Liu Qinming’s eyes were dark, but the curve of the corners of his mouth became wider without him realizing it.


He felt that he had changed. After hearing such words, shouldn’t he educate Tang Yarou and let her know the different negative consequences of heavy desires? But as long as he thought about the future, this little woman would use all kinds of unexpected ways to seduce him every day in the future. He only felt that it was funny and had a slight expectation?


He controlled his smile, not wanting to let Tang Yarou know what he was thinking. Keeping his calm expression, his eyes fell on her. He placed both of his hands on her slender waist and parted his lips. “In that case, I won’t go today.”


The two strong and big hands imprisoned the woman’s waist tightly and then began to lift and lower her with great force.


Tang Yarou was unprepared and was stabbed by the hot c*ck without any warning. Her body went limp instantly. “Ah…um…ah…”


The female on top position caused the meat stick to go deeper. The c*ck was deeply inserted and remained standing, making Tang Yarou feel as if it was about to penetrate her v*gina. She weakly put her hands on the man’s lower abdomen to support herself. Although Liu Qinming did not have abdominal muscles, there was not a single trace of fat on his chest. The hard and tight flesh was so hard in her touch.


“Qinming… Qinming… Do you like… like me…? Ah! It feels so good… ah…” Tang Yarou lifted her head and asked while panting heavily.


Liu Qinming’s hand movements turned even more vigorous, and he raised the little woman up and down like crazy. Feeling the sucking sensation of the woman’s small mouth below, he said in a low and hoarse voice, similar to the melody of a cello. “Like you, I like you the most…”


He grabbed Tang Yarou in his arms as he continued to lower her, making the distance between the two people zero. His two hands were no longer satisfied with just kneading her slender waist, but instead they touched her chest, constantly kneading it and feeling the softness.


He parted his lips and caught the woman’s red lips. He sucked her tongue without any mercy, as if he wanted to swallow her tongue.


The base of Tang Yarou’s tongue was numb from his sucking, and she could only make a “hmm” sound. She no longer moves. Liu Qinming could no longer hold back his desire, and his waist and abdomen began to twitch slowly.


Tang Yarou’s legs were spread wide open because Liu Qinming spread her legs. His meat stick was pounding the deep honey hole, and the pl*asure was like a tide crashing onto her. “Husband… Qinming… so fast… ah!”


From Liu Qinming’s position, he was able to see the pink p*ssy swallowing his huge p*nis. Her fair body was stained with fragrant sweat, slightly moistening her black hair. The two white mounds on her chest were swaying in the air, raising an elegant arc. The two red fruits seemed to be waiting for someone to pick them, exuding a seductive luster.


Without hesitation, he took one of the n*pples into his mouth, biting it gently with his teeth and aiming the tip of his tongue at the slit on the n*pple, as if he wanted to suck it into the deepest part.


The pl*asure on the tip of her br*ast was so violent that Tang Yarou couldn’t help but send her other snow-white mound into his mouth. “Qinming… um… and this…”


Liu Qinming opened his mouth and released the red fruit that had been hardened by him before moving on to the other one. More sweet nectar seeped out of Tang Yarou’s small mouth below, and the black p*bic hair has also been long w*t. Some of it even dripped along the intersection of the two and fell on the dark gray bed sheet.


“Ah ah… it’s coming… it’s coming…”Liu Qinming’s thrust became faster and faster until Tang Yarou could no longer stand it and her whole body began to shake uncontrollably.


This time, Liu Qinming no longer suppressed himself. The moment his glands loosened, he pressed firmly against the sensitive part of her flower hole and spurted out his s*men.


The two people hugged each other tightly, and only after a long time did they let go of each other. Liu Qinming gently stroked Tang Yarou’s hair and tucked it behind her ears. He tenderly kissed her cheek and said, “Sleep a little longer, I’ll go to work.”


Liu Qinming’s gaze once again regained its clarity, and he covered Tang Yarou with the quilt before carefully tucking her inside.


Tang Yarou’s body was so weak that she could only let Liu Qinming put on the clothes for her. After that, he also dressed himself. The white shirt was buttoned together by him, and in a blink of an eye, he became that cold, sacred, and inviolable man again.


Liu Qinming ordered takeout for Tang Yarou and lowered his head to kiss Tang Yarou’s forehead before going to the company.


Once Liu Qinming left, Tang Yarou closed her eyes and fell asleep again.


She was woken up by the sound of the doorbell outside. She chose neat clothes and changed into them, then stepped on her slippers and walked towards the door. Outside the door, the delivery man immediately left after passing the things to her hands.


Upon opening the takeout, the aroma of preserved eggs and lean meat congee wafted in the air, causing her to feel hungry instantly. Next to it were several fried dumplings and side dishes. A smile appeared on her face, and she was not polite as she picked up a small spoon to start eating.


Yesterday was a good start. Today, she got to know Liu Qinming’s attitude. Although he was not enthusiastic about this matter, he could not be said to be indifferent.


That is to say, the original owner really did not open up to some things. It is said that good s*x plays an important role in the deep relationship between husband and wife. Although Liu Qinming’s changes are only subtle now, in the future, as long as there is a change every day, the feelings and relationship will be smoother.

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