After wondering about Locke Family’s surname for a while, I could tell right away that she was the Marquis’ daughter. In order to run a newspaper in this Empire, I must memorize the lines of noble descent.


“Oh, Cordelia, you must be the second daughter of the Marquis of Locke.”


When I clapped my hands and showed my greetings belatedly, Cordelia Locke looked dumbfounded, wondering if I only knew that now. I pretended to be unaware of her trembling eyes and went on.


“Lately, there has been news about the textile business that Marquis Locke is doing is running a deficit. Do you know anything about it? I heard that you were tricked by a swindler into buying a factory full of deficits?”


Did I look crazy? Did she expect me to write a nice article about her after talking bad about my friend?

The reason I was buying time without immediately acting like I know anything about Cordelia was to get the setting for this addition out of my memory. 


I signaled to Gloria, and she stood up quietly to help me.


“Oh come to think of it, Marquis Locke submitted documents requesting a loan to our bank Stephen last week. I refused to approve it. The condition of the factory that you brought as collateral is very bad.”


Cordelia Locke, who heard about the family’s disgrace from a stranger, was shocked that her jaw was wide open. She seemed to be speechless for a while. I left her like that and turned to Rosina, the young Miss of the countess Reyes’ family.


“By the way, how is Countess Reyes doing today?”


“Why do you want to know about my mother’s health…?”


“No, young lady Rosina’s father is known to have had and raised an illegitimate child with his mistress. Perhaps, one year older than young lady Rosina? I heard you are that child. Is there anything else that you may know other than things that I have known, young Lady?”


I’m lucky to have talented reporters like Mary and Anna in my newspaper office. It was fortunate that one of the articles they investigated has to do with Countess Reyes. If the people who were talking about our female lead were nameless extras who were completely useless for the plot, I wouldn’t have scolded the woman who talked about her like this.


‘This situation is also definitely only the main cast’s buff.’


A setting that was forced into the novel by the author because it needed to be glazed over like this. And of all things, I was the worthless author who wrote that article, so I could only vent as little anger and revenge as possible.


The noble children who listened to my words gradually turned pale and immediately ran away in a hurry while snorting. Of course, like most villains, he didn’t leave out the clichéd line “We’ll see.” Looking at their expressions, I saw their willingness not to forget this humiliation and retaliate.


“What’s going to happen now?”


I shrugged my shoulders and started walking with Gloria according to the direction of the staff who came. However, the door burst open and a woman with tall dark gray hair walked into the P&P boutique after that.


“I came because I heard that Baroness Stephen was here! Where is she?”


So, she finally showed up.


The woman who came here with such a big belly was probably Henrick’s younger sister. The butler changed his strategy after Baron Stephen died, just as he saw his pregnant sister. He actually claimed that his sister had been the baron’s lover for a long time, and decided to share Gloria’s inheritance with Edgar the imposter, who showed up a few days ago.


‘After all, there’s no way to do a paternity test. They’re just going to believe it and continue to insist.’


He insisted that the late Baron had an old lover and would think that their claim would succeed if the butler vouched for him. Why did I kindly tell Henrick where Gloria and I were going before we went out? It was all I said to get into his sister’s ears. If he was in a hurry, he would have gone to the P&P boutique. Actually, I also wrote an episode related to her in a previous life.


Catching a glimpse of Gloria, Henrick’s younger sister came to us staggeringly.


“Are you Baroness Gloria Stephen?”


Gloria, who had no idea what was happening, winked and nodded, and the woman grinned, stretching the corners of her mouth.


“Nice to meet you. My name is Catherine. I was Baron Stephen’s old lover. The Baron died when I left him to travel abroad for a while.”


She stroked her stomach, then spoke hesitantly about the unexplained story.


“This child…. Yes, he is the late Baron’s son. You took my place while I was away. How dare you?!”


Catherine stared at Gloria and shouted at her. It seemed that she was angry at the government for taking away her lover. I already knew what she was planning, and I just found this situation funny.


‘Good acting.’


If she utilize her acting ability and join a theater company, she would probably become a great actress.


Catherine’s story seemed to shock my friend greatly. Gloria’s complexion turned pale.


“Well, that means…?”


“Yes, I’m supposed to be the Baroness. After you know the truth now, I want you to disappear from and renounce your status as Baroness. I have to get back what my son should’ve inherited.”


In the middle of the boutique that was almost like a horse factory, Henrick’s younger sister declared war against Gloria. She thought she had the right to take everything that has come to Gloria’s possession.


“What are you talking about?! Hey, you’re the one from Edgar. You’re an imposter, aren’t you?”


I intentionally came forward while pretending to be angry.


Then Catherine, who was just as angry as me, grabbed my hair.


‘This is an opportunity.’


I couldn’t grab the pregnant woman’s hair first out of conscience.


But if this woman acted first, I had to reciprocate.


Then, I got Catherine’s hair.


‘Now we can find out who the child’s father is with this.’


I should utilize the advantage of having a witch mother.


* * *


Surprise. Another surprise for Baron Stephen! This time, a woman claims to be carrying the child of the deceased Douglas Stephen!


After taking a very shocked and dizzy Gloria back to Baron Stephen’s residence, I interviewed Henrick’s sister and published it the next day. When someone had added a sentence to the story, our newspaper subscription rate and sales volume exploded.


‘Gosh, I think this article is too much.’


I wondered if I had used my friend’s misfortune too often as a provocative newspaper article. Although it was used with the intention of revealing the truth later on, it was true that it pricked my conscience quite deeply. Perhaps, because Gloria was so shocked that day, she returned to the mansion and immediately lay down with her head covered.


“Haley. Should I give away my entire inheritance money and go somewhere far abroad? I’m so embarrassed, how can I even stay here? Baron, if you had another lover, you should have done better with her. Why did you marry me and create this situation? Gosh.”


Seeing Gloria crying on her bed, made me feel guilty again. I knew it was going to happen. I just waited and thought about many ways to solve it. I couldn’t predict that my friend would be this sad.


“I’m sorry, Gloria.”


“You don’t have to apologize. I just wanted to go shopping to lighten my mood.”


She rolled her head and closed her eyes as if she didn’t want to hear my apology. The younger sister of Butler Henrick was even more angry at Gloria who was at a loss for words that day.


I stepped forward on behalf of Gloria, and Catherine ended up grabbing my hair. A nasty fight broke out in the boutique. My hair was also pulled out, but it wasn’t easy for me to get a grip of her hair.


After that, Catherine pretended to be sick while holding her stomach to ensure that I couldn’t attack her again. The employees at the boutique rushed out to call a doctor. I set up the camera from the cart that I brought while ignoring my messy head and photographed Catherine who lay crushed.


Give me your portrait rights.


‘Should I say it all now?’


However, what if Gloria asks how I knew all of this? Perhaps, I should tell Gloria everything, from the fact that my mother was a witch to that I was actually the author of this story.


If you realize that you were a character in a novel that only trash writers play, wouldn’t that be despiteful?


“Everything will be fine. I’ll make it that way. Just trust me and wait a minute, Gloria.”


In order to resolve the situation quickly, I walked out of the house with the camera cart in my hand and carried stuff I received from my mother.


* * *




Claude who had just gotten off the carriage saw Haley and unconsciously uttered those forbidding words.


‘Oh my! Jay said women don’t like being called that!’


Although he was used to calling Haley that, he regretted being late and smacked his own lips. Haley had just walked out of Baron Stephen’s mansion.


“Huh? What are you doing here at this hour?”


Haley was on her way to investigate Catherine’s lover. She seemed displeased that her time was taken away because of Claude’s sudden appearance.


Dressed in a black suit, he showed off his elegant physique and walked over to her with his long legs. Between his loose hair, she quickly moved her eyes to search for the nearest wall.


‘Over there!’


‘I have been asked several times to apply the technique of hitting a wall in a corner where there are only two people rather than on the roadside.’


He felt impatient after seeing Haley’s face, Jay’s advice didn’t sit well in his mind.


Noona, please come with me over there for a moment.”


Claude put his hand on Haley’s left shoulder and pushed her. His heart became urgent when the wall was a few distance away from her.


‘I have to quickly demonstrate the skill of hitting the wall and kiss her successfully.’


His friend guaranteed that every woman would melt if he performed according to what he practiced.


Oh my!


Haley, who was suddenly pushed back, took a step back and fell to the ground.


“Oh, my God!”


Haley’s sharp cry made Claude’s body stiff.


‘Oh, not this.’


There was awkward silence between the two. Then, Haley pouted her lower lip.


“What do you want? Why are you suddenly pushing me?”


The woman stared at him, wiping tears from her eyes as if she was in pain. The embarrassed Claude tried to make excuses after stepping back for a while while waving his hand.


“Well, it’s not that, Noona. I….”


‘I have to kiss her. No, I have tp perform the technique of hitting the wall.’


How could someone possibly say this openly to the person in question? He swept her hair roughly and tried to approach, Haley got up in a hurry and stretched her hand forward to block her.


“Don’t come any closer!”


“You’re not hurt, are you? I’m sorry, Noona.”


“Oh, it’s okay. Just stay there.”


She moved her palm with a frown on her face. The area of her palm that rubbed against the ground was red and a little drop of blood seeped out. Claude, who had hurt his girl friend clumsily, felt very embarrassed and handed over the handkerchief he took out from his pocket.


“Here! Clean the blood with this. I’m really sorry.”


In the midst of that, he was angry at himself for his apology for hurting her and his lame attitude of just staring at Haley’s lips helplessly.

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