“But Your Royal Highness, how is it possible that my name is on this marriage certificate and not Genecia’s?


“It is something that His Majesty the king has proposed. So you are not in a position to question his decisions”




“Besides, Genesia is the heir to the throne, so we can’t hastily hold a national wedding ceremony for her, Right?”


“If you are talking about an heir to the throne then…. isn’t Jeremy more suitable for that position?”


“That child is too young. The king seems to think that Genesia would succeed to the throne in the near future.”


Jersha was speechless at the absurd reasonings presented by the king before her.


How can he propose an immediate marriage ceremony to the abandoned Princess, to whom no one has visited for over 10 years?


There was so many things that I wanted to say, there was so much feelings suppressed within me for the span of last 10 years, but I didn’t know from where to start or how to say it.


“Your Majesty the Queen. You know that I am someone who should never leave this kingdom…. with this face…..”


Jersha pointed to the veil covering her face.


‘My face was covered with a veil, it has always been like that, so as to no one could see me. There was a genuine reason for wearing a veil and covering my face with it. It was because I had a scar. A scar that stretched from the left cheek of my face to the nape of my neck.


But now suddenly it occurred to me that I was going to a foreign country, especially as the queen of Bolavis, a country that was emerging as a new power.


‘And… this was wrong. It’s not fair for the king to receive a heinous queen like me’


Even if it was wrong. Queen Camila do not seem to understand what Jersha meant and she replied to Jersha with a harsh voice.


“You don’t have to worry about that. Because His Majesty the King of Bolavis was often called a broad minded person. Do you understand?”


‘Does this mean that he will understand my circumstances?’


Jersha’s face hardened at what Queen Camila said.


If I was in the position of the king of Bolavis and received the princess, who is treated like an outcast of the Royal family of Relician, to become my bride, then I would immediately oppose it, but even so….


“Remember, Jersha. This is a national wedding. If Relician and Bolavis form an alliance, Relician will be able to return to its former glory. So just forget about all the other things.”




“So, What is your answer?”


Queen Camila’s face was slightly distorted with anger as she urged me to answer. It seemed like she didn’t wanted to be in this place even for a second. Jersha reluctantly opened her mouth.


“……All right.”


“That’s right. There are times when you have to be useful for this Kingdom”


The queen seemed to have finished what she had to say and left the marriage certificate behind. Jersha sighed tiredly as she picked up the marriage certificate in front of her.


‘Is it really okay?’


In the Kingdom of Relician, scars were the most sensitive issue, and it was even a great sin for the royal family.


It was because of a curse that if a scar appeared in the same place as that of Goddess Relicia then the wealth and prosperity that she gave to the Relician royal family will vanish and it would turn into the deserted island. It would be back to its desolate past.


No one knew the exact location of the scar that the goddess had, and perhaps that was why the royal family members of the Relician Kingdom who had the scars on them had to wear a veil for the rest of their lives, regardless of where the scar was.


It was an old history that arose in the hope that the God’s anger would subside by doing this.


I was a person no different from them. No matter how smart you are, how intelligent you are, or how great of a talent you possess, all of those things are of great value only if you don’t have any scars.


If it was to happen in some other world, then it would have been considered to be nonsense said by a crazy person.


Since Jersha was a victim of a terrible fire accident which took place 10 years ago in the imperial palace and had to wear a veil, she was undervalued, saying that no matter how much knowledge she accumulated, she was still a superficial royal and could not give up her greed to get the highest rank, despite carrying such a horrible curse. They were the ones who told me all those bullshits but now they suddenly want me to become the queen of Bolavis Kingdom.




“I wonder if father was the one who took this decision and wanted to finally throw me out.”


No way. Jersha shook her head. If they had to form an alliance based on national marriage, there was no way they would send me to Bolavis with the intention of kicking me out.


The Kingdom of Bolavis was located a little away from the island Kingdom of Relician. With fertile land and a good environment for growing varieties of crops, it was originally a small kingdom, but quickly expanded its power to be becoming an emerging nation and being the second largest kingdom on the continent.


Moreover, the current king, Justinian Bolavis, was a young and capable king who ruled the large kingdom well. Jersha jumped up from her seat.


Jersha was not a person with a dead conscience, not to the extent of saying out loud that she would go to such a beautiful place and become their queen.


“Should I just ask father to cancel it?”


No, no. As soon as she had that thought in her mind, she sat down.


This wasn’t something I could say freely.


And it was not like an alliance formed out of love. It was just a transaction between the Kingdom of Relician and the Kingdom of Bolavis. Unless Jersha is an idiot or an unsound person there is no reason to cancel this marriage.


Although Relician’s power has decreased now and they were in no position to reject the Bolavis but Relician is still famous for its maritime trade and beautiful scenery, and was a kingdom with a long history.


Though Bolavis is a rising power and has an extensive territory, it does not have a long history. What if these two kingdoms form an alliance?


“It will have a positive impact on each other’s royal family, so it was not a bother to them but….”




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