Yeonseo covered her lips with the back of her hand and snorted disdainfully.


“What, jerk?”

“Your smell, it’s another woman’s perfume, right?”

Taeheon straightened his previously bent waist.

“Should I cuddle up to another man and get his perfume smell on me, then?”

Taeheon chuckled at Yeonseo’s question.

“You now understand how I feel when you stayed up until morning with another assh*le?”

“Are you talking about Hyeonho? Sir, do you dislike Hyeonho?”

“I just don’t like him, that’s all.”

She felt even more sick.

“You don’t think it’s acceptable for me to have a friend of the opposite s*x?”

“If you know that, why are you so stubborn?”

“You don’t even like me, why are you…….”


“Like you’re jealous……. It makes me confused.”

Like her?

Sure, there was s*xual attraction and probably emotional too, but if people talk about love in that way, Taeheon probably would never experience such emotions in his lifetime.

An emotionless monster – there was a reason his parents gave him that name, and Taeheon acknowledged it to some extent.

His emotions were dried up, as dry and barren as a desert that hadn’t seen a drop of rain. The mere presence of Yeonseo in it was an anomaly.

“Don’t hope for that kind of thing.”

Taeheon muttered though it sounded like he was talking to himself. To him, emotions beyond a certain limit were an area that could only be reached through a rebirth.

As he gazed at her, he then turned towards the bedroom with the attached bathroom. But suddenly, he stopped in his tracks and swiftly returned to stand in front of Yeonseo.

“What about you? Do you like me?”

Taeheon asked, confirming what he had already sensed. Yeonseo stiffened as if struck by a sudden gust of wind.

“I asked how you feel.”

Time seemed to slow down, and Taeheon, growing impatient with the lack of response, prodded.

“Answer me.”

“…If I said yes?”

“I might treat you a little better.”

Yeonseo’s eyelids trembled slightly. She clenched her teeth.

“Do you think I would like someone who treated me so badly every time? I’m only doing this because of my debt. I’m your pawn…”

Yeonseo trailed off, her words sounding like excuses. Her slumped shoulders looked particularly small.

In Taeheon’s hands, she felt like a toy, a doll meant to be shaken in his hands. Comparing her to such toys, this doll seemed defiant and arrogant.

Taeheon silently watched her as he undressed. He unbuttoned his shirt and opened his pants.

Even as he undressed, he didn’t break his gaze on Yeonseo. The sound of fabric brushing against skin echoed loudly, and soon he was completely n*ked

She couldn’t linger on his well-sculpted body for long. Yeonseo pressed her cheek against her palm, avoiding his gaze.

“Think it over carefully.”


“Your hesitation against me, is it all because of the debt?”


“I find that hard to believe.”

Taeheon sneered. Even when he exposed himself completely, she couldn’t look at him properly and kept denying the topic.

Yes, he wanted to torment her further, who, despite his rude behavior, remained unyielding and carefree, enjoying herself with others.

“Come here.”

Yeonseo’s world was more resilient than Taeheon thought. No matter how much he tried to shake up her time, she still managed to contact her friends and meet them overnight.

Off plan. Out of control.

“You said you’re bending to my will because of that stupid debt. Then crawl.”

Yeonseo hesitated, then slid off the couch. Before she knew it, she approached willingly. As if she knew what was expected of her, she knelt in front of him.

Taeheon ran his hand through her soft hair and pulled her closer to him.

His once dull and uneventful world had become noisy because of Han Yeonseo. His eyes were drawn to the source that made it colorful.

He tried to confine Yeonseo within his boundaries, buying her a new phone, prohibiting private contact, and even doing childish things like dragging her out into his matchmaking dates to remind her of her predicament.

Yeonseo, who was full of colors, would eventually turn to ashes and fade away, so until then, she should fit into his life reasonably well.

It was nothing much.

But why was he trying to strangle someone who wasn’t anything special like her?

A topic that seemed graspable yet remains elusive, liking someone like him.

He had sensed her feelings early on. From the day he realized she wasn’t looking at Seungbin with love, and that she had been looking at Taeheon with eyes that confessed her feelings.

When he tightened his grip, Yeonseo let out a heavy sob.

“You’re f*cking lying to me, aren’t you?”

Taeheon cursed in a low voice and groaned. When he let go of her hair, Yeonseo coughed and collapsed.

He felt a sense of conquest over the traces that marked every corner of her body.

“…I do.”

Her defiance didn’t subside even when he released his grip. It was almost savage. Taeheon roughly swept his hair back.


“…I like you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be this crazy to do all this, would I?”

Yeonseo sobbed, rubbing her w*t cheeks.

“But, I hate the smell of other women’s perfume.”

Taeheon arched an eyebrow.

“It hurts for me too. It hurts… a lot…”

Yeonseo burst into tears unexpectedly. It was more thrilling than he had expected.

Taeheon bent his knees and locked eyes with Yeonseo. His fingertips brushed her tear-stained cheek. She weakly struck his shoulder with her fist.


“Where did you learn to swear?”

“From you.”

The filthy feeling that had boiled up to the point of explosion calmed down. He grabbed her hand, which was swinging like a flimsy club, and made her wrap it around his neck. Then, he hugged Yeonseo.

Heading straight to the bedroom, he couldn’t bear the momentary wait and pressed his lips against hers. He touched, intertwined, and sucked, and drank in her sobs. If making Yeonseo cry and suffer because of him felt this exhilarating and satisfying, he doesn’t know what he’s going to do next.

“Go… slowly…”

He taunted her mercilessly as his hand sneaked under her T-shirt. Yeonseo, now fully n*ked, enveloped him completely.

He left marks on her snow-like skin and breathed in her sweet scent. He was mesmerized.

Unable to hold back, he seized her with his lips, fingers tracing every inch of her body. Yeonseo straddled his waist, urging Taeheon on. As he fumbled for the condom and put it on, he locked lips with hers then thrusted into her tightness.

“Too tight. You need to relax.”


Her jaw dropped and she whimpered, unable to form words as she was overwhelmed by the intense pl*asure. The thrill of pl*asure shot through Taeheon as well, as he began to move, and she shook with each thrust.


“Say my name.”


When he realized that Yeon-seo really liked him, he became even more maniacal.

He shook her body hard and rough, delighting in the way Yeonseo’s face contorted at the scent of the perfume she hated.

He had f*cked Yeonseo until she cried and begged, saying she couldn’t go on anymore.

He flipped her body, face now buried in the bed. Gripping her waist tightly, he stared at her, delighting in Yeonseo’s distorted expressions.

Flipping her over, he lowered her onto his face and held her waist to keep her in place. He ignored Yeonseo, who was crying loudly, writhing in pl*asure. He pressed his face into her w*tness, licking his lips, openly savoring her.

“Oh, no. Don’t look….”

“You look at me too.”

“Is that… the same?”

“What’s the difference? Just watch to your heart’s content.”

If he continued to press Yeonseo like this, she might eventually break.

But do I really want that?

Half of him wanted to see Yeonseo’s face light up without a care in the world, but the other half wanted her to have no one to lean on but him, Woo Taeheon.

Amidst these conflicting emotions, Taeheon filled Yeonseo once again while looking at her back.

As she lost her strength and fell limply to the sheet, he raised her back and spurted her on. After all, it was Taeheon she was clinging to.




Her eyelids felt heavy and even though her body bore the marks of Taeheon’s touch, her heart felt desolate. The more she embraced him, the emptier she felt.

Yesterday, she confessed her feelings to him and even cried. She tried to deceive herself by pretending to be okay while talking to Hyeonho, but she failed even in that.

“I’m not attractive.”

Yeonseo muttered and stroked her aching abdomen. She had thought it was just a hangover, but since the pain hadn’t subsided, it seemed something was wrong.

The abdominal pain had started on Saturday and continued until today, Monday. After going to the hospital, she knew she needed to rest. Yeonseo spoke to Taeheon, dressed in a suit, as he prepared for the day.

“Sir, I want to get some rest today.”

“Are you tired?”


“Are you sick?”

When Taeheon narrowed his eyes and asked, she found it a bit amusing.

“If I’m sick, will you stay with me?”

For a moment, her vision blurred, and Yeonseo closed her eyes, clutching the sofa tightly. When she opened her eyes again, Taeheon was already wearing his jacket.

“Rest for a few days until you feel better.”

Taeheon, who was dedicated to managing his residence, readily granted her request for time off.

“If I take a few days off, your residence will be left empty, won’t it?”

She replied with defiance, but he remained silent. Yeonseo got up and embraced Taeheon’s waist tightly.

“If it gets too hard, call Secretary Kim Hyunyoung. Go to the hospital or call Professor Yoon. They’ll be faster and more convenient than me.”

Feeling mischievous, she hugged his firm waist even tighter. As Taeheon continued walking, Yeonseo was dragged along, refusing to let go. As he placed his shoes in front, he mentioned casually,

“The next matchmaking date is on Wednesday, right?”

Matchmaking. It was a word that brought Yeonseo back to reality. In an instant, her blood ran cold. The weekend, which had been for just the two of them, evaporated like a lie.


“We’ll eat at the same place. That doesn’t sound too bad.”


“I’ll contact you after I’m done.”

“Have a good business trip.”

Taeheon had a business trip scheduled until Tuesday evening.

It wasn’t hard for Taeheon to untangle Yeonseo’s hand from around his waist. After he put on his shoes and headed out the door, he didn’t even glance at Yeonseo.


The front door slammed shut. Yeonseo slowly placed her hand over my heart.

“Oh, this is really serious. It’s getting worse.”

She laughed as if on the verge of tears and then sat down, still smiling faintly.


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