Chapter 26

It was said that if a man ej*culates inside a woman, she might have a child. A few days ago, she was in a blizzard when she was hugged by him. It was her first experience, and she was excited, so she didn’t even take care of it. But she was different now.

He does not intend to take her as a bed slave, nor does he regard her as special. It’s just a slave girl fulfilling his lust.

But if he does it inside, she may conceive. Lynette shook her head in despair.

“No, outside, please, outside, mhm!”


The man was cruel. His thick arms hugged Lynette’s slender waist tightly, accompanied by a cold voice of pleasure.

Even the hips that were shaking from side to side to try to get rid of his p*nis were fixed, and the inside was pounded with the long p*nis.


More liquid dripped down the inner wall. Lynette struggled again with the feeling of ecstasy cutting her toes and spine, until she trembled and drooped her body.

It was a strange state in which the cr*tch and lower abdomen were very sensitive, and at the same time so distressed that they were numb. The limbs were as heavy as iron and sagging.

Tuk, tuk-tuk-.

Between the combined lower limbs, there was nowhere else to go, and the overflowing fluids dripped down and soaked the floor.

Lynette stared blankly at the dirt floor getting wet.


A great deal of grief struck her with a great sense of weakness. She didn’t want to think about anything.

Lynette was trapped in a strong arm and lost her mind.



“Wow, have another drink!”

Her senses were dull. Lynette slowly woke up to the sound of digging into her eardrum. Then she came to their senses completely at the sharp sound of dropping a spear and a sword.

The sight before her eyes was still in the storage barracks.

It was dark all around. Beyond the relatively thin leather cloth at the entrance, judging from the blurry light and shadows, it seemed that knights and soldiers were having a drinking party outside.

There was a lot of noise eating and drinking.

Why am I here at this hour? Don’t slaves have to go and take care of the leather cloth?

Lynette opened her eyes wide and tried to get up, but collapsed.


A groan escaped through the gap between her lips.

Her waist and bottoms were burning and throbbing. The thigh and arm muscles were very tight. As the sense of pain became acute, only then did Lynette realize why she was doing here.

She was embraced by him who suddenly appeared in the evening, and she passed out.

Looking down suddenly, Lynette fumbled. Under circumstances, she seemed to have fallen asleep leaning under a wooden pillar.

The coat and upper underwear were crumpled but she wore it. However, the torn underwear was nowhere to be seen.

It was old and thin, but without it, it seemed that there was a chill in the body, so Lynette flinched her heavily overworked body. Then something flowed from the bottom.


White fluids crept out between the legs. Inside the thigh, there was also a lot of liquid.

Lynette looked down at it and bit her lips gently.

As soon as she woke up to the fact that she was treated as a trivial slave by a man she cherished, she was confirmed again. It seemed that the world was mocking her not to look over him any more because this was reality.

Sadness and despair swelled like waves. The pleasure felt with her whole body in his arms disappeared without a trace.

Lynette staggered to her feet on the pole. Her waist, thighs, and lower legs were sore and throbbing, but she stood for some time, clearing her breath. Then, she got used to the pain and moved.

Lynette waited until it got darker outside, then hurried back to the slave quarters when the knights and men had gone off to sharpen their torches.

In front of the slave barracks, Lynette encountered Machi while leading a mysterious body.

“Lynette, where have you been and are you coming now? If you’re done with your work, come back quickly!”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

Lynette was embarrassed late. Come to think of it, there was a distribution of alcohol that Machi had ordered, but she completely forgot.

But inside the dark barracks, where she had just opened her eyes, there was certainly no wine-cask and bottle that she had poured carefully until she was hugged by him. That’s why she forgot.

But Machi didn’t ask Lynette about the drinks. Lynette felt strange. Come to think of it, the knights and soldiers were already drunk.

So everyone drank on schedule, but who took alcohol from the liquor store barracks? She didn’t wake up but managed to fill the rest of the rest? 

If no one had done such a good deed, everyone would have invaded the liquor store barracks in search of alcohol. Then she would have been caught sleeping exhausted, tainted with traces of love affairs.

If that happened, Lynette would have been branded as a slave who they didn’t have to take responsibility in an instant, and the men who couldn’t reciprocate would have been looking for her body.

“Why are the kids who didn’t do their work all of a sudden? Ann went snooping around at Sir Kevin’s Barracks, and Sarah and I sewed them all! My fingers are going to break!”

“I’m really sorry, I’ll do the barracks delivery soon.”

Lynette apologized repeatedly and handed over a heavy leather cloth. Her back, which had received the power of the man, was very throbbing, but fortunately, the newly recruited barracks were gathered in one place, so she didn’t have to work running from place to place in the military camp.

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