Chapter 2 Part 4 – A Change Honeymoon

“Are you leaving now?” Sorvan asked.

“Oh… I have an appointment today. Tomorrow should be fine. How about you?”

“Then I’ll clear everything out for you tomorrow,” Sorvan replied.

Ruby smiled slightly at Sorvan’s playful remark and said, “You can clear it out just in the morning.”

“Have you seen everything in the kitchen?” Sorvan extended his hand again.

“Yes” Ruby replied

Now in a situation where it was difficult to refuse, Ruby took his hand and they climbed the stairs.

“Do you have time for tea?” Sorvan asked.

“I’m sorry, we’ll have it next time.”

“That’s a shame. I bought some good tea.”

His eyebrows furrowed slightly, as if genuinely sad.

“I’ll come by often before the party. You can serve it then.”

“Alright, see you tomorrow.”

Sorvan nodded with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

Ruby was escorted back to her carriage and bid farewell. The carriage she was in soon left Del Manor.

“Did it go well?” Fran approached Sorban.


“Did I appear natural?”

“Yes, you looked as charming as a playboy.”

“Is that a compliment?”

“It’s a compliment because you made an effort.”

Sorvan refrained from retorting as Fran’s blunt comment was not entirely inaccurate.

“But it seemed like you weren’t very interested in the mistress.”

“Do you think so?”

Sorvan became sullen at Fran’s piercing remark.

“But she also doesn’t seem to dislike or disrespect you,that alone gets my approval.”

Fran’s cool evaluation made Sorvan smile proudly.

“That’s what I’m attracted to.”

“I see. She seems like a good person.”
He smiled briefly when Sorvan wasn’t looking. Despite his noble title purchased with money, many nobles who wanted to ride on his wealth often looked down on him. It was ironic how they belittled him while desiring his attention, and the duality was puzzling.

Ever since Sorvan received his title, Fran, who had been with him, often wondered if he had noble origins when he saw him dressed up. 

One thing for sure is his appearance plays a huge role; without this appearance, he wouldn’t have garnered the attention of nobles, no matter how wealthy he was.

“Choose the outfit you’ll wear tomorrow, quickly,” Fran suggested, leading Sorvan towards the mansion.

* * *

“Ruby! Come on in.”

It was Ruby, who had come to meet Lynn at the Baron Blora residence, where she now resided. It was to settle the unfinished matters from the wedding.

“Oh, wait a moment. Thank you.”

Ruby paid the coachman for the ride from Del Manor to Baron Blora’s residence. When the carriage left, Lynn asked, “But why did you rent a carriage to come here?”

“I made a few stops along the way.”

She had rented a carriage since she couldn’t use the Grit Manor’s emblematic carriage to go to Sorvan’s place.

“Is there something wrong?”

Seeing Ruby’s actions, Lynn quickly became worried, thinking she might have misunderstood.

“No… it’s not like that.”


“Yeah, not yet.”

“Not yet?”

As Ruby pondered what she was about to say, Lynn walked into the parlor casually.

“Are you really getting a divorce?”

Unable to contain her curiosity, Lynn asked once the maids had set down the tea and left.

“I’ve sent a letter to Eli. When he comes to the capital, we’ll proceed with the divorce. Love alone isn’t enough for a marriage, and we realized that a little too late.”.

“Alright. You must have a reason for making that decision.”

“Thank you,” Lynn said, holding Ruby’s hand.

As always, Lynn thought of Ruby first.

“Let’s stop with the gloomy talk. Tell me about how you met Baron Blora.”

“We just met at a…… party. I’ve been going to a lot of parties since you got married and that’s where we met.”

When the conversation turned to her husband, Lynn’s expression softened instantly.

“Did you fall for him at first sight?” Ruby asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“No, it’s just that we both attended parties frequently, so we got to know each other’s faces. As we kept meeting at events, we became partners, had conversations, and went on dates, that kind of thing.”

“Don’t ask for details, it’s embarrassing.” she added

With one hand, Lynn touched her cheek, while the other extended her hand. It was a completely different sight from her usual composure.

“You look happy, and I’m glad for you. When are you leaving for your honeymoon?”

“I have some work to finish. We’re planning to leave after that. I’ll introduce my husband later. It would be great if we could go on outings together.”

“Sounds good.”

This time, Ruby took Lynn’s hand first.

* * *

“Welcome back.”

Butler Daemon and the maid Miss Bennette greeted Ruby as she disembarked from Baron Blora’s carriage.

“I’ve had dinner.”

“It seems you met a friend after a long time.”

Daemon commented as he saw Baron Blora’s emblem on the carriage.


“Then allow us to serve you a cup of hot tea.”

“Thank you.”

Ruby had changed into comfortable clothing, and not long after that, a knock was heard.

“Tea is ready.”

It was Miss Bennette.

Ruby checked the tea just in case, but it wasn’t the pineapple tea that she had drunk during the day.

“Thank you for. You may leave it here.”

“Madam, I heard from the Dowager Marchioness.”

Bennette, who openly ignored Ruby’s command, began to speak.

“The Dowager appeared quite bewildered.”

Without the cautious gaze she had earlier, Benntte raised her head even higher and looked down at Ruby.

“Lord Grit comes from a long-established family with a deep history. Maintaining that reputation through generations is not easy. The current Lord Grit is the pillar of the Grit family, having been raised excellently by the Dowager, even after his late father passed away.”


“So, what the Dowager meant is that if you follow her advice well, you will be halfway to success.”

Ruby couldn’t hold back and chuckled.

Bennette’s serious advice was met with Ruby’s mocking behavior.

“I’m just genuinely offering you my advice…”

“How can a noble lady like you who married into a prestigious family not have learned anything?”

“Did the Dowager tell you to.. ..”

Ruby intentionally prolonged her words, making Bennette deny even before she finished her sentence.

“No, of course not”

Bennette stammered and was at a loss for words as she looked at Ruby in surprise.

“If that’s not the case, you acted out of place without Lady Grit instructing you to do so.”

“No, no!”

Again, this time, Ruby was cut off by Bennet’s denial.

“Then where did you learn these manners, or are you not naturally polite?”

“Um, well…”

“So it seems that long-serving employees gain the privilege to scold the Lady of the House. Does the house of Grit have such customs? If not, then you think I’m ridiculous. A girl with nothing, a noblewoman who has nothing but the name of a nobleman to sit as a Marchioness?

As Bennette couldn’t provide any more excuses, she remained quiet.

“If you make overbearing comments to me one more time, then consider it your final warning. Be more careful from now on.”


With Ruby’s scolding, Bennette quietly left. However, she realized that the harsh sigh Ruby let out wasn’t directed at her, but at herself.

But she knew that this too would pass soon, so she didn’t want to meddle any further.

With her desire for tea long gone, Ruby lay down on her bed. A sense of exhaustion washed over her.



“You arrived early.”

When Ruby arrived at the store that dealt with items for nobility, Sorvan was already there.

“I didn’t want to keep Ruby waiting.”

“Well, it’s a good thing we’re not late. Shall we go in?”

At his words, Ruby gave a small smile and proceeded into the shop.

The shopkeeper approached and asked, “Is there something you’re looking for?”

“I’m looking for something for a party, I’d like something extravagant.”

With pride, the shop owner gestured towards a table featuring a luxurious silverware set.

“Oh, what’s this? It looks like a side table, it’s fascinating.”

“These are newly available items. You can use these to serve wine, and they come with an ice container. They are also portable and would be useful for your party.”

“That’s excellent.”

The silverware shone brightly when the light hit it, accentuating its opulence. Ruby explored the table further, then looked at Sorvan.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“It’s lovely.”

Sorvan nodded reflexively when their eyes met.

“Is there anything else you’d recommend besides this? Price is not an issue.”

“How about this?”

The owner held up an ornate golden teapot that was gorgeous at first glance.

“The pattern is quite intricate.”

“Yes, it’s a masterpiece by our metalsmith. It’s a new arrival.”

The elaborate pattern, carefully designed by the metalsmith, glistened in gold. Ruby scrutinized the pattern meticulously.

The pattern itself was beautiful, and the only flaw might be the extravagant combination of the ornate pattern and the glistening gold. It might appear ostentatious to some.

Nobles generally preferred items that exuded elegance without openly displaying their wealth. In that context, this product might not have received the appreciation it deserved.

However, for Sorvan, who needed to flaunt his wealth, this was an excellent choice.

“How about this one?”

“It’s perfect.”

“Would you like to share what you find appealing about it?”


Sorvan was flustered by the question, not expecting it.

Ruby stared at him, prompting him to answer.

He hesitated, then managed to say, “The pattern is splendid, and… the color is very vibrant.”

He almost seemed like he was telling the shop owner what they wanted to hear. Ruby, looking at him intently, found his response amusing.

“Ah, I see. So, what do you think? Would you buy this?”

Sorvan was baffled by the question, but he replied honestly, “I think I would.”

“Perfect! I’ll take this one, then.”

Ruby smiled at the shop owner as she decided to buy the gold jug.

Ruby carefully selected other splendid and expensive items necessary for the party and placed the order for them to be delivered to Del residence. .

After making the purchases, while riding in the carriage back to Del residence, Sorvan asked, “Why did you ask me earlier?”

“Because I was curious if it would suit the Viscount’s taste,” Ruby replied.

“But wasn’t I going to buy only luxurious items anyway?”

“Even for a lavish party, it’s better to incorporate the host’s preferences. That way, it will be easier when you host another party in the future.”

Understanding her point, Sorvan nodded in agreement but hesitated for a moment. “If you help with the next party, that would be great.”

When their eyes met, Sorban grinned.

“We’ll see how it goes.” Ruby just smiled awkwardly in response.

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