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Chapter 60


I purposely made a fuss and squealed,


“Wow, Sierra! It suits you really well! You must not change this dress and have to wear it while returning back to the castle. You will do that for me, Right?”

When I asked her gently, the quick-witted clerk also helped me.

“Yes, of course. It suits you really well, Miss! You should definitely wear it. Ah! How about picking out a hat and shoes that goes well with this dress? It’s on a display over there. My lady.”

This clerk’s selling skills are extraordinary. It’s a talent, the type of talent which is not commonly found. Anyway, Sierra and I finished our shopping and left the store. Of course, I also bought matching hat and shoes for Sierra. I also did not forget to heavily tip the clerk.

I replaced my old bag with a new one, and also bought some lacy gloves and scarf for myself and Sierra.

‘Okay, perfect……!’

Sierra kept glancing at the glassy windows of the stores as we were passing by, she felt that the reflection of the woman who appeared on the glass windows was very unfamiliar with her own appearance. The sight of her continuously checking out for herself was somehow very cute and made me smile happily.

After all, shopping and dressing up with your friends was the most relaxing and enjoying thing. The next place we stopped at was a bookstore.

“Sierra, you like to read books, right?”

“Yes? How do you know?”

When Sierra asked me with a surprised expression, I smiled and answered.

“I just assumed it. I thought that it must have been like that in your case”

Actually, I know her very well because she is the original female lead. Because I read everything about her and as such I know every little detail of her likes and dislikes. And that’s my secret, the secret that I’ll take with me to my grave.

“Come on, let’s go! I will buy you a book as a gift! So choose any number of books!”

“Oh, no, no, I’m so thankful to you for just buying me clothes…….”

“Come on! It’s not a big deal between friends!”

I speedily headed towards the bookstore with Sierra, who was still reluctant and didn’t know what to do. The rumour that the fourth largest bookstore in the whole empire was in the city of Galentia was not a lie. The bookstore had four floors, and each floor was likely of the size of a ballroom. It was very large, and had a huge collection of books.

In addition to that, there were so many varieties and types of books in this library and they were all well categorized, making it easy for a reader to find a book of their choice. 

Sierra, who was reluctant and hesitant all the way here, started glancing around in awe.


After all, the bookstore was very fascinating.


‘I knew it, you would surely love it.’

I watched Sierra with a happy smile, and then slowly began to choose a book.

‘Let’s see, what kind of books would suit Llewellyn’s tastes?’

‘He is delicate and concise. He doesn’t like anything which feels overloaded and the book I choose for him must also be good to read at night or early in the morning….’

I picked up a book. It was a prose and poetry kind of book. 

‘Hmm, I’m not sure about what to choose. It all looks good to me.’

It just seemed like everything was well written. Actually, I’m not sure what kind of book suits Llewellyn’s tastes to be exact….. but, the author mentioned that he likes to read poems. No matter how much I thought about it, it was an overestimating statement from author’s part to say that Llewellyn liked to read poetry or prose at night or early in the morning.

The original author was too much! They just tried to give an overall romantic atmosphere to the male lead!

‘…… But that’s just the original setting, what if it’s different in reality?’

‘But Llewellyn said he would be happy to receive anything from me even if I just gave him a piece of paper……’

Roughly speaking, wouldn’t it be good to just choose the book that looks best? I’m not sure, so I’d rather choose a book with a pretty cover.

‘Well, okay. Let’s do that.’

After thinking about it for a while, I decided on and selected a book that I would give to Llewellyn. It was a prose collection with a cover depicting a blue starry night.

It felt like it will be a good read on a quiet night, so I bought it thinking that, Llewellyn would like it too.

‘Okay, I think I made a good choice. Then shall I go and find Sierra?’

I walked around the bookstore looking for Sierra with the poetry book in my arms. Then, I found her standing in the medical books section, which was on the second floor and quickly approached her in joy.

But when I looked at her closely, I saw that Sierra was not alone. She was in fact talking to someone. The person, to whom she was talking was a man with a tall figure, had well-defined features, a well built body and had well-combed blond hair that reached up to his shoulders. His eyes were coloured in light gray and it looked like they were of white colour at first glance, but upon a close look they seemed even more blurry.

‘Perhaps, it looked like that maybe because he was wearing glasses.’

And judging from the way he was so neatly and well dressed, he seemed to be a nobleman or someone with an equivalent status. Looking at Sierra, who was constantly talking to him with a kind smile on her face, it seemed like he wasn’t a bad person.

I slowly started walking towards them. But I didn’t get a chance to look closely at the man. As I arrived and stood beside Sierra, he turned his back and left.

“Ah, Rosenia nim.”

Sierra looked back at me and beamed a smile towards me. I wasn’t sure, but it seemed like the conversation she had just now, with that man made her feel better.

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