyang. The servant girl ran all the way to Third Young Lady’s courtyard.

Bai Zhi was at this time whispering to the servant girl who served at the corridor: “It’s rare for Young Miss to have a peaceful sleep. She shouldn’t be disturbed.” 

As she spoke, she was afraid that she would disturb Li WeiYang, so she pinched the curtain aside and peeped in to be sure that Li WeiYang was not disturbed before she felt relieved.

The servant girl who reported the news called out to Bai Zhi. Bai Zhi raised her finger to her mouth to indicate that she should keep her voice down.

She brought the girl a little distance to where it wouldn’t disturb her mistress.

Bai Zhi then looked at her with a smile: “Isn’t this Cuizhu who is beside the Old Madam? Why are you here so early this morning?”

Cuizhu moved closer and whispered a few words in Bai Zhi’s ear. Bai Zhi’s eyebrows raised up slightly, and then she said “Okay, I’m going to report it to Young Miss, please wait a moment.”

Cuizhu nodded and asked, “Sister Bai Zhi, can you hurry up, the old Madam is in a hurry!”

Li Weiyang was thus woken up early in the morning. After listening to Bai Zhi’s words, she didn’t show any special expression. She just ordered her to dress and wash as usual. Not even forgetting  to eat breakfast. Afterwards, she slowly walked towards Hexiang Courtyard.

When she arrived at Hexiang Courtyard, she found the room full of people. 

Li Xiaoran sat with a serious expression on his face. 

The second madam, second young miss, and fourth young miss had a confused look on their faces. These people obviously did not know what had happened. Only Jiang Yuelan had received the news from Mrs. Li in advance.

However, she had a blank look on her face, as though it had nothing to do with her.

In the silence, someone suddenly coughed slightly.

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the slender figure at the door, their expressions changing slightly. 

The walnut that Li Xiaoran had been playing with suddenly fell to the ground and rolled all the way to Li Weiyang’s feet.

She bent down and picked up the smooth walnut, wiped it with her sleeve, and then gracefully returned it to him.

Li Xiaoran stared at her speechlessly as if realizing something.

Li Weiyang looked up with a smile in her eyes and softly asked. “Old Madam, what is going on? Everyone’s expressions are bad so early in the morning.” 

Li Xiaoran raised his eyebrows at her speech, looking at her from head to toe.

It was as if he was meeting this daughter of his for the first time. He remembered the time when Li Weiyang just came back from Pincheng. Although she had a gentle temperament she refused to eat losses.  

At that time, he dismissed her as a mere concubine daughter who was there to pave the way for the Li Family to climb higher. Although he felt a little guilt for making his daughter a stepping stone, that guilt was irrelevant compared to the benefits.

Later, Li Minfeng was kicked out of the house, the First Furen died and the issue with Li Changle. 

He dismissed it again as infighting in the inner courtyard. An internal trouble in the Li family. He did not feel how powerful Li Weiyang was. 

But now, he could not close his eyes anymore.

Everyone said the massacre of the Jiang family was because the Mobei people were afraid of the Jiang family’s power, so they tried to get rid of the Jiang’s first.

However, Li Xiaoran felt that it was not that simple.

If one were to say Li Weiyang had something to do with it, it was quite unbelievable.

Although he was afraid of this girl, he hadn’t spend too much time thinking about it. It was only now that he realized how unusual she was.

“Your uncle’s family, except for the third son Jiang Hua, were all murdered early this morning.” Li Xiaoran said slowly.  

The second lady and others on the side were evidently shocked. It showed on their faces.

Li Weiyang also showed a surprised look: “Father, are you serious? You’re really not joking with Weiyang?”

Li Xiaoran’s eyes were cold like a knife blade as he said: “How can I joke about such a huge matter?”

Li Weiyang met his sharpness, her eyes were extremely calm as she sighed and said: “It’s not that Weiyang wants to be suspicious but who could possibly do such a thing? My uncle’s family is a military family there are countless guards are all experienced masters. Wei Yang really doesn’t understand. If the killer can enter the Jiang family’s compound so easily, wouldn’t he have to know the Jiang family in a special way? What’s more, according to father, the killer killed the entire Jiang family. Why then would they leave Third young master alive? Isn’t it to take revenge on him?”

Mrs. Li nodded and said: “I also think the same way on this matter. It is very strange to leave Jiang Hua alone alive.”

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