Chapter 31

At that time, someone held Lynette’s back. It was the body of a hard, strong man, soaking, just like her.

However, the body temperature was the opposite. It was warm. 

Lynette was startled, and pushed up her eyelids, which kept closing because of the raindrops on her eyebrows.

The circumstances were clear that this person had saved her. Lynette shook like an abandoned puppy, forced to clear her bursting cough, and opened her mouth.


The moving pale lips froze. Lynette, who raised her head, opened her eyes wide as if she could not believe it.

It was a familiar appearance. Silver hair as graceful as the moonlight and eyes as blue as the sea.

It was Asher Caird.

The light green eyes shook with confusion. Why is he here. Why did he save me. Unconsciously, the question went out.

“W-why are you…”

“Why are you always being silly?”

He was sure to save her, but his blue eyes were glaring at her with twisted eyes. He was always insensitive and she never knew what he was thinking, but he seemed angry at her now. 

Lynette didn’t understand why he was so angry with her.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“I’m asking why you work foolishly.”

“Cough. I’m a slave. Of course I have to work…”

“If it’s your role to make yourself tired, what’s the difference between crying underneath me?”

The cool sarcasm made her feel emotional and tearful. Lynette felt tears rising that had not been shed a moment before she almost died.

You shouldn’t have saved me if you were going to do this. Why do you say such harsh things after saving me. 

The gratitude she felt turned into a wound.

In a sense of sadness, what could be called brazenness peculiar to a survivor squeezed out of her throat.

“Why, why do you give me this insult?”

Weeping questions were mixed with the sound of rain.

Eyes like blue flames stared at Lynette with a piercing gaze. But when Lynette did not avert her gaze, even with her watery eyes, his delicate, strong jaw flared.

He looked as if he were clenching his teeth. as if not to be swept away by a difficult and complicated emotion to push away.

“It is because of the crime of working foolishly knowing that there is someone who does it for you.”

Someone? Lynette paused.

“How can a knight do that?”

“Because I ordered it.”

The beautiful, cold face was still. However, the voice heard was, on the contrary, infested with passion.

The voice that came into her ears and his expression that she could see with her eyes did not match, so Lynette could not immediately understand and became absent-minded.

“Ordering them to do it? What, to whom…”

“What a slave does. Laundry, cleaning, leather trimming, meat cutting. I let my followers do it. All you have to do.”

With a cold face and distorted blue eyes, he grasped Lynette’s little face.

A warm grip gripped Lynette’s tender chin. As if he wouldn’t allow him to avoid it, he fixed Lynette’s shaking gaze on him.

“But you said you were working. Something that wasn’t even yours, with all your strength to the point of breaking your body.”

A close voice came out. It seemed gloomy and like an active volcano just before it exploded.

Lynette asked with shaking eyes.

“Why? Why did you do that?”

She couldn’t figure out what it meant. Is this man trying to fool me again.

Lynette’s mind was full of confusion. His body temperature, which was as hot as burning, was in contact with hers, but Lynette’s body was only shaking even more.

As Lynette shuddered reflexively at the gap, his cold eyes gave her a sharp edge, and he drew her closer to him. There was a cold voice.

“If you don’t like me, you should have accepted what others do for you. Is it your habit to overwork your body?”


When did I reject him. Rather, from the first relationship that she had unexpectedly been drunk and hugged him, Lynette had never rejected him.

Didn’t she gasp with excitement even when he turned her around and drove her in at the liquor store barracks.

“Someone did the work for you. But you still worked. What the hell is wrong with you?”

He was questioning her as if she had betrayed him.

A burning gaze poked at her, and the intense emotion was conveyed intact, making Lynette even more embarrassed. She didn’t understand him calmly and violently pouring out meaningless words.

“I, I don’t want help without a reason. You have no reason to help me.”

“Because of you I almost lost what’s mine today. Is there no reason for this?”

She has never seen this man show his emotions so transparently. All she could think of was meaningless appreciation because hey head was empty.

Something seemed to be known, but the fundamental link was cut off, so it was not a clear judgment. Lynette murmured, her eyebrows shaking.

“I haven’t done anything wrong. I haven’t touched anything…”

“It’s your fault that you almost died.” 


“It is also wrong to pretend not to know my help, to reject it, and to torment your body.”

He spat out bitterly. It was like scolding, criticism, resentment. Or, it’s really weird, but…

“It’s your biggest mistake to get in my head and shake me.”

It was like a confession.

Lynette’s pale lips opened. The seething blue-eyed gaze followed at once, without missing such minute movements of her. Like looking at something that belongs to him, of course.

Lynette suddenly wanted to know when he had seen her with such a persistent gaze.

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