Chapter 37

From the moment Ramona became the leader until now, how many prisoners have died? They were prisoners who stayed in the 80th and 90th floor.


After Mint disappeared, the leader who was chosen after her was barely able to save their own life after escaping, but there were rumors that he had become a cripple.


It was a stark contrast to Mint, who had never killed a single person as a leader.




Deryl saw a face full of interest and the dangerous aura surrounding Ramona.


“The leader still hasn’t returned? It’s boring.”




“I wish she would come back and kill me. It would be exhilarating.”


“You’re crazy.”


“Why do you say that?”


Ramona smiled slyly.


“We’re all crazy together.”


Deryl instantly realized.


“Play with me.”


Ramona’s cruel “game” wouldn’t stop until Mint appeared again.


“I never liked your face.”


“Oh, you’re cruel.”


Now it was either everyone dies or Mint appears.


There was only one of the two option.


* * *


“You know, since no one is talking, I’ll be brave as a man and say…” Ged gulped and said. He had no choice. “…Brother, are you human?”


The giant snake slithered in front of him, spewing a terrifyingly dangerous venom. The ground was also melting away. If they had continued to fight, not even their bones would have been left behind.


But that snake lay there with its mouth wide open. It was so sharp that looking at its teeth made his heart skip a beat. Mint had beaten that snake, and she didn’t even use much strength.


“This… thing is not very handy.”


Mint reached out and a sword appeared at her fingertips. It was a strange looking sword, glowing with gold and lacking a guard and pommel.


“There’s nothing else I can do.”


That was all it took. The moment Mint swung her sword without hesitation, the giant snake fell.

Ged, whose senses had been enhanced by Mint’s training, heard Mint’s words to himself.


He could understand. No matter how many times he tried, he was never going to get past that snake.


“What’s the big deal? He had always been a strong man, and now he was even more of a monster.”


Ged’s group nodded at Hira’s cynical words.


“Haha, Hira’s not wrong!”


Brett laughed as always, while Helios was the only one staring at Mint with a blank expression.

For the past few days, Helios and Mint had slept in the same bed. It was unavoidable for Helios.


Because at night, Mint would tug on his collar as if it were a given.


“Where are you going?”




“Your place is here.”


He fought back, cursed, even threw a punch, but it was all for naught in the face of the overwhelming difference in strength. For the second time in his life, Helios felt the need to be strong.


“Look, you’re sleeping well.”

Yes, the problem was that he slept very well. It was almost like a lie that he had been kept awake by that guy’s hair.


However, that problem brought another problem.

Every morning, he would wake up to see Mint’s peacefully sleeping face.


“Did you sleep well?”


Sometimes he would wake up and stare at Helios.


Everything was new. Feeling the body temperature, someone kindly greeting him in the morning. It didn’t matter to him that the face had a very dull expression.


Sometimes, when he couldn’t stand the embarrassment, Helios would get mad and ask why he was staring at a sleeping person, and he would say this, “Because you look like a parasitoid wasp.”


Because of the time he spent with Mint, he now knew that this meant ‘you look handsome’ in Mint’s language. Knowing this, he wanted to distance himself even more.


And there was the master who would look up at himself with a gentle face every morning.

He was standing there.


He was clearly small in stature, but his back looked as big as a giant tower.

Helios swallowed his breath.


He was soon going to start suspecting his own eyes.

Just like last time, there was something strange behind that back that looked like a giant.

It was because the silhouette of a woman with long hair overlapped with his.


Helios covered his mouth with the back of his hand.


“…Am I really going crazy?”


This time, not only his hair, but also the silhouette of his body was visible.

Helios couldn’t take his eyes off the woman’s slender hand.

When they got out of the tower, Helios and Ged’s group soon realized that there were no other prisoners besides themselves.


If it weren’t for Mint, Helios and Ged’s group would have died and failed.


“Ugh, I mean I was going to challenge it like a man, right? But that snake wasn’t a normal one!”


“Ah, yes. It was spitting red poison. Isn’t that crazy? Sigh, I feel like I’m losing my mind. How are we going to get in again…”


Ged was talking to a fellow prisoner. Helios could hear their conversation as well.


“Sigh…. the guy who was with me just really lost his mind.”


“…red poison?”


“What’s with the dumbfounded expression? Ah, whatever. I’m not in my right mind either.”


The prisoner talking to Ged had bulging eyes and bloodshot whites. He looked extremely tired.

Ged felt a bit strange for a moment.


‘The snake that appeared in our area was definitely…spitting black poison, right?’


Another prisoner joined the conversation. This time, it was also about the red poison.


They seemed to be trying to erase the gloom and horror through their conversation.


‘Red poison.’


Helios also heard it clearly.

Could it be that a snake that uses different poison only appeared in their area?



Mint and him locked eyes.


Helios thought that Mint had also heard the conversation.

Mint smiled as if he was about to show himself, then brought his index finger to his lips.



The meaning was clear. 


“…a little while ago, on the 29th floor.” So Helios brought up a different story instead of the snake. “Come to think of it, could we have cleared the floor in a different way?”


‘But how?’


Helios thought for a moment.





“Weren’t the words the white scarecrows a hint?”


“Oh, are you going to call them scarecrows? You’re so generous.”


“I don’t mean to say that.”


“There’s a bad one among us!”


The white beings, resembling humans, shouted something incessantly.


Come to think of it, it was a request for them to find something else among themselves.


So if they just found one different thing and killed it….


When Helios thought this far, someone tapped his back. It was Mint.


Mint, who met his gaze, whispered, “That’s the answer.”


Shortly after, a voice was heard in his ear. It sounded a little different from usual.


“You understood correctly. There are floors that give quizzes. It’s a higher floor than here.”




Then was it a level of difficulty that couldn’t be seen on the 29th floor?


“It would have been easier if you had solved it that way. And there would be no snakes.”


“Then, that…”


“Of course I knew. But it’s no fun if I tell you everything, right? When will my child grow up then?”




That brat.


He was annoyed by her calm voice, but he suppressed his anger by wiping his face.


Honestly, this has happened once or twice before.


His talent lay in his ability to grow, and he was remarkably adaptable.


He’s embracing the absurdity of it all under his eccentric master.


Helios quickly asked something else, “Did you use a sword before?”


Mint’s use of the sword was very impressive to him.

Moreover, the trajectory of that sword was beautiful… He couldn’t say it, but it was true.

“Sometimes I’ve used it. But I don’t really like it.”


Mint looked at the empty space for a moment.




“Oh, when did you start being so interested in me?”


“…Are you being childish?”


“Garrett doesn’t know about that kind of thing.”


“…Don’t talk like a child with that expression. It gives me the creeps.”


When Helios showed a disgusted expression, Mint shrugged her shoulders. She was prickly.


The calm voice had a different tone and it gave off a different vibe than usual. Read ahead here.

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