Let me narrate you an old story.


This is a story, even before the establishment of Relician Kingdom.


A long time ago, the Kingdom of Relician was a very insignificant island. It was a very barren place with no plants, food or life.


But one day, the goddess Relicia descended there. The goddess saw only one person in that barren place. A person who plants and takes care of the plants alone there, on a barren island, where plants cannot develop its root.


He was the first king of Relician, Herald. When the goddess saw this, she was greatly moved and shed tears, and with those tears, the flowers and trees planted by the Herald began to grow luxuriantly.


After that plants kept growing for a few days and thus Relicia was no longer a barren island. Harold decided to call this place Relician which was taken after the name of the goddess.


The goddess was so very satisfied with his devotion for her and appointed Herald, who loved this place more than anyone else, as king, and decided to stay by Herald’s side until he learned to perform his duty well and flourished this kingdom as its king.


But the goddess soon fell in love with the Herald. So the goddess ends up doing things she shouldn’t do. She knew that she cannot stay beside Herald forever and has to return back to her world someday.


So she decided to hurt herself and stayed by Herald’s side. If there is a flaw in the perfect body of a god, no matter how poweful of a goddess she was, she will be stripped off of her status of god and has no choice but to become a human.


In the end, the goddess who scarred herself purposely became human and formed a relationship with Herald.


However, when the goddess committed a sin, the creator god Erha knew that she purposely planned it to stay beside Herald and thus made her wear a veil for the rest of her life. So that everyone knows that she was a sinner.


And thus the legend was passed down amongst the citizens that those who are born or will be born with the blood of the goddess will have blemish on their face. It was also said that if an unholy person appears with a blemish in the same place as the Goddess Relicia then the grace which was bestowed to Relician will disappear and it will become a desolate island as before. It was a curse.


That curse continues to this day. It will probably continue to be that way. Until Relician was devastated.




“……. ?”


Jersha stared intently at Queen Camila, who has never even spared a single glance at her room, came and sat on the tea table.


She handed over a letter to her. It was a letter with the seal of the Bolavis Kingdom.


“This is a letter from the King of Bolavis.”


“Yes? But why do you give me this….”


“Open it.”


When Jersha tore the seal of the King of Bolavis and opened the marriage certificate, her name was written on the first page. At first she felt as if it was a lie or maybe it was some kind of a prank which was been played on her to humilate her.


She was embarrassed and put down the letter containing marriage certificate.


It was truly unbelievable even when I saw it in person with my very own eyes.




“Isn’t it a possibility that the King of Bolavis, might have written it wrong?”


“Was there something wrong in holding the national wedding?”


Queen Camilla’s expression became grim. It seemed like she was running out of patience so I could hardly argue with her.


However Jersha was in no position to accept this proposal neither nod her head in agreement, so she opened her mouth even though she knew the queen did not want her to talk any further.




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