Chapter 25

The man put his g*nitals back in without hesitation.

Lynette bit her lip as he moved it quickly, changing angles and depths unpredictably.


“Hak, uhm, heuk.”

A sound of rapid breathing escaped from between her lips like a cat in heat. Her senses became more sensitive as she listened closely to the sounds outside for fear of being caught.

Squelch, squelch-

While her body hardened with tension, her stomach was boiling with the sound of water from below. Even though she knew that the rumbling sound was getting closer and closer to the liquor store, the stimulus tricked her blood vessels.

“Hic, hngh.”

Lynette drove her nails into the post until her fingertips were worn out, barely enduring the strong urge to urinate. She forcibly held it in, and now her stomach ached with a tingle.

“Ah, no. I could hear a cat crying in heat.”

An unfamiliar voice suddenly became closer than before. It seemed as if it was near.

Her heart sank. Lynette held her breath and stiffened herself.

‘I can’t get caught, I can’t get caught.’

She can’t show this obscene appearance to others. In addition, if she is caught being with a knight as a bed slave, they may release their lower limbs to release their lust towards her anytime.

The terrible thought narrowed the inside in an instant, and the arms began to tighten as if they were about to burst a thick thing.

As the frightened Lynette covered her mouth with the palm of her hand, the man squeezed net soft ass open as hard as he could. When the occlusal area, which had been stretched to the limit, was exposed to the air, a tingling stimulus pierced the lower leg.


A faint groan leaked through the closed mouth. Almost at the same time the sound of conversation stopped right in front of the curtain.

“Is it here?”

“Really? Is there a sound coming from here?”

A strange sign of movement came to the doorway. When they lifted the cloth, they would see the water dripping in and out.


She has to remove the lower part right now and wear her clothes. Her head thought so, but her body refused to comply with the cruel pleasure that bloomed from the waist down.

Lynette scratched the pillar and shook her right body. The thought that they might be caught inflated his pleasure.

It was contradictory. She’s afraid they’ll get caught, but at the same time she didn’t want to give up the sense this man was giving her. The sense of virtue fanned the pleasure.

“Hn, ngh….”

She could feel the hole underneath open strongly. It’s like saying she’d rather get caught than stop doing this.

Eventually, a strange hand burst in through the gap, and began to pull back the leather cloth that blocked the entrance.

Thrust, thrust, thrust!

Lynette was crying with fear, but she rubbed her b*tt against the man who pushed it so hard that her vision shook. At the same time, she stared helplessly at the leather cloth being tilted.


The moment when the image of two soldiers are slowly revealed through the fabric.

“Hey, you two!”

“Oh, yes!”

With a drunken voice calling for soldiers from afar, the miraculously thick leather cloth closed again. And the soldiers moved away again.

‘I didn’t get caught.’

The faint sound of footsteps relaxed her nerves.

Lynette, who lowered his head, struck her shoulder into the pillar with deep relief and took a short breath. Naturally, the lower body, which had been rubbing instinctively, also stopped moving. Then a cold voice fell on her back.

“I told you to move properly.”

The man quickly shook his back, hitting his g*nitals upward at a different angle. It was quite a malicious stimulus.

The body, which had been stimulated to its limit, cramped for a moment. Lynette made a stifling sound and felt her tight bottom twisted.


There was a groan that didn’t seem to be her voice.

At the same time, the water different from love fluids soaked her cr*tch. It goes without saying that the man’s pillar, the bottom attached, and the groin were wet.

‘W-what have I done…’

Lynette trembled with shock and couldn’t stop.

She’s not a child, to make mistakes in the middle of an affair. She hurriedly tried to stop, but to no avail. The aching lower belly only throbbed and trembled without exerting any effort as it wished.

It wasn’t much, but Lynette didn’t know how to stop the clear fluid that burst like a fountain from her cr*tch.

The flinching, convulsing flesh squeezed the thick thing that remained still as it was. The man who was shaking his waist like the words in the rut stopped digging into her.

She’s sure he despises her. Lynette sobbed with shame and shook her hips from side to side. Even though she made a mistake, her resentful body felt thrilling pleasure and could not give her proper strength. Her legs stumbled.

“Hic, t-take it out. Dirty…..” 

The man’s thick chest pressed tight against the begging Lynette’s back. In an instant Lynette gasped between the pillar and the man’s body.

Then, the man was hit with stronger force than before and pressed his g*nitals tightly. At a moment, all the senses disappeared as if flashing, and all at once, violently, engulfing Lynette.


With a sharp exclamation, the weak legs that were pushed by the force began to stir, and the pillars that were stuck to the cervix began to wriggle. A low, wet wheeze breathed from behind Lynette.

It was her cl*max.

“Ah, ah…” 

At the same time, reaching a cl*max, the flaccid inner wall hurriedly sucked up the man’s flesh. Lynette felt it as her eyes opened and twitched as the slimy, hot liquid began to spread inside.

Then, all of a sudden, the pleasure-soaked spine shuddered. Lynette hurriedly opened her mouth.

“Inside, not inside.”

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