62. It was unbelievable nonsense

I descended from Hernan and entered the drawing room. Upon doing so, Miller, who had been sitting there, suddenly stood up.

“Your Highness Hernan, your Highness Izekiel, and your Highness Linzel.”

Oh my.

I nodded in return with a polite gesture.

“Please, have a seat.”

“Of course.”

Izekiel’s voice was cold.

He seemed distant, so much so that it was hard to believe he had been playing and joking with us just yesterday and today.

Hernan was no different.

He maintained a stern demeanor and didn’t take his eyes off Miller.

It was an eerie, intimidating gaze.

“It’s truly an honor to have the attention of both Your Highnesses.”

Miller chuckled, unaffected by the pressure from the two men.

Despite acknowledging the gravity of the situation, his smile didn’t appear insincere.

As we all took our seats on the sofa, Miller on the opposite side began speaking without delay.

“Did you summon me separately… to discuss matters related to Prince Illiya, am I correct?”

“Yes. We are here to tell you why Illiya has turned his back on the world.”

“To think you’ve discovered something you couldn’t find out in ten long years! It seems the meeting of both Your Highnesses has shed some light.”

This was a mocking remark, clearly.

Elegant explanations were Izekiel’s specialty.

“We didn’t feel the need to find out because we didn’t feel the urgency. It’s only natural that we can uncover the reason if we set our minds to it.”


“We are family, after all.”


Although Hernan and Izekiel hadn’t been on good terms, they were now united against a common enemy.

Today, for the first time, they appeared like a family to me.

The two of them. I hope they continue to be well even as time goes on.

Because they’re family, I sometimes find myself missing Letty.

I wonder if Letty is doing well without me. When will Izekiel’s message of recovery arrive?

My thoughts didn’t go any further because Miller expressed doubt.

“So, what is the reason?”

Izekiel recited the reason we had concocted.

“It’s because of Lord Lenox.”

“How am I supposed to believe this reason?”

“But there’s no reason to doubt, especially for the Marquis.”

Izekiel didn’t mention anything about his uncle, but it seemed like Miller understood.

Miller fell silent for a moment.

During that time, Miller’s eyes remained sharp as ever.

I couldn’t fathom what he was thinking.

“Marquis Miller. This is a fact asserted by two princes and a princess consort. Not believing our words is a challenge to the palace and unacceptable.”

Surprisingly, it was Hernan who said this.

He was pressuring Miller as gracefully and impressively as Izekiel, if not more so.

Well done, my boy. Good job.

I should praise Hernan when we’re alone.

“Hahaha. I see. That’s how it is.”

Breaking the silence, Miller slowly nodded his head.

“May I be a little more specific about the terms?”

“Now of all times?”

Despite my blatant irritation, Miller remained unwavering in his intentions.

“I want to know why his Highness Illiya has turned his back on the world. And I want to hear the reason directly from Prince Illiya himself.”

To hear it directly from Illiya.

It was an absurd request.

Hernan couldn’t contain himself any longer and shouted.

“Marquis Miller! It’s in your best interest to be careful. Before I twist that insolent neck of yours.”

“Your Highness Hernan. Please calm down. Your Highness has misunderstood.”

“I originally thought I wanted to hear the reason from Prince Illiya myself. However, when we met, it was so sudden that I couldn’t express it properly.”

Was he playing with words?

I wanted to confront Miller and raise my voice as well.

However, the atmosphere between the two men sitting on either side of me felt unusual.

I had a feeling that I shouldn’t interfere.

Hernan tried to pressure Miller once more, but Miller’s words came faster.

“…If the reasons you have mentioned are true, you would have no reason to be resentful of my request.”


The words left me at a loss for words.

“If you can reconcile Lord Lennox and His Highness Illiya, will His Highness Illiya not step out of the room?”

Izekiel retorted calmly.

“How do you plan to reconcile two adult men who fought ten years ago?”

“Of course, it might be impossible to fully reconcile them… but.”

“But I believe it’s possible to get Prince Illiya to come out for a moment.”

Miller adjusted his fallen round glasses and continued.

“If the reasons his Highness Izekiel, have mentioned are true.”

“And Prince Illiya’s actions should be voluntary.”

Is it okay to be this audacious?

I bit my lower lip hard.

“Very well. Since my failure to specify the reasons is partly to blame… Regardless of the reasons, I will provide the seal if Prince Illiya comes out, even for a brief moment.”

It was a blatant scheme.

Because Miller initially claimed to want to know Illiya’s reasons for the sake of ‘information.’

Is it acceptable for him to suddenly change his stance to just wanting Illiya to step outside?

Even though his words don’t match up?

I opened my lips and said to Miller.

“Your Lordship, your words don’t add up. You said last time it was for information. But now, you just want Illiya to step outside? Isn’t this a bit forced?”

Phew, phew.

I was out of breath from the nonstop verbal barrage.

When I caught my breath, Hernan stroked my back gently.

“Linzel. Very well said.”

Hey, Miller. Don’t you have anything to say? Seriously?

…Huh, but why is he smiling like that?

Miller didn’t seem flustered.

“I have shown leniency.”


Is he shameless?

“I don’t think you’ll be able to figure out the exact reason right now…….”

“Instead, if Prince Illiya comes out and meets someone other than family, and also reconciles with Prince Lenox… then, in the not-so-distant future, we can be sure of the reason.”

Hmm. I see.


I wasn’t planning to agree, but for some reason, Miller’s words made a strange kind of sense.

I bit my lip, feeling as though I were a honeyed mute.

“In any case, the conclusion of all of this is that we want to know about the ‘information’ I mentioned at the beginning.”

The three of us sighed simultaneously, as if we had made a pact.

It was clear that no one had anything more to say.

A headache that I didn’t even know had started began to throb in my temples.

I pressed my throbbing forehead.

…This is bad, damn it.

* * *

“Let’s just break into the room.”

“Or we could pressure Miller even more.”

“Is that okay? How about we just rip that sneaky tongue of his out?”

Hernan drew his sword from its scabbard.

“Fine. Let’s make sure he won’t make fun of us anymore.”

It didn’t seem like a joke at all. Hernan seemed ready to tear Miller’s tongue out right away.

“You foolish couple. Stop it.”

The one who silenced us was Izekiel, who had been silent since Miller left.

“It seems like we shouldn’t rely on miracles.”

“Just by force…….”

“No, no. Hernan. I thought you wanted to be a crown prince?”

” …….Uh”

“Using force might solve Marquis Miller’s problem, but it might get you kicked out of the palace.”

Hernan pursed his lips, then slid the sword back into its scabbard.

It was a perfect submission.

‘It’s the first time I’ve seen Hernan obedient to Izekiel.’

He used to argue no matter what he was told.

Surprisingly, Izekiel was the same way.

Izekiel hoped that Hernan wouldn’t be stripped of his Crown Prince status.

Despite being competitors.

‘They are still brothers…….’

I looked back at Izekiel with renewed interest.

“Miller will cleverly change his words no matter what we do.”

“So, what should we do?”

“The only way to tie this up in a perfect knot is to make sure that Marquis of Miller gets what he wants.”

Izekiel’s eyes flashed.

“So, we need to get Illiya out.”

I thought the same thing.

This issue seemed unlikely to be resolved without getting Illiya out.

But how should we go about getting him out?

“Izekiel, I’ll go along with your plan.”

“Uh, Hernan. I think we should meet with Lennox first.”

Lenox might provide us with more information about Illiya. Izekiel added.

“In that case, I’ll visit the Western Palace again. I’ve received letters from Illiya, even though it was through notes!”

Maybe if we keep exchanging notes, he’ll come out?

“Why do I have so little faith in you…….”.

I shot Izekiel a look that told him to be quiet.

“I’ll investigate the astrology shop where it was said Miller had visited. If I can uncover Miller’s secrets or weaknesses, maybe that will change his mind.”

Indeed, it was a disarming tactic.

“All right. Shall we all fight together?”

Izekiel was still fired up.

I still couldn’t understand why he was so passionate about this matter.

Well, maybe the reason didn’t matter.

Anyway, he was trying to help us.

But I couldn’t help but hold a grudge against Izekiel for not trusting me.

Without replying to Izekiel, I placed my arms around Hernan’s neck.

“Your Highness, I want you to hold me until we reach the bed.”

I might be acting too foolish.

Hernan was partly to blame for my childlike foolishness.

No matter what I asked, Hernan always granted my requests.

He still did. Hernan whispered to me with the most handsome face in the world.

“Wrap your arms around.”

So cool.

I put my arms around the nape of his neck, and he lifted me up in his arms.

We walked out of the drawing room.

Behind us, we could hear someone shouting.

“You guys are really…!”

These days, even ants seem to talk. Hehe.

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